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Download the free PDF manual for D-Link DAP-1320 and other D-Link manuals at ManualOwl.com

  • Datasheet - Page 2

    DAP-1320 Wireless Range Extender Extend your network to cover hard-to-reach areas of your ...dead zones Before Package Contents • Wireless Range Extender (DAP-1320) • Quick Install Guide4 • Wi-... • 24/7 Basic Installation Support2 • 1-Year Limited Warranty3 After DAP-1320 Wireless Range Extender Extended Range Existing wireless network Extended wireless network...
  • Datasheet - Page 3

    DAP-1320 Wireless Range Extender Technical Specifications LED Indicator Indicates power... throughput based on D-Link 802.11n devices. 1 2 3 4 5 24/7 Basic Installation Support is available... available only in the U.S.A and Canada. Latest software and documentation are available at http://support... trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Updated 9/24/12 Building Networks for People...
  • DAP-1320 User Manual - Page 3

    ...Package Contents...1 System Requirements...2 Wireless Installation Considerations...3 Introduction...4 Features...5 LED...6 Installation...7 Connect your DAP-1320 to your Router...7 Table of Contents Configuration...9 Setup Wizard...9 Web-based......24 Admin...24 System...25 Language Pack...26 Firmware...26 D-Link DAP-1320 User Manual Time...27 Status...28 Device ...
  • DAP-1320 User Manual - Page 4

    Section 1 - Product Overview Product PackageOverview Contents Wireless Range Extender (DAP-1320) Wi-Fi Configuration Note Quick Install Guide If any of the above items are missing, please contact your reseller. D-Link DAP-1320 User Manual 1
  • DAP-1320 User Manual - Page 5

    ... Web-based Configuration • Safari 4 or higher Utility Requirements • Firefox • Chrome Windows® Users: Make sure you have the latest version of Java installed. Visit www.java.com to download the latest version. D-Link DAP-1320 User Manual 2
  • DAP-1320 User Manual - Page 6

    Section 2 - Installation Wireless Installation Considerations The D-Link wireless device lets you access your network using a wireless connection from virtually anywhere within the operating range of your wireless .... Make sure your 2.4GHz phone base is as far away from your wireless devices as possible. The base transmits a signal even if the phone in not in use. D-Link DAP-1320 User Manual 3
  • DAP-1320 User Manual - Page 10

    Section 2 - Installation Connect your DAP-1320 to your Router The easiest and most secure way to connect your DAP-... verify if the power LED has turned from red to a blinking amber. DAP-1320 Installation Step 2 - Press the WPS button on your AP/Router. Note: Usually the WPS LED ... to finish. Once the connection is successful the LED will be solid green. WPS Button D-Link DAP-1320 User Manual 7
  • DAP-1320 User Manual - Page 11

    Section 2 - Installation Step 4 - Your AP/Router and DAP-1320 will be connected when the LED ..., try moving your DAP-1320 closer to your wireless router/access point... 5 - To connect your wireless clients to the DAP-1320, use the Wi-Fi Network SSID... to connect to the DAP-1320, you must use the same Wi-Fi Network Name... password refer to the configuration section page on 18. D-Link DAP-1320 User Manual...
  • DAP-1320 User Manual - Page 26

    ...Configure WPA/WPA2 Personal It is recommended to enable wireless security on your DAP-1320 before your wireless ... entering http://dlinkap.local. Click Setup and then click Wireless Settings on the left side. 2.... 8-63 characters and is case-sensitive. 4. Click Save Settings at the top of the window to save your settings.... same Wi-Fi password as you did on the DAP-1320. D-Link DAP-1320 User Manual 23
  • DAP-1320 User Manual - Page 29

    Section 3 - Configuration Firmware You can upgrade the firmware of the DAP-1320 here. Make sure the firmware you want to ... on Check Now to find out if there is an updated Upgrade: firmware; if so, download the new firmware to your computer. Browse: After you have ... to locate the language pack file on your computer. Click Upload to complete the language pack upgrade. D-Link DAP-1320 User Manual 26
  • DAP-1320 User Manual - Page 30

    ...values in these fields for the Year, Month, Day, Hour, Minute, and Second and then click Save Settings. You can also click the Copy Your Computer's Time Settings button at the bottom of the screen to use your computer's settings. D-Link DAP-1320 User Manual 27
  • DAP-1320 User Manual - Page 31

    ... Info This page displays the current information for the DAP-1320. It will display the Wi-Fi network and Extended Wi-Fi Network ... the access point's time and firmware version. Wi-Fi Network: Displays the MAC address and the private (.... Extended Wi-Fi Displays the wireless MAC address and your wireless settings Network: such as SSID, Channel, and IP Settings. Status D-Link DAP-1320 User Manual 28
  • DAP-1320 User Manual - Page 35

    Section 4 - Connecting to a Wireless Network From Client to DAP-1320 The easiest and most secure way to connect your ... will have a WPS button (or a software utility with WPS) that you can press to connect to the DAP-1320. Please refer to your user manual for the wireless device you want to ... to connect. Once the connection is successful the LED will be solid green. D-Link DAP-1320 User Manual 32
  • DAP-1320 User Manual - Page 42

    ... instructions for setting this up depends on whether you are using Windows Vista® to configure the router or third party software. When you first set up the router, Wi-Fi protection is disabled and unconfigured. To... set up Wi-Fi Protection, carefully follow the directions. When you are finished, proceed to the next section to set up the newly-configured router. D-Link DAP-1320 User Manual 39
  • DAP-1320 User Manual - Page 46

    ... port on the device if possible. If the computer is turned off, the link light may not be on. • Disable any Internet security software running on the computer. Software firewalls such as Zone Alarm, Black... may block access to the configuration pages. Check the help files included with your firewall software for more information on disabling or configuring it. D-Link DAP-1320 User Manual 43
  • DAP-1320 User Manual - Page 52

    Appendix B - Networking Basics Networking Basics Check your IP address After you install your new D-Link adapter, by default, the TCP/IP settings should be set to obtain ... the address is, check your adapter installation, security settings, and the settings on your router. Some firewall software programs may block a DHCP request on newly installed adapters. D-Link DAP-1320 User Manual 49
  • DAP-1320 User Manual - Page 55

    ...; Serial Number (s/n number located on the label on the bottom of the router). You can find software updates and user documentation on the D-Link website as well as frequently asked questions and answers to technical issues. For customers ... within Canada: Phone Support: (800) 361-5265 Internet Support: http://support.dlink.ca D-Link DAP-1320 User Manual 52
  • DAP-1320 User Manual - Page 57

    ...period of ninety (90) days ("Software Warranty Period"), provided that the Software is properly installed on approved hardware and operated as contemplated in its documentation. D-Link further warrants that, during the Software ... by completing the RMA form and entering the assigned Case ID Number at https:// rma.dlink.com/. D-Link DAP-1320 User Manual 54
  • DAP-1320 User Manual - Page 59

    ... of God, failures due to power surge, and cosmetic damage; Any hardware, software, firmware or other products or services provided by anyone other than D-Link; and Products that have been purchased from inventory clearance ... RISK AS TO THE QUALITY, SELECTION AND PERFORMANCE OF THE PRODUCT IS WITH THE PURCHASER OF THE PRODUCT. D-Link DAP-1320 User Manual 56
  • DAP-1320 User Manual - Page 61

    ... for an uncontrolled environment. This equipment should be installed and operated with minimum distance 20cm between the radiator & your body.to match the intended destination. The firmware setting is not accessible by the end user. D-Link DAP-1320 User Manual 58
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