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  • Product Manual - Page 16

    ...Engine Packet Flow, page 23 1.1. Features D-Link NetDefendOS is the base software engine that drives and controls the range of NetDefend Firewall hardware products....of standard operating systems such as Unix or Microsoft Windows, NetDefendOS offers seamless integration of all its... detailed firewalling policies based on source/destination network/interface, protocol, ports, user credentials, ...
  • Product Manual - Page 30

    ...This allows the administrator to perform remote management from anywhere on a private network or the public Internet using a standard computer without having to install client software. Assignment of a Default IP Address For a new D-Link NetDefend firewall with factory defaults, a default internal IP address is assigned ...
  • Product Manual - Page 31

    ...the option to select a language other than English for the interface. Language support is provided by a set of separate resource files. These files can be downloaded from the D-Link website. It may occasionally be the case that a NetDefendOS upgrade can contain features that temporarily lack a complete non-english translation ...
  • Product Manual - Page 32

    ... Make a backup of the configuration to your local computer or restore a previously downloaded backup. Reset - Restart the firewall or reset to factory default. Upgrade - Upgrade the firewall's firmware. Technical support - This option provides the option to download a file from the firewall which can be studied locally or sent to a technical ...
  • Product Manual - Page 37

    ... to emulate a terminal (such as using the Hyper Terminal software included in some Microsoft Windows™ editions). The serial console port uses the following default settings: 9600 bps, No parity, 8 data bits and 1 stop ...your system hardware. Connect the other end of the cable to the terminal or the serial connector of the computer running the communications software. 37
  • Product Manual - Page 44

    ... the required script file. This script file can then be downloaded to the local management workstation and then uploaded to and... add add add add IP4Address IP4Address IP4Address IP4Address If1_ip Address= If1_net Address=10.6.... Address= If1_dns1 Address= " " " The file new_script_sgs can then be downloaded with SCP to the local management workstation and then uploaded ...
  • Product Manual - Page 45

    ... of this script nesting is 5. 2.1.6. Secure Copy To upload and download files to or from the NetDefend Firewall, the secure copy (SCP) ... for the file transfer. Upload is performed with the command: > scp Download is done with the command: > scp The source or destination NetDefend Firewall ... possible Yes (also with WebUI) Yes (also with WebUI) Download possible Yes (also with WebUI) Yes (also ...
  • Product Manual - Page 46

    ...Copy Chapter 2. Management and Maintenance File type Firmware upgrades Certificates SSH public keys Web ...Upload possible Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Download possible No No No Yes Yes ...client key object type. Examples of Uploading and Downloading In some cases, a file is located in the NetDefendOS root....scp config.bak [email protected]: To download a configuration backup to the current local directory, ...
  • Product Manual - Page 47

    ... file called my_scripts.sgs stored on the NetDefend Firewall then the download command would be: > scp [email protected]:... activate have been issued and this must be followed by commit to make the change permanent. Uploads of firmware upgrades (packaged in .upg files) or a full system backup ... The Console Boot Menu The NetDefendOS loader is the base software on top of which NetDefendOS runs and the ...
  • Product Manual - Page 73

    ... not change. A system backup which is a complete backup of both the configuration and the installed NetDefendOS software. This is useful if both the configuration is to be changed and the NetDefendOS version upgraded. Backup files can be created both by downloading the files directly from the NetDefend Firewall using SCP (Secure Copy) ...
  • Product Manual - Page 129

    ... left the company. Whatever the reason, server CRLs can be updated to change the validity of one or many certificates. Certificates often ... (CDP) field, which specifies the location from where the CRL can be downloaded. In some cases, certificates do not contain this .... In those cases the location of the CRL has to be configured manually. A CA usually updates its CRL at a given interval. The length ...
  • Product Manual - Page 131

    ... steps for the above stages are as follows: 1. 2. Create the gateway certificate on the Windows CA server and export it to a .pfx file on the local .... 3. Create two blank text files with a text editor, such as Windows Notepad. Give the files the same filename but use the extension ... might be the names. Start a text editor and open the downloaded .pem file and locate the line that begins: -----BEGIN ...
  • Product Manual - Page 132

    ...time is important for NetDefendOS to operate properly. Time scheduled policies, auto-update of the IDP and Anti-Virus databases, and other product features such as... Current Date and Time The administrator can set the date and time manually and this is recommended when a new NetDefendOS installation is started for the first time. Example 3.20. Setting the Current Date and Time To adjust the current...
  • Product Manual - Page 253

    ... Network: all-nets Check Use Interface Address Click OK Setting Up FTP Servers with Passive Mode ... the data transfer connection. This IP address is normally manually specified by the administrator in the FTP server software and the natural ... layered onto UDP. TFTP is widely used in enterprise environments for updating software and backing up configurations on network devices. TFTP is recognized as...
  • Product Manual - Page 309

    ...designed to be a complement to the standard antivirus scanning normally carried out locally by specialized software installed on client computers. IDP is not intended as a complete substitute for local scanning but rather as an ...on all NetDefend models Anti-Virus scanning is available only on the D-Link NetDefend DFL-260, 860, 1660, 2560 and 2560G. 6.4.2. Implementation...
  • Product Manual - Page 313

    ... completed, the newly active unit also downloads the files for the update and performs a reconfiguration. This second ... infected hosts and servers on a local network. While the virus scanning firewall takes care of... has been detected. For example: A local client downloads an infected file from a remote FTP server ...(ALG) Object with Anti-Virus scanning enabled: gw-world:/> set ALG ALG_HTTP anti_virus ...
  • Product Manual - Page 316

    ... component to the base NetDefendOS license. It is a subscription service and subscribing means that the IDP signature database can be downloaded to a NetDefendOS installation and also that the database is regularly updated with the latest intrusion threats. Figure 6.9. IDP Database Updating 316
  • Product Manual - Page 317

    ... IDP Rules Chapter 6. Security Mechanisms A new, updated signature database is downloaded automatically by NetDefendOS system at a... of events will be as follows: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. The active unit determines there is a new update and downloads the required files for ...is completed, the newly active unit also downloads the files for the update and performs a reconfiguration. This second reconfiguration ...
  • Product Manual - Page 422

    ... consulting the rule set. Default: Enabled IKE CRL Validity Time A CRL contains a "next update" field that dictates the time and date when a new CRL will be available for download from the CA. The time between CRL updates can be anything from a ... is considered valid. A new CRL is downloaded when IKECRLVailityTime expires or when the "next update" time occurs. Whichever happens first....
  • Product Manual - Page 493

    ...Chapter 11. High Availability 11.5. Upgrading an HA Cluster The NetDefendOS software versions running on the master and slave in an HA cluster should ... new NetDefendOS version becomes available and is to be installed on both units, the upgrade is done one unit at ...fully operational and synchronized with the active unit after the software upgrade completes. To do this, issue the CLI ha ...
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