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  • Veriton 3700G/5700G/7700G User's Guide (EN) - Page 3

    ...keys Volume control/Mute keys Lock keys Cursor keys Windows keys Function keys Palm rest Optical drive To take care of your... 19 19 20 20 21 22 23 3 Setting up your computer Arranging a comfortable work area Adjusting your... mouse Connecting your keyboard USB keyboard PS/2 keyboard Connecting a monitor Connecting the power cable Turning on your computer Turning off your computer 25 27...
  • Veriton 3700G/5700G/7700G User's Guide (EN) - Page 4

    ...devices 38 38 39 40 41 45 Contents 4 Upgrading your computer Installation precautions ESD precautions Preinstallation instructions Installation precautions ESD precautions Preinstallation ...replace the side panel Internal components System boards Mainboard layout Audio board Upgrading your computer Installing additional memory To remove a DDR DIMM To install a DDR DIMM To reconfigure your computer...
  • Veriton 3700G/5700G/7700G User's Guide (EN) - Page 5

    ... back up files from my hard drive? Disk Defragmenter (Windows® XP only) How do I defragment my hard drive? 84 85 85 6 Frequently asked questions Frequently asked questions 87 89 Appendix A: Notices ... 98 98 99 100 Appendix B: Taking care of your computer Important tips Cleaning and servicing To clean your computer and keyboard To clean your pointing device To clean your monitor When to...
  • Veriton 3700G/5700G/7700G User's Guide (EN) - Page 10

    ... first Component HDD Specification • • Paralle ATA (5400, 7200 RPM) Serial ATA (7200 RPM) Optical Drive CD-ROM, CD-RW, DVD-ROM, DVD/CD-RW combo, or DVD burner/Supermulti plus Windows® XP Home Windows® XP Professional Red Hat® Linux(driver support) Mini-Tower 438.5mm(H) /186mm(W) /475mm(D) Mini-Tower 8.5 kg/18.7lb ...
  • Veriton 3700G/5700G/7700G User's Guide (EN) - Page 11

    ... series Items contained in the accessory box USB or PS/2 keyboard USB or PS/2 mouse User's guide and installation poster Other user documentation and third-party software Accessing the user's guide This user's guide is also available on your computer as an Adobe AcrobatTM PDF file. To access the user's guide (for Windows® XP) 1 2 On the Windows&#...
  • Veriton 3700G/5700G/7700G User's Guide (EN) - Page 20

    14 2 System tour Keyboard The keyboard has full-sized keys that include separate cursor keys, two Windows keys, four multimedia keys, and twelve function keys. For information on how to connect your keyboard, see .... No. 1 3 5 7 9 11 Description Sleep button Multimedia keys Scroll lock key Cursor keys Windows logo key Function keys No. 2 4 6 8 10 Description Internet/E-mail/Search keys Volume ...
  • Veriton 3700G/5700G/7700G User's Guide (EN) - Page 25

    ...keys on the numeric keypad when the Num Lock is toggled off. Windows keys The keyboard has two keys that perform ... button. Combinations with this key perform special functions, such as Windows + Tab: Activate the next Taskbar button Windows + E: Explore My Computer Windows + F: Find Document Windows + M: Minimize All Shift + Windows + M: Undo Minimize All Windows + R: Display the Run dialog box ...
  • Veriton 3700G/5700G/7700G User's Guide (EN) - Page 29

    23 Hard disk Your computer is pre-installed with a high-capacity Enhanced-IDE (EIDE) hard disk. For instructions on how to upgrade or replace your hard disk, see "Replacing the hard disk" on page 61.
  • Veriton 3700G/5700G/7700G User's Guide (EN) - Page 43

    ...Turning off your computer To turn off your computer, follow the steps below. For Windows® XP: 1 2 On the Windows® XP taskbar, click on the Start button, and click Turn Off Computer, then click Turn Off. Turn off all peripherals connected to your computer. If you cannot shut down your ... least four seconds. Quickly pressing the button may put the computer in Suspend mode only.
  • Veriton 3700G/5700G/7700G User's Guide (EN) - Page 53

    4 Upgrading your computer
  • Veriton 3700G/5700G/7700G User's Guide (EN) - Page 56

    50 4 Upgrading your computer Post-installation instructions Observe the following after installing a computer component: 1 2 3 4 See to it that the components are installed according to the step-by-step instructions in their respective sections. Replace any expansion boards or peripherals that you removed earlier. Replace the side panels. Connect the necessary cables and turn on your computer.
  • Veriton 3700G/5700G/7700G User's Guide (EN) - Page 65

    59 Upgrading your computer Certain components of your computer are upgradeable such as the memory, the hard disk, the CPU and the expansion cards. You need to observe the "Installation precautions" on page 49 ... figures may not be exactly the same with the one found in your computer. Installing additional memory The four 184-pin sockets on the mainboard ...
  • Veriton 3700G/5700G/7700G User's Guide (EN) - Page 66

    60 3 4 Upgrading your computer Press the holding clips on both sides of the DDR DIMM socket outward to release the DDR DIMM (a). Gently pull the DDR DIMM out of the socket (b). To install a DDR DIMM 1 2 Locate the DDR DIMM socket on the mainboard. Align... DIMM (b). Note: The DDR DIMM sockets are slotted to ensure proper installation. If you insert a DDR DIMM but it does not fit ...
  • Veriton 3700G/5700G/7700G User's Guide (EN) - Page 68

    62 3 4 Upgrading your computer (a) Insert the new hard disk into the frame. (b) Connect the power and hard disk cables to the new hard disk. Note: Make sure that the ...securely connected to their corresponding connectors on the mainboard. 4 Replace the side panel (see page 52). Installing an expansion card To install an expansion card: 1 2 3 4 Remove the side panel (see page...
  • Veriton 3700G/5700G/7700G User's Guide (EN) - Page 73

    67 Depending on the hardware and optional features installed in your computer, your system came bundled with several program ... Recovery (System restore utility) Acer Desktop Manager If your computer is configured with Microsoft® Windows® XP the following utilities can be ... need more help and information, you may refer to the online help documentation provided in each software application.
  • Veriton 3700G/5700G/7700G User's Guide (EN) - Page 74

    68 5 System utilities Acrobat Reader Acrobat Reader is a software that lets you view, navigate, browse and print Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files on... Simply double click on any file with an icon like that shown above. or 1 2 3 On the windows taskbar, click on the Start button, highlight Programs, and select Acrobat Reader. Once the program is ...
  • Veriton 3700G/5700G/7700G User's Guide (EN) - Page 75

    ...installation CD. To install LANScope: 1 Insert the LANScope installation CD into the optical drive. Caution! Make sure that the LANScope ...insert a CD into your computer's optical drive. 2 Follow all onscreen instructions until installation is completed. For more information on how to ...refer to the LANScope Help menu. Note: Acer LANScope currently supports Windows® 2000 and Windows® XP...
  • Veriton 3700G/5700G/7700G User's Guide (EN) - Page 76

    ... System utilities Norton AntiVirus Norton AntiVirus is an anti-virus software which finds and repairs infected files, ...Start Norton AntiVirus • or • 2 Click on the Start menu in the Windows taskbar, highlight Programs, and select Norton AntiVirus.... the desktop In the Norton AntiVirus main window, click Scan for Viruses. 3 4 In the Scan for Viruses pane, click Scan My Computer. Under ...
  • Veriton 3700G/5700G/7700G User's Guide (EN) - Page 80

    74 5 System utilities PowerDVD (for models with DVD) PowerDVD is a high-quality, pure software DVD player which brings high-quality movies and karaoke to your multimedia PC... cases, when you insert a DVD into your computer's optical drive, PowerDVD will automatically open a viewer window and the control panel and begin playing. If PowerDVD does not ...
  • Veriton 3700G/5700G/7700G User's Guide (EN) - Page 114

    108 USB mouse 30 keyboard 28 monitor 28 mouse 29 software 67 Norton AntiVirus 70 system boards 55 audio board 58 mainboard ...reinstalling programs 76 turning on computer 36 power button 36 Index U upgrade add memory 59 install DDR DIMM 60 reconfigure computer 61 computer 59... 59 T turning off computer 37 software shutdown 37 suspend mode 37 V Veriton 7700G mainboard layout 55...
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