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  • User Guide - Page 2

    Package Contents Before use, make sure the following items are included in the package. If anything is missing, contact your camera dealer. Camera Battery Pack NB‑10L (with terminal cover) Battery Charger CB‑2LC/CB‑2LCE Neck Strap NS-DC11 DIGITAL CAMERA Solution Disk* (CD‑ROM) Getting Started * Contains software (=
  • User Guide - Page 6

    Table of Contents Package Contents...2 Compatible Memory Cards...2 Preliminary Notes and Legal Information...3 Organization of ...Shooting Modes...93 Basic Guide...15 Initial Preparations...16 Trying the Camera Out...24 Included Software, Manuals...30 Accessories...38 Auto Clip Recording (Movie......141 Flash...154 Shooting RAW Images...159 Other Settings...160 5 Tv, Av, M, C1, and C2 Mode...161...
  • User Guide - Page 30

    Included Software, Manuals The software and the manuals on the included disks (=
  • User Guide - Page 31

    Included Software, Manuals System Requirements The included software can be used on the following computers. Windows Operating System Computer Windows 7 SP1 Windows Vista SP2 Windows XP SP3 Macintosh Mac OS X 10.6 - 10.7 Computers running one of the above operating systems (preinstalled), with an included USB port and Internet connection* Still images 1.6
  • User Guide - Page 32

    Included Software, Manuals Installing the Software Windows 7 and Mac OS X 10.6 are used here for the sake of illustration. Using the software auto update function, you can update to the latest version and download new functions via the Internet (some software excluded), so be sure to install the software on a computer with an Internet connection. What you will need: zz ...
  • User Guide - Page 33

    Included Software, Manuals 3 When a message is displayed prompting you to connect the camera, connect it to a computer. zz With the camera turned off, open the cover ( ). With the smaller plug of the USB cable in the orientation ... fully into the camera terminal ( ). zz Insert the larger plug of the USB cable in the computer's USB port. For details about USB connections on ...
  • User Guide - Page 34

    ... Manuals 4 Install the files. zz Turn the camera on, and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process. XX The software will connect to the Internet to update to the latest version and download new functions. Installation may take some time, depending on computer performance and the Internet connection...
  • User Guide - Page 35

    Included Software, Manuals Saving Images to a Computer Windows 7 and Mac OS X 10.6 are used here for the sake of illustration. 1 Connect the camera to the computer. zz Follow step 3 on =
  • User Guide - Page 36

    Included Software, Manuals CameraWindow 3 Save the images to the computer. zz Click [Import Images from Camera], and folder on the computer, in separate folders named by date. zz After images are saved, close CameraWindow, press the button to turn the camera off, and unplug the cable. zz For instructions on viewing images on a computer, refer to the Software Guide 30). (=
  • User Guide - Page 37

    Included Software, Manuals • In Windows 7, if the screen in step 2 is not displayed, click the [ ] icon in the taskbar. • To start CameraWindow in Windows Vista or XP, click [Downloads Images From Canon Camera using Canon CameraWindow] on the screen displayed when you turn the camera on in step 2. If CameraWindow is not...
  • User Guide - Page 38

    ...terminal cover) Battery Charger CB‑2LC/CB‑2LCE*1 DIGITAL CAMERA Solution Disk Neck Strap NS‑DC11 Memory Card Power Card Reader Windows/ Macintosh Computer USB Cable (camera end: Mini-B)*2 Cables AC Adapter Kit ACK‑DC80 HDMI Cable HTC‑100 TV/Video System Stereo AV Cable...
  • User Guide - Page 76

    Using Face ID You can overwrite existing face information with new face info. You should update face information regularly, especially with babies and children, as their faces change quickly as they grow. You can also add face information when all 5 face info slots have not been filled. Overwriting and Adding Face Information 1 Access the [Add Face Info] screen. zz On the screen in step 1 on =...
  • User Guide - Page 86

    ... [Custom Display]. Add a [ ] to [ ] or [ ] to choose the electronic level. • The electronic level is not displayed during movie recording. • If you hold the camera vertically, the orientation of the electronic level will be updated automatically to match the camera orientation. • Calibrate the electronic level if it seems ineffective in helping you level the 228). camera (=
  • User Guide - Page 118

    Special Modes for Other Purposes Still Images Shooting Stitch Assist Images Shoot a large subject by taking multiple shots at various positions, and then use the included software (=
  • User Guide - Page 120

    Shooting Various Movies Movies Shooting iFrame Movies Shoot movies that can be edited with iFrame-compatible software or devices. You can quickly edit, save, and manage iFrame movies using the included software (=
  • User Guide - Page 203

    ...• Favorite images will have a three-star rating ( ) when transferred to computers running Windows 7 or Windows Vista. (Does not apply to movies or RAW images.) Still Images Movies Organizing Images by...] mode. : Images shot in [S], [P], or [t] mode. Choosing a Selection Method 1 Access the setting screen. zz Press the button, and then choose [My Category]...
  • User Guide - Page 219

    ...Camera Functions Customizing Sounds Customize camera operating sounds as follows. zz Choose [Sound Options], and then press the button. zz Choose an item, and then press the 1, 2 3 Preset sounds (cannot be modified) buttons to choose an option. Preset sounds Can be changed by using the included software. • The default shutter sound is used in [ changes to [Shutter Sound]. ] mode (=
  • User Guide - Page 222

    ...-up image 1, 2 3 Preset image (cannot be modified) Preset image Assign a desired shot, or use the included software to change the image. Customizing the Start-up Screen 1 Access the [Start-up Image] screen in Playback mode. ...] (either press the buttons or turn the dial), and then press the button. • The previous start-up setting is overwritten when you assign a new start-up image. 222
  • User Guide - Page 223

    Adjusting Basic Camera Functions • You can assign the operating sounds and start-up image for your camera 30) for details. from the included software. Refer to the Software Guide (=
  • User Guide - Page 230

    Adjusting Basic Camera Functions • To check the information entered, choose [Display Copyright Info] on the screen in step 1, and then press the button. 30) to enter, change, and • You can also use the included software (=
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