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  • Motherboard DIY Troubleshooting Guide - Page 35

    A:\>afudos /iP4V533-MX.rom AMI Firmware Update Utility - Version 1.10 Copyright (C) 2002 American Megatrends, Inc. All rights reserved. Reading file ...done Erasing flash ...done Writing flash ...0x0008CC00 (9%) A:\>afudos /iP4V533-MX.rom AMI Firmware Update Utility - Version 1.10 Copyright (C) 2002 American Megatrends, Inc. All rights reserved. Reading file ...done ...
  • Motherboard DIY Troubleshooting Guide - Page 54

    Security Settings Supervisor Password User Password Change Supervisor Password Change User Password Clear User Password Boot Sector Virus Protection [Disabled] Installed Not Installed to change password. again to disable password. +F1 F10 ESC Select Screen Select Item Change Option General Help Save and Exit Exit 2-22
  • P4V533-MX User Manual - Page 2

    ... COMPUTER INC. All Rights Reserved. No part of this manual, including the products and software described in it, may be reproduced, transmitted, transcribed, stored in a retrieval system, or translated into...OR LIABILITY FOR ANY ERRORS OR INACCURACIES THAT MAY APPEAR IN THIS MANUAL, INCLUDING THE PRODUCTS AND SOFTWARE DESCRIBED IN IT. Products and corporate names appearing in ...
  • P4V533-MX User Manual - Page 3

    ...Safety information About this guide ...vii ASUS contact information ...viii P4V533-MX specifications summary ...ix... Motherboard layout ...1-7 Before you proceed ...1-8 Motherboard installation ...1-9 1.7.1 Placement direction ...1-9 1.7.2 Screw holes ...1-9 1.8 Central Processing ... Installing the CPU ...1-11 1.9 System memory ...1-12 1.9.1 Installing a DIMM ...1-12 1.10 Expansion slots ...1-13...
  • P4V533-MX User Manual - Page 4

    ...17 2.5.6 Hardware Monitor ...2-19 Boot menu ...2-20 2.6.1 Boot Device Priority ...2-20 2.6.2 Boot Settings Configuration ...2-21 2.6.3 Security ...2-22 Exit menu ...2-24 Safeguards 2.3 2.4 2.5 2.6 2.7 Chapter 3: Software support 3.1 3.2 Install an operating system ...3-2 Support CD information ...3-2 iv
  • P4V533-MX User Manual - Page 5 provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with manufacturer's instructions, may cause harmful ... is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. If this equipment does cause harmful interference to...
  • P4V533-MX User Manual - Page 6

    ... before you add a device. • Before connecting or removing signal cables from the motherboard, ensure that all power cables are ... circuit. • Make sure that your power supply is set to the correct voltage in your area. If you are not ... or your retailer. Operation safety • Before installing the motherboard and adding devices on it, carefully read all the manuals that came with the ...
  • P4V533-MX User Manual - Page 7

    ... a task. Where to find more information Refer to the following sources for additional information and for product and software updates. 1. ASUS Websites The ASUS websites worldwide provide updated information on ASUS hardware and software products. The ASUS websites are listed in the ASUS Contact Information on page viii. 2. Optional Documentation ...
  • P4V533-MX User Manual - Page 9

    P4V533-MX specifications summary CPU Socket 478 for Intel® Pentium® 4/Northwood/Willamette CPUs with speeds...x 8.0 in (24.5 cm x 20.5 cm) Device drivers ASUS PC Probe ASUS LiveUpdate Trend Micro™ PC-cillin 2002 anti-virus software VIA® VT8751A VIA® VT8235 Chipset Front Side Bus (FSB) Memory VGA Expansion slots Storage Audio LAN Rear panel I/O Internal I/O BIOS features ...
  • P4V533-MX User Manual - Page 12

    1.1 Welcome! Thank you for buying the ASUS® P4V533-MX motherboard! The ASUS P4V533-MX motherboard delivers a host of ... making it another standout in the long line of ASUS quality motherboards! The P4V533-MX incorporates the Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor in 478-pin package with ...with the list below. 1.2 Package contents ASUS P4V533-MX motherboard ASUS P4V533-MX series support CD 1 x ...
  • P4V533-MX User Manual - Page 13

    1.3 Special features Latest processor technology The P4V533-MX motherboard supports the latest Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor via a 478-pin surface mount ZIF socket. The Pentium 4 ... to provide 6-channel audio playback for 5.1 surround sound. See page 1-6. BONUS! Free bundled TrendMIcro™ PC-cillin 2002 anti-virus software (OEM version) ASUS P4V533-MX motherboard user guide 1-3
  • P4V533-MX User Manual - Page 14

    1.4 Motherboard components Before you install the motherboard, learn about its major components and available features to facilitate the installation and future upgrades. Refer to the succeeding pages for the component descriptions. 1 23 4 5 13 12 11 6 7 10 9 8 14 15 16 17 18 19 24 23 22 21 20 1-4 Chapter 1: Product introduction
  • P4V533-MX User Manual - Page 23

    ...2 for BIOS information. 3. Assign an IRQ to the card. Refer to the tables below. 4. Install the drivers and/or software applications for the ...1.10.2 IRQ assignments for this motherboard PCI slot 1 PCI slot 2 PCI slot 3 AGP slot Onboard USB controller HC0 ...- used B used C - used D - - used E F shared - shared - shared - shared - - used - - G used H ASUS P4V533-MX motherboard user guide 1-13
  • P4V533-MX User Manual - Page 30

    ... CD1(Black) AUX1(White) Left Audio Channel Ground Ground Right Audio Channel P4V533-MX P4V533-MX Internal Audio Connectors 7. USB header (10-1 pin USB56) If the USB ports...resolution cameras, scanners, and printers. You must install the driver before you can use the USB 2.0 capability. ® P4V533-MX USB56 P4V533-MX USB Header USB+5V USB_P5USB_P5...
  • P4V533-MX User Manual - Page 34

    2.1 Managing and updating your BIOS The original BIOS file for this motherboard is in the support CD. Copy the original BIOS to a bootable floppy ... the BIOS Update the BIOS using the AFUDOS.EXE utility in DOS environment. 1. Visit the ASUS website ( to download the latest BIOS file for your motherboard. Save the BIOS file to a bootable floppy disk. Write down the BIOS file name to a ...
  • P4V533-MX User Manual - Page 35

    ... be exactly the same as shown. A:\>afudos /ip4v533-mx.rom AMI Firmware Update Utility - Version 1.10 Copyright (C) 2002 ... returns to the DOS prompt. A:\>afudos /ip4v533-mx.rom AMI Firmware Update Utility - Version 1.10 Copyright (C) 2002 ... flash ...done Writing flash ...0x0008CC00 (9%) Verifying flash .. done A:\> 5. Reboot the system from the hard disk. ASUS P4V533-MX motherboard user guide 2-3
  • P4V533-MX User Manual - Page 36

    2.2 BIOS Setup program This motherboard supports a programmable firmware hub (FWH) that you can update using the provided ... section "2.1 Managing and updating your BIOS." Use the BIOS Setup program when you are installing a motherboard, reconfiguring your ... of the firmware hub. The firmware hub on the motherboard stores the Setup utility. When you start up the computer, the system ...
  • P4V533-MX User Manual - Page 58

    ... and corresponding updates so you can maximize the features of your hardware. Because motherboard settings and hardware options vary, use the setup procedures presented in ... without notice. Visit the ASUS website for updates. The support CD that came with the motherboard contains useful software and several utility drivers that enhance the motherboard features. 3.2.1 Running the support ...
  • P4V533-MX User Manual - Page 59

    ... VIA 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet driver to support 10/100 Mbps networking. USB 2.0 Driver This item installs the USB 2.0 driver. 3.2.3 Utilities menu The Utilities menu shows the applications and other software that the motherboard supports. ASUS PC ... problems. This utility helps you keep your computer at a healthy operating condition. ASUS P4V533-MX motherboard user guide 3-3
  • P4V533-MX User Manual - Page 60

    Install ASUS Update This program allows you to download the latest version of the BIOS from the ASUS website. Before using the ASUS Update, make sure that you have an Internet connection... online help for detailed information. Adobe Acrobat Reader This item installs the Adobe Acrobat Reader V5.0. The Acrobat Reader software is for viewing files saved in Portable Document Format (PDF). ASUS ...
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