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Download the free PDF manual for Asus Eee PC 701SD Linux and other Asus manuals at

  • User Manual - Page 2

    ... This User's Manual...1-2 Notes for This Manual...1-3 Safety Precautions...1-4 Chapter 2: Using the Eee PC Internet...2-2 Configuring a wireless network connection...2-2 Configuring a network connection...2-4 Wireless ...15 Enjoying free resources...2-15 Controlling your Eee PC afar...2-16 Using Web Storage...2-18 Using Eee Download...2-20 Chatting with friends...2-21...
  • User Manual - Page 3

    ... 3: System Recovery System Recovery...3-2 Using Hidden Partition...3-2 Using the Recovery DVD...3-3 Using USB Flash Disk...3-4 Chapter 4: Installing Windows® XP Preparing to install Windows® XP...4-2 Installing Windows® XP...4-2 Support CD information...4-4 Running the support CD...4-4 Drivers menu...4-4 Utilities menu...4-5 ASUS Eee PC iii
  • User Manual - Page 6

    ...: 1. Using the Eee PC Provides information on using the Eee PC's utilities. 2. System Recovery Gives you information on system recovery. 3. Installing Windows® XP Gives you information on how to install Windows® XP on your Eee PC and the content of the support CD. 4. Appendix Provides you safety statements. The actual bundled ...
  • User Manual - Page 30

    Using Eee Download Eee Download offers various software applications, and multimedia enjoyment online. Visit Eee Download website (http://eeedownload. for more details. Connects to Eee Download website. Preview is unavailable. You need to download the software applications or multimedia files before enjoying them. 2-20 Chapter 2: Using the Eee PC
  • User Manual - Page 47

    ... resolution. If you set your display resolution to 600x480 or below, use the touchpad to scroll up and down the screen. If you have installed Windows XP to your Eee PC, right-click the ASUS Eee PC Utility icon in the Notification area to adjust the display resolution. ASUS Eee PC 2-37
  • User Manual - Page 49

    ... system in standby, restart, or shut down the system. Printers To setup your printer, double-click Printers and press Add to add a new printer. The installed printers display in the window. Visit our website for the latest qualified vendor for the printers. ASUS Eee PC 2-39
  • User Manual - Page 51

    ... your preferences. Add/Remove Software You can download and install software from our server with network access. Follow the instructions below to install ... the top to switch the category and the screen will display the available software on the server. 3. Locate the software you want to install/update. 4. Click the Install button to install/update the selected software. 2 3 4 ASUS Eee PC 2-41
  • User Manual - Page 52

    5. Click OK to confirm the installation. 6. Your Eee PC starts the download and installs/updates the selected software from the server. 2-42 Chapter 2: Using the Eee PC
  • User Manual - Page 53 are connected to a network. Go to Settings > Add/Remove Software. Click the Settings tab on the top to switch the category. Click the Open button in BIOS Updates 3 4 5. Locate the latest BIOS and click the Install button to update the BIOS. ASUS Eee PC 2-43
  • User Manual - Page 54

    6. Click OK to reboot and update the BIOS. Easy Software Updates A software update icon in the Notification area functions as a reminder. It will check for updates, download and install updates depending on your preferences. Check for Updates Right-click the Software Updates icon in the Notification area and select Check for ...
  • User Manual - Page 64

    ... DVD may be not the latest version. After the system recovery, use the Add/Remove Software in the Settings tab to update your OS. You will lose all your data during... Hidden Partition 1. Hold during bootup (requires a Recovery Partition). If you have installed WIndows XP to your Eee PC, the builtin hidden partition would be cleared and cannot be used for system ...
  • User Manual - Page 71

    Preparing to Install Windows® XP Installing Windows® XP Support CD Information Installing Windows® XP 4
  • User Manual - Page 72

    ... Windows® XP Before installing Windows® XP operating system to your Eee PC, you need the following items A USB 2.0 DVD-ROM The official Windows® XP ...or external hard disk drive ASUS Eee PC support CD • The older version of Windows® OS does not support USB ... cord to your Eee PC. 2. Insert the Windows XP Service Pack 2 disc to the USB DVD-ROM and connect the...
  • User Manual - Page 73

    ... existing disk partitions. Ensure to back up your important data before installing Windows® XP to your Eee PC. 5. Press and select Format the partition using the NTFS file system to start the Windows&#... insert the Support CD to the USB DVD/CD-ROM and click InstAll - Drivers Installation Wizard to install all drivers. ASUS Eee PC 4-3
  • User Manual - Page 74

    Support CD information The support CD that comes with the Eee PC package contains the drivers, software applications, and utilities that you can install to avail all the features. All the following... the system detects installed devices. Install the necessary drivers to activate the devices. Click to go to the next page 4-4 Chapter 4: Installing Windows® XP
  • User Manual - Page 76

    Contact Click the Contact tab to display the ASUS contact information. Other information The icons on the top right corner of the screen provide additional information on the Eee PC and the contents of the support CD. Click an icon to display the specified information. System information CD content Technical support File list 4-6 Chapter 4: Installing Windows® XP
  • User Manual - Page 79

    ...Inc. has exposed the full source code of the GPL licensed software, including any scripts to control compilation and installation of the object code. All future firmware updates will also be accompanied with their respective source code. For ... how you can obtain our open source code, visit our website ( ASUS Eee PC A-3
  • User Manual - Page 46

    ... the licensed service (i.e. co-channel Mobile Satellite systems) this device is intended to be operated indoors and away from windows to provide maximum shielding. Equipment (or its transmit antenna) that is installed outdoors is subject to licensing. Because high power radars are allocated as primary users (meaning they have ...
  • User Manual - Page 54

    ... Inc. has exposed the full source code of the GPL licensed software, including any scripts to control compilation and installation of the object code. All future firmware updates will also be accompanied with their respective source code. For ... how you can obtain our open source code, visit our website ( A-18 Appendix
  • User Manual - Page 2

    ... quick instructions for using your Eee PC. Read the full manual for detailed information. 1 1. Install the battery pack 2. Connect the AC power adapter 2 1 2 3. Turn ON the Eee PC 1 3 ... battery pack(s) and the Eee PC with a faulty AC-DC adapter. When you open the display panel, do ... the hinges may break! Never lift the Eee PC by the display panel! Remember to fully charge the ...
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