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  • Altos G540 User's Guide EN - Page 7

    ... LED indicators Hot-plug HDD LED indicator LAN port LED indicators Power supply module LED... 2 System setup Setting up the system Pre-installation requirements Connecting peripherals Turning on the system Power-on... the system 25 27 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 3 System upgrade Installation precautions ESD precautions Pre-installation instructions Post-installation instructions Opening the server Removing ...
  • Altos G540 User's Guide EN - Page 8

    viii Installing a HDD cage Removing a HDD cage Installing an additional hard drive Configuring a 5-25 inch storage device Upgrading the processor Upgrading the system memory Installing an expansion card Installing the SAS controller board Installing the BMC module Installing the ARMC/3 module Installing a redundant power ...
  • Altos G540 User's Guide EN - Page 27

    ... Description PCI Express x8 expansion slots 38 39 Video memory 64-bit, 66/100 MHz PCI-X expansion slots ...-X 3 slot (green) supports the installation of a SAS ZCR (Zero Channel RAID) option card. Backplane board The backplane board attached ... SGIO_JP JP2 J4 CN1 and CN2 Debug/diagnostic connector SAF-TE firmware flash connector Backplane board peering cable connector Power cable connectors for ...
  • Altos G540 User's Guide EN - Page 28

    ... J5 SATA/SAS_1-4 SAS/SATA2 HDD data cable connector Backplane board management cable connector SAS/SATA2 HDD connectors SAS controller board This controller board enables the installation of a SAS HDD. No. 1 2 Code SODIMM_CON1 JP3 Description Controller mainboard connector SAS controller RAID jumper Set to Close 2-3 to enable firmware RAID/ 0 channel RAID support (default) 3 4 5 6 ...
  • Altos G540 User's Guide EN - Page 41

    31 Configuring the system OS The Altos G540 comes with Acer EasyBUILD that allows users to conveniently install the preferred operating system. To start using EasyBUILD, follow the steps below. 1 ... Installation guide. Note: EasyBUILD only supports the Microsoft and Red Hat Linux operating systems. The Windows or Red Hat installation disc(s) is required to install the OS.
  • Altos G540 User's Guide EN - Page 43

    ...server-via software or via hardware. The software procedure below applies to a system running on a Windows OS. For other NOS shutdown ...the related user documentation. To turn off the system via software: 1 2 3 Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete on the attached keyboard or click the Start on the Windows taskbar. ... If you cannot shut down the server via software, press the power button for at least four seconds. ...
  • Altos G540 User's Guide EN - Page 46

    This chapter discusses the precautionary measures and installation procedures you need to know when upgrading the system.
  • Altos G540 User's Guide EN - Page 48

    38 3 System upgrade Pre-installation instructions Perform the steps below before you open the server or before your remove ...installation instructions Perform the steps below after installing a server component. 1 2 3 4 5 See to it that all components are installed according to the described step-by-step instructions. Reinstall any expansion board(s), peripheral(s), bracket (s) and system cable(s)...
  • Altos G540 User's Guide EN - Page 49

    ... the system and all peripherals connected to it. Read the "Pre-installation instructions" section on page 38. You need to open the server before you can install upgrade components. The front bezel and (left) side panel are removable to allow access to the ...sections for instructions. Removing the side panel 1 2 Perform the pre-installation instructions described on page 37. Remove the side ...
  • Altos G540 User's Guide EN - Page 52

    42 3 Install the HDD cage. 3 System upgrade (1) Slide the cage into the lower bay with the HDD carriers facing front. The cage locked to the chassis with an audible click. If you have installed a hot-plug HDD cage, proceed to next step for related drive cable connections. Drive cable connections for an easy-swap HDD can be found on page page 47. (2) Connect the following cables to ...
  • Altos G540 User's Guide EN - Page 54

    44 3 System upgrade Removing a HDD cage 1 2 Perform the pre-installation instructions described on page 37. Prepare the HDD cage for ... hot-plug HDD cage, disconnect the data and power cables from the backplane board, then remove all HDDs from the cage. ... hot-plug HDD cage. (2) Remove the cage from the HDD bay. 4 Observe the post-installation instructions described on page 38.
  • Altos G540 User's Guide EN - Page 56

    46 4 3 System upgrade Align the new hard disk with the HDD carrier, then secure it with the four screws you removed in step 3-1. 5 Install the new hard drive into the cage. (1) Slide the drive into the cage with the carrier handle still extended. (2) Make sure that the drive is properly inserted before pushing the handle back until it clicks into place. 6 Set up the new...
  • Altos G540 User's Guide EN - Page 58

    ... list of supported storage devices. By default, the system ships with a DVD-ROM drive installed on the topmost ... these default drives, or you can install a new storage device on the middle device bay. step. If you intend to install a new storage device on the middle device bay,...shows how to uninstall the DVD-ROM drive. Proceed to step 6 for instructions on how to install a new storage device....
  • Altos G540 User's Guide EN - Page 60

    50 3 System upgrade Upgrading the processor This section explains the procedures for removing and installing the processor and heat ... Intel Xeon processors. You have the option to upgrade the default processor or install a second one for a dual-processor configuration....: A long-nosed screwdriver is needed to remove/install the HSF assembly. To upgrade the default processor: 1 2 3 Perform the pre-...
  • Altos G540 User's Guide EN - Page 62

    ... old processor inside an anti-static bag. 3 System upgrade Remove the new processor from its protective packaging. Install the new processor. (1) Hold the processor by its edges, then insert it in the ...processor socket retention plate. (2) Apply a thin layer of an Acer-approved thermal interface material before installing the HSF. Make sure that only a very thin...
  • Altos G540 User's Guide EN - Page 64

    54 4 Reinstall the HSF assembly. 3 System upgrade (1) Align then insert the HSF on top of the retention plate. (2) Use a long-nosed screwdriver to tighten the four HSF mounting pins to secure the assembly. 5 Observe the post-installation instructions described on page 38.
  • Altos G540 User's Guide EN - Page 65

    55 Upgrading the system memory This section explains the procedures for removing and installing a fully-buffered memory module. System memory interface The mainboard has eight ... C - DIMMC1 and DIMMC2 Channel D - DIMMD1 and DIMMD2 Branch 1 System memory configuration guidelines • • To ensure data integrity, use only Acer-approved 240-pin, DDR2 667 FBD ...
  • Altos G540 User's Guide EN - Page 118

    ...• Verify that the software is properly configured for the system. Refer to the software installation and operation documentation for instructions on setting up and using the software. • Try a different version of the software to see if the problem is with the copy you are using. If the other version runs correctly on the system, contact your vendor about the defective software.
  • Altos G540 User's Guide EN - Page 145

    ... SATA RAID Configuration Utility 114 rear panel 11 S SAS controller board board layout 18 install 62 mainboard slot 16 security keylock 8 serial port BIOS setting 81 location 11 ... 9 supervisor password 89 system boards ARMC/3 module 20 backplane board 17 BMC module 19 R rack installation cable arm 130 mounting hole pattern precautions 121 procedures 125 rack ...
  • Altos G540 User's Guide EN - Page 146

    ... peripherals 28 install OS 31 pre-installation requirements 27 turn on system 29 system upgrade 5.25 inch storage device 48 ARMC/3 module 64 BMC...module 66 SAS controller board 62 T thermal grease 52 troubleshooting display problems 109 DVD-ROM drive problems 107 ... startup problems 102 memory problem 107 network problems 108 power indicator problem 106 software program problem 108 ...
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