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Download the free PDF manual for Canon PIXMA MP450 and other Canon manuals at

  • MP450 User's Guide - Page 2

    ... comprehensive self-help in an intuitively guided interactive troubleshooting environment, the place to start is our helpful tech support web site. In addition, the latest driver downloads, answers to frequently asked questions, product information, and "where to buy" instructions are found here. 2. Email Tech Support - www...
  • MP450 User's Guide - Page 4

    ...Digital Camera ...109 Cannot Print Properly Through Wireless Communication...111 Cannot Install The MP Driver ...112 Cannot Connect To PC Properly ...113 Problems With Scanning ...114 An Error Message ...Setting Up The Card Slot As The Memory Card Drive Of The Computer...50 5 Printing From Your Computer ...52 Printing With Windows...52 Printing With Macintosh ...
  • MP450 User's Guide - Page 54 an example. Printing With Windows Note Menu and command names may differ between software applications, ... steps may be required. For details, refer to the documentation for each software application you use. The steps described in this section are for printing in Windows XP Service Pack 2 (hereafter, called Windows XP SP2). 1 2 3 4 Press [ON/OFF] to turn ON the machine. Load the paper in the ...
  • MP450 User's Guide - Page 55

    ... size to be printed. For details about other printer driver functions, click [Instructions] or [Help] to view the Printer Driver Guide. [Instructions] is only displayed when the On-screen Manual is installed. Selecting the [Preview before printing] check box displays a preview screen that allows you to confirm the ...
  • MP450 User's Guide - Page 58

    5 Specify the required settings. (1) Select [Print] from the application software's [File] menu. The [Print] dialog box opens. ...tune the [Print Quality] and [Halftoning] setting. For details about other printer driver functions, click [?] to view the Printer Driver Guide. If the On-screen Manual is not installed, the Printer Driver Guide is not displayed even if [?] is clicked. Clicking [Preview] ...
  • MP450 User's Guide - Page 60

    ... data by using the supplied application software to create original images. Furthermore, you can use the supplied OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software to convert scanned paper documents to text data. Before ... the [Custom Install] and only installed the MP Driver and MP Navigator, these application software were not installed and thus cannot be...
  • MP450 User's Guide - Page 61

    ... scanning when [Color] or [Black] is pressed, you need to set MP Navigator as the starting application software in Image Capture under [Applications] of Mac OS X. Important Make sure that ...scanned, and the image is attached to an e-mail using the e-mail application software. (4) The document is scanned and displayed on the registered application software. 3 Use [ ] ...
  • MP450 User's Guide - Page 62

    ... subsequent procedure varies depending on your settings. For details, see the Scan Guide. Note Scanning from an application software You can scan an image from a TWAIN- or WIA- (Windows XP only) compliant application software and use the image in .... For the detailed procedure, refer to the manual of the application software you are using. 60 Scanning Images Chapter 6
  • MP450 User's Guide - Page 87 into place. See "Replacing A FINE Cartridge" on page 76. Adjusting the printer driver for the [Print Quality] setting to [High] for Windows, or [Fine] for a Macintosh, may improve the print quality. See Increase the [Print Quality] setting in the Printer Driver Guide. Step 1 See "Printing The Nozzle Check Pattern" on page 86 If missing ...
  • MP450 User's Guide - Page 100

    ...The Digital Camera (See page 109) Cannot Print Properly Through Wireless Communication (See page 111) Cannot Install The MP Driver (See page 112) Cannot Connect To PC Properly (See page 113) Problems With Scanning (See page ... described in the message. The message may vary depending on the version of your Windows operating system. 98 Troubleshooting Chapter 11
  • MP450 User's Guide - Page 101

    ... only invalid images on the memory card. Photo data edited/processed on a computer should be printed ...U053 U059 Some ink cartridges are not installed in place. U075 U076 The waste ink absorber is almost full. Confirm that the FINE Cartridges are installed in the appropriate positions. See "Replacing A FINE ... is connected to the computer, you can align the FINE Cartridge using the MP Driver. Follow ...
  • MP450 User's Guide - Page 114

    ... and the computer OFF. 6. Restart the computer. 7. Carefully follow the procedures described in the Easy Setup Instructions and reinstall the driver. Other applications (including antivirus software) are running in the background. ...Start], select [My Computer] and then double-click the CD-ROM icon. For non-Windows XP users, open the [My Computer] window and...
  • MP450 User's Guide - Page 115

    Cause The computer has an old version of the software installed. (Canon MultiPASS is registered as a program in the [Start] ..., and reinstall the new version. Follow the Easy Setup Instructions packaged with your machine for proper MP driver installation. If the MP driver was... the USB 2.0 Hi-Speed driver and install it on your Computer. When You Connect To A Computer Running Windows XP, The Screen ...
  • MP450 User's Guide - Page 116

    ...problem. Then confirm that the machine is identified. ScanGear MP Won't Start Cause Scanner driver (ScanGear MP) is not installed. Machine may not be selected. Action Set the "Setup CD-ROM" in your computer and install ScanGear MP. Select your machine following the directions in Scanning with ScanGear MP in ...
  • MP450 User's Guide - Page 120

    ...Ports] tab (or the [Details] tab), or reinstall the MP driver. Ensure that the USB cable is securely connected to the computer. Disconnect the machine and reconnect it directly to the computer ... to uninstall the driver. 3. Follow the procedures described in the Easy Setup Instructions and reinstall the MP driver. Paper is not loaded. Printer port setting does not match the interface connected to ...
  • MP450 User's Guide - Page 122

    ... if the on-screen manuals (instruction manuals) are not installed. Insert the Setup CD-ROM into your computer and install the on-screen manuals (instruction manuals). The [Instructions] ... out when the on-screen manuals (instruction manuals) are not installed. Insert the Setup CD-ROM into your computer and install the Onscreen Manual. The Scan Guide cannot be displayed. ...
  • MP450 User's Guide - Page 132 used at USB Full-Speed (USB 1.1). *2 Microsoft's authorized drivers are available through Windows Update or Service Pack installation. Any non-Microsoft USB 2.0 drivers are not guaranteed. *3 ...-Speed (USB 1.1). USB interface CD-ROM drive Available hard-disk space for printer driver installation. Mac OS X v.10.2.4 or later: Applox.550 MB The following ...
  • MP450 User's Guide - Page 135

    ... LIMITATIONS AND DISCLAIMERS THEREON. PLEASE CONTACT CANON USA IMMEDIATELY IF YOU HAVE NOT RECEIVED A COPY OF THE SOFTWARE MANUFACTURER'S LICENSE AGREEMENT. NO... technical support* options: Interactive troubleshooting, e-mail technical support, the latest driver downloads and answers to frequently asked questions ( Toll-free live technical support Monday-Saturday (excluding ...
  • MP450 User's Guide - Page 137

    ... Inc., offers a full range of customer technical support* options: For interactive troubleshooting, e-mail technical support, the latest driver downloads and answers to frequently asked questions ( Automated interactive telephone support on most current products 24 hours, 7 days a week (1800-...
  • MP450 Easy Setup Instructions - Page 2

    ...: Select Easy Install in order to install the application software, On-screen Manual and MP drivers. Select Custom Install in order..., including virus checkers, prior to installing the software. On-screen Manual Easy-PhotoPrint MP Drivers ScanSoft OmniPage SE MP... the USB cable until Step 4, "Connect the USB cable." • Before installing the software in Windows XP or Windows 2000, you must log on ...
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