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  • Users Manual - English - Page 3

    ... be used. • Always consult the operation manual when replacing or installing any assemblies, the presser feet, needle, ... your local authorized Brother dealer. Use this machine only for its intended use as described in the manual. Use accessories recommended .... For additional product information and updates, visit our web site at SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS This machine is intended...
  • Users Manual - English - Page 5

    ... the embroidery unit ...15 Removing the embroidery unit ...16 Turning the Machine On/Off...18 Power supply ... the machine settings ...21 Checking machine operating procedures ...23 Winding/Installing the Bobbin...24 Bobbin ......49 Copyright information ...49 Embroidery pattern types...49 LCD (liquid crystal display) operation ...50 Selecting characters ...52 Selecting an embroidery pattern ...53 ...
  • Users Manual - English - Page 10

    ... and edited, and operations for using the machine can be displayed (page 11). h Embroidery unit connector slot Plug in the connector for the embroidery unit. i... the presser foot j Operation buttons Use these buttons to operate the machine. k Embroidery unit Attach the embroidery unit to the machine, and then attach the embroidery frame. l Thread cutter Pass the threads through the...
  • Users Manual - English - Page 15

    ...15 Attaching the embroidery unit ...15 Removing the embroidery unit...16 Turning the Machine On/Off ...18 Power supply precautions ...18 Turning on the machine ...19 Turning off the machine ...19 LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) Operation...20 Viewing the LCD ...20 Changing the machine settings...21 Checking machine operating procedures ...23 Winding/Installing the Bobbin...24 Bobbin precautions ...24...
  • Users Manual - English - Page 16

    ... the embroidery unit. (If the embroidery unit is not attached, the machine does not operate.) For details, refer to ... bobbin thread, wind embroidery bobbin thread and set it in place. For details, refer to "Winding/Installing the Bobbin" (page 24). ↓ 4 Preparing the fabric ... layout Check and adjust the size and position of the embroidery pattern. For details on adjusting the layout, refer to "...
  • Users Manual - English - Page 21

    Turning on the machine Before turning on the machine, be sure to attach the embroidery unit to it. If the embroidery unit is not attached, the machine does not operate. (For details, refer to "Attaching the Embroidery Unit" (page 15).) Prepare the included power cord. a...If it still does not fit, contact a qualified electrician to install the proper outlet. Do not modify the plug in ...
  • Users Manual - English - Page 25

    Checking machine operating procedures Displays simple explanations of setting upper thread / bobbin winding / setting bobbin thread / embroidery unit attachment / embroidery frame attachment / needle replacement on .... After you finish checking, press (Back a b c d e f Upper threading Bobbin winding Bobbin installation Embroidery unit attachment Embroidery frame attachment Needle ...
  • Users Manual - English - Page 26

    GETTING READY Winding/Installing the Bobbin This section describes how to wind the thread onto the bobbin, and then insert... to the machine. ● The included bobbin was designed specifically for this machine. If bobbins from other models are used, the machine ... spool pin. Remove the spool cap that is inserted onto the 1 Turn on the machine. 2 a Spool pin b Spool cap b Open the top cover....
  • Users Manual - English - Page 27

    ... too long, fold it to fit the size of the spool. 1 2 CAUTION ● If the spool or the spool cap is not installed correctly, the thread may become tangled around the spool pin, causing the needle to break. ● Three spool cap sizes ... thread may catch on the slit in the spool or the needle may break. ● 3 4 a b c d Spool net Spool Spool cap Spool pin Winding/Installing the Bobbin 25
  • Users Manual - English - Page 29

    ... the bobbin thread from Press (Start/stop button) once to start Memo When the machine is started or the handwheel is turned after winding the bobbin, the machine will ... the bobbin winding becomes slow, press (Start/stop button) once to stop the machine. CAUTION ● When the bobbin winding becomes slow, stop the machine, otherwise the machine may be damaged. Winding/Installing the Bobbin 27
  • Users Manual - English - Page 30

    ... Be sure to insert the bobbin correctly. CAUTION ● Be sure to install the bobbin so that the thread unwinds in the correct direction, otherwise the ...hold c the end of the thread with your left. CAUTION ● When installing the bobbin, be sure to hold it down with your finger. If the bobbin is not correctly installed, the thread tension will be incorrect. • Be careful not to drop ...
  • Users Manual - English - Page 31

    ... Tension-adjusting spring g Insert the tab in the lower-left corner of the Reattach the bobbin cover. bobbin cover, and then lightly press down on the right side. 2 1 The lower threading is finished. Next, thread the upper thread. Continue with the procedure in "Upper Threading" (page 30). Memo You can start embroidering without pulling up the bobbin thread. Winding/Installing the Bobbin 29
  • Users Manual - English - Page 34

    ... through the pass the thread through the thread guide disk from the front. 1 Note If the embroidery foot has been lowered and the shutter is closed, the machine cannot be threaded. Be sure ... before removing the upper thread, be sure to raise the embroidery foot and open the shutter. This machine is equipped with a window that allows you to check the position of the take-up ...
  • Users Manual - English - Page 43

    ■ Needle Use a 75/11 home sewing machine needle. When embroidering on thick fabrics such as denim, use a 90/14 home sewing machine needle. Memo A 75/11 needle is already installed when the machine is purchased. When replacing the needle, refer to "Replacing the needle" (page 36). ■ Other Embroidery frames "small", "medium" and "extra large (multi-position)" ...
  • Users Manual - English - Page 49

    ...set it into the bobbin case. 1 Wind the embroidery bobbin thread onto the • For details, refer to "Winding/Installing the Bobbin" (page 24). 2 1 a Lever b Raise the presser foot lever. 1...pattern may not turn out correctly. While lightly holding the lever on the frame embroidery frame holder with the mounting brackets on the frame, and then press the ...
  • Users Manual - English - Page 70

    EMBROIDERY Bobbin Case Adjustment The bobbin case installed in this machine can be adjusted, if necessary, to accommodate the bobbin tension for embroidering. The insertion below describes how to adjust the bobbin tension for embroidery use. Using a small slotted screwdriver, turn the slotted-head (b) screw to adjust the bobbin case tension. Bobbin thread is tight Upper thread on ...
  • Users Manual - English - Page 73

    ... tangled, the needle may break or embroidering performance may suffer. For a new bobbin case (part code: XD1855251), contact your nearest authorized service center. ● Be sure that the bobbin case is correctly installed, otherwise the needle may break. 3 • Do not apply oil to the bobbin case. Note ! If lint or dust collects on the bobbin thread sensor, the sensor may not operate ...
  • Users Manual - English - Page 76

    ...pressed. The presser foot lever is raised. The embroidery unit is not attached on the machine. Remedy Turn on the machine. Press the start/stop button. Lower the presser foot lever. Attach the embroidery... 58 page 15 The machine does not operate. The needle is incorrectly installed. Correctly... tension is too tight. The spool is incorrectly installed. The area around the hole in the needle plate...
  • Users Manual - English - Page 77

    ... times clockwise. Correctly install the bobbin thread. - Reference page 70 - - 3 A bobbin designed specifically for this machine is not ... Only use a bobbin designed specifically for this machine. Correct the upper threading. Correctly install the bobbin thread. Adjust ... was not threaded correctly. The bobbin thread is incorrectly installed. The thread tension is incorrect. The thread tension is ...
  • USB GUIDE - Multi - Page 7

    Upgrading Your Machine's Software Using USB Media You can use USB media and a computer to download software upgrades for your sewing machine. When an upgrade program is available on our website at "", please download the file(s) following the instructions on the website and steps listed below. English ...
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