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  • User Manual - Page 31

    ...2 DOS afudos /o[filename filename A:\>afudos /oOLDBIOS1.rom 主檔名 副檔名 3. 按下 afudos /oOLDBIOS1.rom AMI Firmware Update Utility - Version 1.19(ASUS V2.07(03.11.24BB)) Copyright (C) 2002 American Megatrends, Inc. All rights reserved. Reading flash ...done ...
  • User Manual - Page 32

    ....ROM 4. AFUDOS BIOS 程式。 A:\>afudos /iP5B-VM DO.ROM AMI Firmware Update Utility - Version 1.19(ASUS V2.07(03.11.24BB)) Copyright (C) 2002... ...done Advance Check ...Erasing flash ...done BIOS 5. 當 BIOS DOS A:\>afudos /iP5B-VM DO.ROM AMI Firmware Update Utility - Version 1.19(ASUS V2.07(03.11.24BB)) Copyright (C) ...
  • User Manual - Page 4

    ...4.3.6 4.4 4.4.1 Managing and updating your BIOS...4-1 Creating a bootable floppy disk...4-1 AFUDOS utility...4-2 ASUS CrashFree BIOS 3 utility...4-5 ASUS EZ Flash 2 utility...4-7 ASUS Update utility...4-8 BIOS menu screen...4-12 Menu bar...4-12 Navigation keys...4-12 Menu items...4-...-menu items...4-13 Configuration fields...4-13 Pop-up window...4-13 Scroll bar...4-13 General help...4-13 System...
  • User Manual - Page 5

    ... Tools menu...4-38 Exit menu...4-39 Installing an operating system...5-1 Support CD information...5-1 5.2.1 5.2.2 5.2.3 5.2.4 5.2.5 Running the support CD...5-1 Drivers menu...5-2 Utilities menu...5-3 ASUS Contact information...5-4 Other information...5-4 Chapter 5: Software support 5.2 5.3 A.1 ASUS MyLogo2™...5-6 Enhanced Intel SpeedStep® Technology (...
  • User Manual - Page 8

    ... parameters are also provided. • Chapter 5: Software support This chapter describes the contents of the support CD that comes with the motherboard package. • Appendix: CPU ... to the following sources for additional information and for product and software updates. 1. ASUS websites The ASUS website provides updated information on ASUS hardware and software products. Refer to the ASUS ...
  • User Manual - Page 11

    P5LD2-X/GBL specifications summary ASUS special features ASUS C.P.R.(CPU Parameter Recall) ASUS CrashFree BIOS3 ASUS EZ Flash2 ASUS Q-Fan ASUS MyLogo2 WOL by PME, WOR by PME, WOR by Ring Windows Vista/XP/2003 server/2000 server/2000 Drivers ASUS PC Probe ll ASUS LiveUpdate Utility 1 x Serial ATA cable 1 x Serial ATA power cable 1 x UltraDMA 100/66 cable 1 x FDD ...
  • User Manual - Page 17

    ...High Definition audio CODEC enables high-quality audio which automatically detects peripherals plugged into the audio I/O jacks. ALC662 also supports Windows® Vista Premium. See pages 2-23 for details. Serial ATA ... higher clockspeeds by carrying data in packets. This high speed interface is software compatible with existing PCI specifications. See page 2-20 for details. ASUS P5LD2-X/GBL 1-
  • User Manual - Page 29

    ...socket pins, do not remove the PnP cap unless you are installing a CPU. 3. Lift the load lever in the direction of the arrow to a 135º ...º angle (A), then push the PnP cap from the load plate window to remove (B). B A Load plate 5. Position the CPU over the socket, making ... The socket alignment key should fit into the CPU notch. Alignment key Gold triangle mark ASUS P5LD2-X/GBL 2-
  • User Manual - Page 35

    ...amount of memory space for system devices. • We recommend that you install only a maximum of 3GB system memory when using a Windows 32-bit version operating system without the PAE. The excess ... the system can not use this excess memory space and the system will display less than the total size of physical memory installed. ASUS P5LD2-X/GBL 128 Pins 112 Pins Sockets DIMM_A1 DIMM_B1 2-13
  • User Manual - Page 40

    ... cards. Failure to do so may cause you physical injury and damage motherboard components. 2.5.1 1. ... 2. 3. Configuring an expansion card After installing the expansion card, configure it by adjusting the software settings. Turn on the ... on BIOS setup. Assign an IRQ to the card. Refer to the tables on the next page. Install the software drivers for the expansion card. When using PCI cards on ...
  • User Manual - Page 48

    Important notes on Serial ATA • • You must install Windows® 2000 Service Pack 4 or the ... Color Red Black Setting Master Slave Use Boot disk Data disk 4. Optical drive audio connector (4-pin CD) This connector is for the 4-pin audio cable that connects to ...) Right Audio Channel Ground Ground Left Audio Channel P5LD2-X/GBL P5LD2-X/GBL Internal Audio Connector 2-...
  • User Manual - Page 61

    ...BIOS file to the floppy disk. A:\>afudos /oOLDBIOS1.rom AMI Firmware Update Utility - Version 1.19(ASUS V2.07(03.11.24BB)) ... file using the AFUDOS utility: Visit the ASUS website ( and download the latest BIOS file for the motherboard. Save the BIOS file to a... [filename] is the latest or the original BIOS file on the bootable floppy disk. A:\>afudos /iP5LD2XGB.rom ASUS P5LD2-X/GBL 4-
  • User Manual - Page 66

    ... motherboard package. ASUS Update requires an Internet connection either through a network or an Internet Service Provider (ISP). Installing ASUS Update To install ASUS Update: 1. 2. 3. Place the support CD in the optical drive. The Drivers menu appears. Click the Utilities tab, then click Install ASUS Update VX.XX.XX. See page 5-3 for ...
  • User Manual - Page 68

    ... the BIOS version that you wish to download. Click Next. Follow the screen instructions to complete the update process. The ASUS Update utility is...update the BIOS through a BIOS file: 1. 2. Launch the ASUS Update utility from the Windows® desktop by clicking Start > ...The ASUS Update main window appears. Select Update BIOS from a file option from the drop‑down menu, then...
  • User Manual - Page 69

    ... using the provided utility described in section "4.1 Managing and updating your BIOS." Use the BIOS Setup program when you are installing a motherboard, reconfiguring your system, or prompted to"... on your screen. Visit the ASUS website ( to download the latest BIOS file for this motherboard. • • ASUS P5LD2-X/GBL 4-11
  • User Manual - Page 101

    ... install the latest OS version and corresponding updates to maximize the features of your hardware. • Motherboard settings and hardware options vary. Use the setup procedures presented in this chapter for ... Windows® 2000 Service Pack 4 or the Windows® XP Service Pack2 or later versions before installing the drivers for better compatibility and ...
  • User Manual - Page 102

    ... Wizard for Drivers Installs the ASUS InstALL - Drivers Installation Wizard. Intel Chipset Driver Installs the Intel Chipset Inf Update Program. Realtek Audio Driver Installs the Realtek Audio Driver. Realtek RTL8111B/C 10/100/1000M LAN Driver Installs the Realtek RTL8111B/C 10/100/1000M LAN Driver. 5- Chapter 5: Software support
  • User Manual - Page 103

    ... Utilities menu shows the applications and other software that the motherboard supports. ASUS InstALL - Installation Wizard for Utilities This wizard guides... helps you keep your computer in healthy operating condition. ASUS Update Allows you to download the latest version of the BIOS from the ASUS... that you have an Internet connection so you can connect to the ASUS website. ASUS P5LD2-X/GBL 5-
  • User Manual - Page 106

    ... that appears on screen during the Power‑On Self-Tests (POST). The ASUS MyLogo2™ is automatically installed when you install the ASUS Update utility from the support CD. See section "5.2.3 Utilities menu" for details. • Before using the ASUS...create your own boot logo image in GIF, JPG, or BMP file formats. • • 5- Chapter 5: Software support
  • User Manual - Page 111

    ... SpeedStep® Technology (EIST) • The motherboard comes with a BIOS file that supports EIST. You can download the latest BIOS file from the ASUS website ( support/download/) if you need to update the BIOS. See Chapter 4 for ... tab. Click the Power button on the Monitor power section to open the Power Options Properties window. ASUS P5LD2-X/GBL A-
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