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  • P2B-D User Manual - Page 2

    ... revision number. Manual updates are represented by the third digit in the manual revision number. For previous or updated manuals, BIOS, drivers, or product release information, contact ASUS at or through ... DESCRIBED IN IT. Copyright © 1999 ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. All Rights Reserved. Product Name: ASUS P2B-D/P2B-DS Manual Revision: 1.06 ...
  • P2B-D User Manual - Page 4

    ... ...7 How This Manual Is Organized ...7 Item Checklist ...7 II. FEATURES ...8 Features ...8 The ASUS P2B-D/P2B-DS Motherboard ...9 III. INSTALLATION ...10 ASUS P2B-D/P2B-DS Motherboard Layout ...10 Installation Steps ...12 1. Motherboard Settings ...12 Jumper Settings ...13 2. System Memory (DIMM) ...17 DIMM Memory Installation Procedures ...18...
  • P2B-D User Manual - Page 5

    ...HDD Auto Detection ...56 Save & Exit Setup ...57 Exit Without Saving ...57 V. SOFTWARE SETUP ...58 ASUS Smart Motherboard Support CD ...58 Installation Submenu ...59 DOS Utility Submenu ...60 ASUS Contact Information ...61 VI...Users ...71 IX. ASUS LAN Card ...75 ASUS PCI-L101 Fast Ethernet Card ...75 Features ...76 ASUS P2B-D/P2B-DS User's Manual 5
  • P2B-D User Manual - Page 7

    .... Adaptec EZ-SCSI IX. ASUS LAN Card Manual information and checklist Information and specifications Setting up the motherboard. Setting up the BIOS ASUS Smart Motherboard Support CD BIOS supported Desktop Management Interface ... external connector module (optional) ASUS PCI-L101 Wake-On-LAN 10/100 Ethernet Card (optional) ASUS P2B-D/P2B-DS User's Manual
  • P2B-D User Manual - Page 24

    ... for your expansion card and make any necessary hardware or software settings for your expansion card, such as jumpers. 2. Remove your computer system's cover and the bracket plate on the... necessary (such as IRQ xx Used By ISA: Yes in PNP AND PCI SETUP) 7. Install the necessary software drivers for your expansion card. III. INST ALLATION Expansion Cards 24 Assigning IRQs for Expansion Cards Some ...
  • P2B-D User Manual - Page 32

    ... the system). If you want to use this connector, set "Suspend Mode" under the Power Management Setup of the BIOS SOFTWARE section to the preferred time after which the system must go into suspend mode when you press the switch. ... ATX Power Switch* P2B-D/DS System Panel Connections 32 ASUS P2B-D/P2B-DS User's Manual +5 V MSG.LED ExtSMI# Ground PWR_SW +3VSB * ...
  • P2B-D User Manual - Page 35

    ... assistance. 7. During power-on, hold down to enter BIOS setup. Follow the instructions in the next section, BIOS SOFTWARE. * Powering Off your computer: You must first exit or shut down your operating... message "You can now safely turn off your computer" will not appear when shutting down with ATX power supplies. ASUS P2B-D/P2B-DS User's Manual 35 III. ...
  • P2B-D User Manual - Page 37

    IV. BIOS SOFTWARE 2. Update BIOS Including Boot Block and ESCD This option updates the boot block, the ... from a new BIOS file. See the next page for procedures on downloading an updated BIOS file. To update your current BIOS, type 2 at the Main ..., Flashed Successfully will be displayed. Follow the onscreen instructions to continue. ASUS P2B-D/P2B-DS User's Manual 37 IV. BIOS Flash Memory Writer
  • P2B-D User Manual - Page 38

    IV. BIOS SOFTWARE Managing and Updating Your Motherboard's BIOS Upon First Use of the Computer System 1. Create a bootable ... steps. Updating BIOS Procedures (only when necessary) 1. Download an updated ASUS BIOS file from the Internet (WWW or FTP) or a BBS (Bulletin Board Service) (see ASUS CONTACT ... other items from the Main Menu. IV. BIOS Updating BIOS 38 ASUS P2B-D/P2B-DS User's Manual
  • P2B-D User Manual - Page 39

    .... Either of these memory chips can be updated when BIOS upgrades are released. Use the Flash Memory Writer utility to download the new BIOS file into the ROM chip as described in detail in ... take note of the configuration settings for future reference; in particular, the hard disk specifications. If you are installing the motherboard, reconfiguring your system or ...
  • P2B-D User Manual - Page 41

    ... hard disks need not to be entered here since they operate using device drivers and are not supported bythe BIOS. If you install other SCSI controller cards, refer to their respective documentations on how to install the required SCSI drivers. For IDE hard disk drive setup, you can: • Use the Auto setting for detection during bootup. &#...
  • P2B-D User Manual - Page 49

    .... IMPORTANT: Advanced Power Management (APM) should be installed to keep the system time updated when the computer enters suspend mode activated by the ... Windows 3.x and Windows 95, you need to install Windows with the APM feature. A battery and power cord icon labeled "Power" ... off feature for monitor power management. The settings are Always On and Suspend -> Off. ASUS P2B-D/P2B-DS User's Manual
  • P2B-D User Manual - Page 59

    ... the end of this section. ASUS LiveUpdate installs a program to help you update your BIOS or download a BIOS image file. Driver installs the necessary components to work properly. NOTE: This is not available if your ..., and SCSI. Other allows you to install Adobe Acrobat Reader and/or Trend PC Cillin, a virus protection software. ASUS P2B-D/P2B-DS User's Manual 59 V. S/W SETUP Installation Submenu
  • P2B-D User Manual - Page 62

    ... the DMI to retrieve data from this database. Unlike other BIOS software, the BIOS on this motherboard uses the same technology implemented for Plug and Play ... memory must be at least 180K. Memory managers like HIMEM.SYS (required by windows) must not be installed. You can boot up from a system ...the directory containing DMICFG2.EXE. 4. Type DMICFG2 and press to run. ASUS P2B-D/P2B-DS User's Manual
  • P2B-D User Manual - Page 67

    ... UTILITY does not provide drivers for Windows®95 and WindowsNT™. Quick Start Instructions First, install ... drive, follow the DOS Quick Start instructions. Windows/Windows for Workgroups 3.1x 1 Install Windows 3.1x or Windows for Workgroups 3.1x and start it running on your computer. 2 Insert A: drive). Then press . 4 Follow the onscreen instructions. ASUS P2B-D/P2B-DS User's Manual
  • P2B-D User Manual - Page 68

    ... do I make sure that the miniport driver is installed correctly? Miniport drivers are a new kind of 32bit ... host adapters. The host adapter miniport driver is automatically installed and configured during Windows95 ...your host adapter is already installed. To make sure the driver is installed correctly in systems running ... the name of your host adapter when it appears. ASUS P2B-D/P2B-DS User's Manual
  • P2B-D User Manual - Page 69

    .... 5 Turn the computer ON. If the new host adapter supports Plug and Play, Windows will install and configure it automatically. Otherwise, run Add New Hardware to make sure the new driver is loaded. ASUS P2B-D/P2B-DS User's Manual 69 VIII. EZ-SCSI UTILITY Troubleshooting
  • P2B-D User Manual - Page 70

    ...Usually, you do not need to use these real mode ASPI drivers, because the new Windows miniport drivers support most SCSI host adapters and SCSI devices. However,...You are using a CD-Recorder drive (however, some newer models of CDRecorder drives can use the embedded Windows miniport drivers) To install the Adaptec EZSCSI DOS drivers, click the Start button and select Restart the computer in MS-DOS ...
  • P2B-D User Manual - Page 71

    ... The following information may be useful if you install Adaptec EZSCSI on a computer running DOS, Windows 3.1x, or Windows for .... DOS and Windows3.1x Device Drivers Device drivers are software programs that enable your computer to communicate with SCSI devices ..., see the Adaptec EZSCSI Online Reference, a Windows Help application. ASUS P2B-D/P2B-DS User's Manual 71 VIII. EZ-SCSI UTILITY DOS/Win ...
  • P2B-D User Manual - Page 76

    ... Network Data Transfer Rates. Provides LED indicators for monitoring network conditions Plug and Play Software Driver Support • • • IX. ASUS LAN Card Features 76 NetWare ODI Drivers - ... 3.11, IBM LAN Server NDIS 3.0 Drivers - Microsoft Windows NT, Microsoft Windows 95, Microsoft Windows 3.11 Question and Answer Q: What is Wake-On-...
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