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  • User Manual - Page 3

    ... THE INSTALLATION PROCESS AND IMMEDIATELY DELETE ALL INSTALLED FILES, IF ANY, OF THE ACCOMPANYING SOFTWARE FROM YOUR PHONE. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A VALIDLY-LICENSED COPY OF THE ... enable the use of the Acer Live Update service, which allows for updates for such software to be automatically downloaded and installed on your phone. By installing the software, you hereby agree and consent that Acer (or its...
  • User Manual - Page 4

    ...In such event, you must: 1. Cease all use of the Software; 2. Destroy or return to Acer the original and all copies of the Software; and 3. Delete the Software from all phones on which it was resident. All disclaimers of ...Agreement represents the complete agreement between you and Acer relating to this license for the Software and supersedes all prior agreements, communications...
  • User Manual - Page 5

    ... and functions ...7 Product registration ...7 Setting up Unpacking your smartphone ...8 Getting to know your smartphone ...8 Installing or removing the battery ...10 Installing a SIM or microSD Card ...11 Using your smartphone Turning on for ... Internet calls ...26 Calling a contact's Internet calling address ...26 Calling a phone number using Internet calling ...26 ...
  • User Manual - Page 10

    Installing or removing the battery Your smartphone uses a replaceable battery to provide power. It is packed ... charged before you can use the smartphone. Installing the battery Insert your fingernail into the cutout between the battery cover and the phone. Unclip the cover and lift off the... compartment. Align the tabs on the cover into the slots on the phone. Gently press the cover until it snaps ...
  • User Manual - Page 11

    Removing the battery Open the battery compartment as shown in "Installing the battery" on page 10. Lift the battery out of the compartment...of the battery. Replace the battery cover as described above. 1 2 Installing a SIM or microSD Card To take full advantage of your smartphone's telephony capabilities, you must install a SIM card. The SIM card holder is located at the bottom of the battery bay...
  • User Manual - Page 12

    ... configure some settings before you can use your smartphone. Follow the onscreen instructions to... then tap Settings > Accounts & sync > Add account. Entering your PIN When you install a SIM card for the first time, you may need... each time you switch on the phone function. Activating a new SIM card If you are...your SIM card for the first time, it may require activation. Contact your network operator ...
  • User Manual - Page 16

    ... you more room to add icons, widgets or features. To view the extended screen, slide your finger to the left or right. Adding or removing icons You can set icons for installed applications on the Home screen. Tap and hold an icon in the Applications menu to copy it to the Home screen. To remove an icon 16
  • User Manual - Page 17 open the Add to Home screen menu. Tap Shortcuts to open a list of quick links to applications and settings you can add to the Home screen. Tap Widgets to open a list of small applications that you ... the name of the folder, tap to open it. Tap and hold the name bar at the top of the folder window to open a dialog box that will allow you to rename the folder. Tap Wallpapers to change the current ...
  • User Manual - Page 19

    ...use Connected to EDGE mobile network EDGE in use Connected to 3G mobile network 3G in use Cellular signal strength Connected to a wireless network Bluetooth is on Connected to a Bluetooth ... Speakerphone is on New Gmail message Icon Description Roaming No signal SIM card is invalid or not installed Vibrate mode Ringer is silenced Phone microphone is off Battery is very low Battery is low Battery is ...
  • User Manual - Page 20

    ... voicemail Upcoming event Syncing data Problem with sign-in or sync SD card or USB storage is full An open wireless network is available Phone is connected to PC via USB USB tethering is activated ...threshold exceeded Application update available System update available Changing application dock icons You can set icons for installed applications in the application dock....
  • User Manual - Page 28

    ...send MMS messages. Normally, your smartphone will set up the profile for you based on information ...provider for the necessary information if you need to manually set up the MMS profile. Receiving .... 1. Open Messaging to view a summary of the message. 2. Tap Download to download the message content. Note:... connection quality. If you reply or open another application, the download will be stopped. 28...
  • User Manual - Page 29

    Important: You may be charged to download message content, especially if you are roaming. Please contact your provider if you have any questions. 3. Tap the message to view the content. 4. To reply to the message, enter your text in the text box labeled Type to compose and tap Send. Simple text ...
  • User Manual - Page 30

    Going online Browsing the Internet In order to browse the Internet with your smartphone, you must be connected to a data or wireless network. Using the browser Tap Browser on the Home ... When a page is open, press the Menu button and tap New window from the menu that opens. Tap Windows to view all the windows that are open. You can zoom in or out of pages using the zoom bar that ...
  • User Manual - Page 32

    ...application. Once you have selected an application, tap the Install button to download and install the application. You will be told which services on your phone that the application has... applications. Uninstalling downloaded applications Once you've downloaded and installed an application, you may uninstall the application by tapping Settings from the Applications menu...
  • User Manual - Page 33

    Cycle through the notification updates using the slider on the right. Tap on a notification to view more details and make a ... pages. Tap the Menu button to refresh the page, access account settings, add pages, auto play, view your friends list and... traffic condition and navigate by using spoken, turn-by-turn driving instructions with Navigation, view where your friends are and places of interest and...
  • User Manual - Page 34

    ... photos and videos with your smartphone. Note: You need to have a microSD Card inserted into the microSD slot before using the camera. To activate... Applications tab and tap Camera. Camera icons and indicators In the camera window, the four icons on the left allow you to switch between camera and camcorder, change the flash setting, and view the gallery of pictures or videos. Use the zoom slider ...
  • User Manual - Page 40

    ...screen when device is tilted. Enable window animations. Adjust the delay before the screen automatically turns off. Phone settings Many phone settings are automatically configured by your smartphone when you insert a SIM card. The device will ... You can also view and modify these settings manually through the Phone Settings screen. Open the Applications menu and tap Settings...
  • User Manual - Page 41

    ... your phone and your computer, you can connect your phone to a PC using the supplied USB cable. Plug the USB ... USB Connected. Tap Turn on USB storage. You will now be able to see the microSD Card in your phone as a drive ..., photos and videos between your smartphone, PC and corresponding Google services. Download and install Acer Sync and Acer PIM for the PC from  41
  • User Manual - Page 43

    ... Video, or Music to browse media files on that connected device. Note: To use, your devices need be on the same network (wired or wireless) with software. Adjusting the volume Adjust the volume of your phone using the volume button on the side of the phone. Alternatively, you can set the...
  • User Manual - Page 44

    ...opening the Applications menu and going to Settings > Language & keyboard. Managing applications App-2-SD When installing an application, you may have a choice to install the program to the internal memory or installed memory card. Note: Not all programs support ... application You can remove programs installed on your smartphone to free up extra storage memory. Tap and hold a ...
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