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  • User Manual - Page 14

    ­ Avoid tensing your muscles or shrugging your shoulders. ­ Install the external display, keyboard and mouse properly and within comfortable reach. ­ If ... clarity. ­ Eliminate glare and reflections by: placing your display in such a way that the side faces the window or any light source, minimizing room light by using drapes, shades or blinds, ...
  • User Manual - Page 34

    ... system. If your computer experiences problems that are not recoverable by other methods, you may need to reinstall the Windows operating system and factory-loaded software and drivers. To ensure you can recover your computer when needed, you should create a recovery backup as soon as possible. Acer ...
  • User Manual - Page 36

    2. To create recovery discs for the hard drive's entire original contents, including Windows and all factory-loaded software and drivers, click Create Factory Default Disc. - OR To create recovery discs for only the factory-loaded software and drivers, click Create Drivers and Applications Backup Disc. Important: We recommend that you...
  • User Manual - Page 38

    ...mark it with a permanent marker. Important: Write a unique, descriptive label on each disc, such as 'Windows Recovery Disc 1 of 2' or 'Apps/Drivers Recovery disc'. Make sure you keep the discs in a safe place that you will...did not help fix your problem, you can use the Acer Recovery Management program. This will restore your computer to the 38 - Recovery
  • User Manual - Page 39

    ...problem may be solved by reinstalling the software or the device drivers. To recover software and drivers that were pre-installed at the factory, see "Recovering pre-installed software and drivers" on page 40. For instructions on reinstalling software and drivers that were not preinstalled, see that... Revert to a previous system condition. If reinstalling software or drivers does not help, then the...
  • User Manual - Page 40

    Types of recovery Recovering pre-installed software and drivers As a troubleshooting step, you may need to reinstall the software and device drivers that came pre-installed on your computer from the factory. ... your computer, you need to follow that software's installation instructions. • New device drivers ...your pre-installed software and drivers: 1. Click on Start > All Programs > Acer, then ...
  • User Manual - Page 41

    3. Click on Contents. A list of software and device drivers opens. 4. Click on the install icon for the item you want to install, then follow the on-screen prompts to complete the ... to get your system running again. Windows automatically creates an additional restore point each day, and also each time you install software or device drivers. Recovery - 41
  • User Manual - Page 42

    ... hard drive or the recovery discs you have created. Caution: This complete recovery deletes everything on your hard drive, then reinstalls Windows and all software and drivers that were pre-installed on your system. If you can access important files on your hard drive, back them up now. • If you ...
  • User Manual - Page 43

    ...from the hard drive during startup" on page 44. • If you cannot run Windows and your original hard drive has been completely re-formatted or you have ... "Recovering from your recovery discs" on page 44. Recovering from within Windows To reinstall Windows and all pre-installed software and drivers: 1. Click on Start > All Programs > Acer, then click on Acer eRecovery Management. Acer eRecovery ...
  • User Manual - Page 44

    Recovering from the hard drive during startup To reinstall Windows and all pre-installed software and drivers: 1. Turn on your computer, then press Alt+F10 during ... several minutes. Recovering from your recovery discs To reinstall Windows and all pre-installed software and drivers: 1. Turn on your computer, insert the first system recovery disc into your ...
  • User Manual - Page 45

    ... The boot menu allows you to select which device to start from, such as the hard drive or an optical disc. 4. Use your arrow keys to select the line CDROM/DVD (this line may start with 'IDE 1...'), then press Enter. Windows installs from the recovery disc you inserted. 5. Insert the second recovery disc when prompted, then follow the onscreen prompts to complete the ...
  • User Manual - Page 46

    ... media from, or to, other devices with Acer installed. Note: All devices must be connected to the same network. To watch videos or listen to music open ...When you first open a application, Windows Firewall will ask for permission to allow to access the network. Select Allow Access in each window. Navigating media and photos The list in the ...
  • User Manual - Page 48

    Which devices are compatible? Certified Acer devices with or DLNA software can be used with the software. These include DLNA-compliant PCs, smartphones, and NAS (Network Attached ... and Allow remote control of my Player...3. Select a file in the main window, then use the media controls in... remote device. For more help, go to 48 - Acer
  • User Manual - Page 72

    ... the system will be the only option for future recovery operations. This recovery process helps you restore the C: drive with the original software content that is installed when you purchased your computer. Follow the steps below to rebuild your C: drive. (Your C: drive will be reformatted and all data will ...
  • User Manual - Page 82

    ... 5 (Nov 2001). "To prevent radio interference to the licensed service, this device is intended to be operated indoors and away from windows to provide maximum shielding. Equipment (or its transmit antenna) that is installed outdoors is subject to licensing." Cet appareil numérique de la classe B est conforme
  • Acer Aspire M5-481T, PT, and TG Notebook Service Guide - Page 2

    ... Chapter Updates Service guide files and updates are available on the ACER/CSD Website. For more information, go..., mechanical, magnetic, optical, chemical, manual or otherwise, without the prior written permission of Acer Incorporated. Disclaimer...of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose. The software described in this manual is sold or licensed "as is". Should the programs prove ...
  • Acer Aspire M5-481T, PT, and TG Notebook Service Guide - Page 43

    ... DACs and 3 pairs of independent ADCs ProCoustic headphone driver delivers 50 mW into 32 _ load with no pop, eliminating the need for an external amplifier and ... to disable the bit in microphone from the BIOS. Exceeds Windows Vista and Windows 7 Desktop and Notebook Premium Logo Independent sampling rate for DAC and ADC; supports audio formats ranging from 16-bit, 44.1 kHz to...
  • Acer Aspire M5-481T, PT, and TG Notebook Service Guide - Page 44

    ... Independent sampling rate for DAC and ADC; supports audio formats ranging from 16-bit, 44.1 kHz to... power management modes SmartAudio GUI (optional) - advanced audio control Digital Parametric SmartEQ with Dynamic Range Compression... Night Mode 3D Expander Third-party Logo software support Andrea Creative Labs Dolby® ... SRS® Supports 32-bit/64-bit Windows OS and Linux 48-QFN packages ...
  • Acer Aspire M5-481T, PT, and TG Notebook Service Guide - Page 59

    ... Number ATAPI Model Name System BIOS Version VGA BIOS Version Serial Number Asset Tag Number Product Name UUID Description CPU ( installed on primary IDE master Serial number of HDD0 installed on primary IDE master Model name of Optical device installed in system System BIOS version VGA (video graphics array) firmware version of system Serial number of unit Asset tag number of system Product...
  • Acer Aspire M5-481T, PT, and TG Notebook Service Guide - Page 178

    ...0 2. Run a complete virus scan using up-to-date software to confirm the computer is virus free. 3. Run the Windows Vista Startup Repair Utility: a. Insert ... in the ODD and restart the computer. b. When prompted, press any key to start to the operating system DVD. c. When the Install Windows screen appears, click Next. d. Select Repair your computer. e. When the System ...
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