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  • User Manual - Page 4

    ... and comfortably and without distortion. After setting the volume level, do not increase it ... near or over a radiator or heat register, or in a built-in installation unless proper ventilation is provided. Never push ... Electronics Co.,Ltd. Model:HP-A0301R3 (S200HL Model) Manufacture : Delta Electronics Inc., Model: ADP-30MH B (S200HL Model) • Using electrical power • This product ...
  • User Manual - Page 8

    ... and reflections by placing your display in such a way that the side faces the window or any light source minimizing room light by using drapes, ... viewing angle. Avoid looking at bright light sources, such as open windows, for extended periods of time. Developing good work habits Develop the following work habits to make your computer use more relaxing and productive Take short breaks regularly ...
  • User Manual - Page 11

    ...viii ix x Contents Information for your safety and comfort iii Unpacking 1 2 3 3 3 4 4 4 5 Standard timing table Installation Users controls Panel controls Using the Shortcut Menu Acer eColor Management Operation instructions Features and benefits Using the OSD Menus Picture Menu OSD Menu Setting Menu Information Menu 8 9 9 9 10 10 11 12 12 13 6 7 8 English
  • User Manual - Page 14

    ... on a stable surface -- use a cloth to avoid scratching the screen. 1 2 Attach the monitor stand arm to the base. Ensure that the base is locked onto the monitor stand arm. • Secure the base to the monitor stand arm by turning the white screw using the integrated tab or a suitable coin. (for selected models) Note: Take care when performing the installation to avoid injuring yourself. 2
  • User Manual - Page 15

    ...• For units using 120 V AC: Use a UL-listed cord set, type SVT wire and plug rated 10 A/125 V. • For units using 220/240 V AC: Use a cord set consisting of H05VV-F cord and plug rated 10 A/250 V. The cord set should have the appropriate safety approvals for the country in which the equipment will be installed. Power saving The monitor will be switched to "power saving" mode by the ...
  • User Manual - Page 16

    Display Data Channel (DDC) To make installation easier, so long as your system supports the DDC protocol, the monitor is ... pin assignment 1 6 11 5 10 15 15-pin color display signal cable PIN No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Description Red Green Blue Monitor ground DDC-return R-ground G-ground ...No. 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Description +5 V Logic ground Monitor ground DDC-serial data H-sync V-sync DDC-serial clock 4
  • User Manual - Page 18

    Standard timing table No. Mode Resolution@Refresh Rate 640x480@60Hz 640x480@72Hz 640x480@75Hz MAC VESA [email protected] 720x400@70Hz 800x600@56Hz SVGA 800x600@60Hz 800x600@72Hz 800x600@75Hz MAC XGA MAC VESA VESA WXGA WXGA+ [email protected] 1024x768@60Hz 1024x768@70Hz 1024x768@75Hz 1152x870@75Hz 1152x864@75Hz 1280x720@60Hz ...
  • User Manual - Page 19

    ...the VGA video cable to the computer. c Connect the digital cable (1) Make sure both the monitor and computer are switched off. (2) DVI Cable (Optional, only Dual-Input Model) a. Make sure both the monitor and computer are powered-OFF. b. Connect the DVI cable to the computer. 2 Connect the adapter a Connect the AC cord to the adapter. b Connect one end of...
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