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  • User Manual - Page 3

    Table of contents Setting up ...5 Unpacking your smartphone ...5 Getting to know your smartphone...5 Installing or removing the battery ...7 Installing a SIM or microSD Card ...8 Using your smartphone......22 Calling a contact's Internet calling address ...22 Calling a phone number using Internet calling... sharing photos and videos...31 Advanced settings...32 Putting your smartphone in Airplane ...
  • User Manual - Page 7

    Installing or removing the battery Your smartphone uses a replaceable battery to provide power. It is packed ... charged before you can use the smartphone. Installing the battery Insert your fingernail into the cutout between the battery cover and the phone. Unclip the cover and lift off the... compartment. Align the tabs on the cover into the slots on the phone. Gently press the cover until it snaps ...
  • User Manual - Page 8

    Removing the battery Open the battery compartment as shown in "Installing the battery" on page 7. Lift the battery out of the compartment by ...side of the camera. Replace the battery cover as described above. Installing a SIM or microSD Card To take full advantage of your smartphone's telephony capabilities, you must install a SIM card. The SIM card holder is located at the top of the battery bay. ...
  • User Manual - Page 9

    ... configure some settings before you can use your smartphone. Follow the onscreen instructions to... then tap Settings > Accounts & sync > Add account. Entering your PIN When you install a SIM card for the first time, you may need... each time you switch on the phone function. Activating a new SIM card If you are...your SIM card for the first time, it may require activation. Contact your network operator ...
  • User Manual - Page 13

    ... and hold on the folder and then drag and drop the folder on Remove that will appear at the top of the screen. Changing application dock icons You can set icons for installed applications in the application dock. Open the applications menu and find the application you want to add. Tap and hold the icon, then drag it ...
  • User Manual - Page 14

    ... menu. Note: All images are for reference only. The applications installed on your device can be different from the applications shown in .... This area contains a variety of icons to inform you of your phone's status. The left side of the Notification area displays event ... appear blue if you have an active Google account. Icon Description Connected to GPRS mobile network Icon Description Roaming 14
  • User Manual - Page 15

    ... Bluetooth is on Bluetooth connected Cellular signal strength Mobile data transferring Connected to a wireless network No signal Airplane mode (Wireless connectivity ... area for more information SD card or USB storage is full Icon Description SIM card is invalid or not installed Vibrate mode Ringer is silenced Phone microphone is off Application update available System update available Missed call ...
  • User Manual - Page 16

    Icon Description An open wireless network is available Phone is connected to PC via USB Carrier data use threshold exceeded Connected to or disconnected from virtual private network (VPN) Icon Description Uploading data Downloading data Download finished 16
  • User Manual - Page 25

    ... provider for the necessary information if you need to manually set up the MMS profile. Receiving .... 1. Open Messaging to view a summary of the message. 2. Tap Download to download the message content. Note: ...If you reply or open another application, the download will be stopped. Important: You may be charged to download message content, especially if you are roaming. Please contact your provider ...
  • User Manual - Page 28

    ...tap Email to start setting up your email account. If necessary, enter your email address and tap ... Once you have selected an application, tap the Download button to download and install the application. You will be told which services on your phone that the application has access to. Tap OK to proceed with the installation. You may keep track of the download progress from the Notification Area. 28
  • User Manual - Page 29

    Important: Some applications may require payment before you can download them. You will need to have a Google Checkout account in order to pay for these applications. Uninstalling downloaded applications Once you've downloaded and installed an application, you may uninstall the application by tapping Settings from the Applications menu. In the Settings menu select Apps > Manage ...
  • User Manual - Page 30

    ... smartphone. Note: You need to have a microSD Card inserted into the microSD slot before ... Camera. Camera icons and indicators In the camera window, the three icons on the left can be tapped to... camera. Activates the video recorder. Camera settings To adjust the settings, tap Icon Description Display ...Set the flash on, off, or auto. Set the exposure. Set the scene mode. while the camera is active....
  • User Manual - Page 38

    ... memory or installed memory card. Note: Not all applications support App-2-SD. Please see application specifications for ... storage. To move an application to the installed memory card: 1. In the Applications menu, tap Settings > Apps. 2. Tap on the Downloaded tab and then tap on the... to free up extra storage memory. 1. In the Applications menu tap Settings > Apps. 2. Click on the Downloaded tab. 38
  • User Manual - Page 39

    ... Warning! This will erase all your personal information, any contacts stored on your phone and any programs you installed. If your phone is responding to screen input, then open Settings from the Applications menu. Tap Backup & reset > Factory data reset; click Reset phone and then Erase everything to format ...
  • User Manual - Page 40

    ... and password if required) from your wireless service provider. 1. Open the Applications menu and tap Settings > More...> Mobile networks > Access Point Names. 2. Tap ... Card Your smartphone features a memory expansion slot that accepts a microSD Card to expand memory and storage capacity. Please refer to "Installing a SIM or microSD Card" on page 8 for instructions on installing a microSD Card. 40
  • User Manual - Page 41

    ... to "Multimedia" on page 47. Tap Apps > Settings > About phone to check the OS version (Build number) and other hardware and software information. The battery power may be depleted. Recharge the ... To check the ROM status, press the Menu How do I check the RAM and ROM memory button and then tap System settings > Storage. status? To check RAM status, tap Apps > Settings > RUNNING. Internal storage...
  • User Manual - Page 42

    Aspect Heat Question The phone heats up when charging or making long duration calls. ... your smartphone Service enquiries Refer to: Warnings and ...near or over a radiator or heat register, or in a built-in installation unless proper ventilation is provided. •... in a fire or electric shock. Never spill liquid of any kind onto or into the product....
  • User Manual - Page 44

    ...devices may include, but are not limited to: wireless LAN (WLAN), Bluetooth and/or 3G....Operation of any radio transmitting equipment, including wireless phones, may interfere with the functionality of inadequately ... not place objects, including installed or portable wireless equipment in the area over the air ... deployment area. If in-vehicle wireless equipment is improperly installed, and the air bag...
  • User Manual - Page 46

    ..., keep it away from heaters and other sources of heat. 5. DO NOT use or store your smartphone in any location that is dusty, damp or wet. 6. DO use a soft, damp cloth to clean your smartphone. If the surface of the screen becomes soiled, clean it with a soft cloth moistened with diluted window-cleaning solution. 7. DO NOT press down on the screen with force, otherwise you may crack the screen. 46
  • User Manual - Page 59

    ... THE INSTALLATION PROCESS AND IMMEDIATELY DELETE ALL INSTALLED FILES, IF ANY, OF THE ACCOMPANYING SOFTWARE FROM YOUR PHONE. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A VALIDLY-LICENSED COPY OF THE ... enable the use of the Acer Live Update service, which allows for updates for such software to be automatically downloaded and installed on your phone. By installing the software, you hereby agree and consent that Acer (or its...
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