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  • Product Manual - Page 2

    ......3 Hardware.Overview...4 Front.Panel...4 Rear.Panel.(Connections)...5 Getting Started ...6 ShareCenter.Software.CD...6 Installation ...7 Setup Wizard ...7 Install.the.Hard.Drives...8 Power.and...Device.Selection...10 Admin.password...11 Network.Setup...12 Dynamic.DNS...13 DDNS.Account.and.System....62 FTP.Server...62 UPnP.AV.Server...63 D-Link ShareCenter DNS-320 User Manual i
  • Product Manual - Page 3

    ...Date...68 Device...69 System.Settings...70 Power.Management...72 Notifications...74 Logs...78 Firmware.Upgrade...79 . Status...80 System.Info...80 Hard.......84 Local.Backups...89 Local.Backups.-.Time.Machine...90 P2P.Downloads.-.Settings...91 P2P.Downloads.-.Downloads...92 ...96 Remove.an.Icon.from.My.Favorites...97 D-Link ShareCenter DNS-320 User Manual Knowledge Base ...98 What....
  • Product Manual - Page 5

    ... 1 - Product Overview Package Contents •. D-Link.ShareCenter®.DNS-320 •. CD-ROM.with.Manual.and.Software. •. Quick.Installation.Guide •. Power.Adapter •. Power....®.XP.(with.Service.Pack.2.or.higher),.Vista®.or.Windows®.7.. •. 3.5".SATA.Hard.Drive(s). D-Link ShareCenter DNS-320 User Manual 2
  • Product Manual - Page 6

    Section 1 - Product Overview Features The.DNS-320.is.an.easy.to.install.data.storage.platform.used.for.remote.access... •. Quotas.For.Users.and.Groups D-Link ShareCenter DNS-320 User Manual •. Supports.ISO.mount....WAN. •. iTunes. Software. will. be. able. to. automatically. find. and. play. music.directly.from.the.DNS-320 •. D-Link.Storage.Utility •. Configurable.by.Web....
  • Product Manual - Page 22

    Section 3 - Installation The.final.window.of.the.installation.wizard.shows.successful.completion.. Your. device. is. now. installed. and. ready. for. use..Your. drives. are. network. mapped.from.using.the.wizard.so.you.will.be.able.to.access.them.under. you.My Computer.icon.. D-Link ShareCenter DNS-320 User Manual 19
  • Product Manual - Page 82

    ....provides.a.link.to.check. for.new.firmware.on.the.D-Link.support.website..If.a.new.firmware.is.available,.download.the.file.to.your.local.computer. Current Firmware Displays. the. current. firmware. version. on. your. .... to. select. the. new. firmware. file. on. your. local. computer. and. then. click. Apply. to. begin. the. firmware.upgrade.process. D-Link ShareCenter DNS-320 User Manual 79
  • Product Manual - Page 95

    ....file.you.have.downloaded. onto.your.PC. P2P Downloads list: This.window.will.display.all.the.running.tasks. Remove Completed: ...configure. a.scheduling.rule.for.the.select.P2P.downloading. task. Navigation: At.the.bottom.of.the.P2P.Task.window.there.are. a.couple.of.navigation.controls.....to.refresh.the.P2P.task.list.to.display. the.most.updated.statistics. D-Link ShareCenter DNS-320 User Manual 92
  • Product Manual - Page 96

    ....time.by.holding.the.CTRL.key.and.clicking. on.the.files.you.want.to.download. Refresh: Click.the.Refresh.button.to.update.the.folder.and.file. view.of.the.Web.File.Server. Download: Downloads.the.selected.file.to.your.computer...you.will.need.to.forward.HTTP.port.80.across.your.router.for.access.over.the.Internet.. D-Link ShareCenter DNS-320 User Manual 93
  • Product Manual - Page 107

    Section 5 - Knowledge Base Connect. to. your. device. with. Samba. and.then.double-click.the.lp.icon. The.Windows®.Add.Printer.Wizard.will.launch: Select. the. printer. driver. from. the. installed. Manufacturer.list.or.use.the.Have Disk.button.to. browse.for.the.printer.driver.file. Click.OK.to.continue. D-Link ShareCenter DNS-320 User Manual 104
  • Product Manual - Page 109

    ...!.Widgets.are.free.application.platforms.that.can.be.used.in.Microsoft.Windows.and.Mac.OS.X..The.engine.uses.a.JavaScript.runtime.environment. combined....to.as.widgets,.and.hence.is.part.of.a.class.of.software.applications.called.widget. engines. Step 1: Install. the.Yahoo!.Widget.. Once. the.Yahoo.....Now.you.are.ready.to.use.your.new.D-Link.Yahoo!. Widget! D-Link ShareCenter DNS-320 User Manual 106
  • Product Manual - Page 110

    ....is.mainly.used.for.monitoring.the.activities.taking.place. System: In.the.System.window.information.about.your.Computer,. DNS-320,. IP. Address,. Firmware. Version. and. Current. Operational.Temperature.are.displayed. Hard Drive: ....Application.is.loaded,.you.can.monitor.your. P2P.download.status.here. D-Link ShareCenter DNS-320 User Manual 107
  • Product Manual - Page 115

    .... of.God,.failures.due.to.power.surge,.and.cosmetic.damage;.Any.hardware,.software,.firmware.or.other.products.or.services.provided.by.anyone. other.than.D-Link;.and.Products.that.have.been.purchased.from...,.WITHOUT.LIMITATION,.ANY.WARRANTY.OF.MERCHANTABILITY,.FITNESS.FOR.A.PARTICULAR.PURPOSE.AND.NON-INFRINGEMENT.. D-Link ShareCenter DNS-320 User Manual 112
  • User Manual - Page 2

    ...System Requirements...4 Introduction...5 Features...5 Hardware Overview...7 Front View...7 Rear View (Connections)...8 Basic Installation...9 Hardware Setup...9 Software Setup...11 Easy Search Utility...11 Getting Started...12 Web User Interface... Section...57 Admin Password Page...58 System Page...59 Firmware Upgrade Page...61 E-mail Alerts Page...62 Power Management...
  • User Manual - Page 4

    ... User Manual Product Overview Package Contents D-Link ShareCenter Pulse 2-Bay Network Storage CD-ROM with Manual and Software Quick Installation Guide Power Adapter CAT5 Ethernet Cable Note: Using a power supply ...• Computer with: 1GHz processor / 512 MB RAM / 200 MB available space / CD-ROM drive • Internet Explorer version 7.0 or ...
  • User Manual - Page 5

    D-Link ShareCenter Pulse User Manual Introduction The D-Link ShareCenter Pulse, 2-Bay Network Storage shares your documents, ... you to locate the ShareCenter Pulse on the network and map drives to your computer. Backup software included on the CD allows you to backup your ... RAID 1 • High Performance Gigabit Ethernet Connectivity • Scheduled Downloads from Web or FTP Sites • Full...
  • User Manual - Page 57

    ... setting. Restoring the unit to factory settings will erase all settings, including any rules that you have created. A new firmware update may be available for your ShareCenter Pulse. It ... on your hard drives. In addition, you can set a schedule for your tests and receive email notifications. System: Firmware Upgrade: E-mail Alerts: Power Management: RAID: Dynamic DNS: Disk Diagnostic: Page 57
  • User Manual - Page 61

    D-Link ShareCenter Pulse User Manual Firmware Upgrade Page The Firmware Upgrade Page makes it simple to check for new firmware ... device. This section provides a link to check for new firmware on the D-Link support website. If a new firmware is available, download the file to your local computer. Firmware Version: Firmware Date: Firmware Upgrade: The current firmware version is displayed here. ...
  • User Manual - Page 85

    D-Link ShareCenter Pulse User Manual Downloads Page Here the user can configure the Peer-to-Peer download manager settings. Add torrent from URL: Add torrent from... torrent file you have downloaded onto your PC. This allows you to load the torrent file from your... a scheduling rule for the select P2P downloading task. At the bottom of the P2P Task window there are a couple of navigation...
  • User Manual - Page 95

    ... an XML interpreter to run small applications referred to as widgets, and hence is part of a class of software applications called widget engines. Step 1: Install the Yahoo! Widget downloaded. Once the Yahoo! Widget is installed a D-Link icon will appear in your Widget Dock. Once you hover with your mouse over the D-Link Widget ...
  • User Manual - Page 96

    ...the activities taking place on your ShareCenter Pulse. System: In the System window information about your Computer, ShareCenter Pulse, IP Address, Firmware Version and Current Operational Temperature are displayed. Hard ... your ShareCenter Pulse is displayed. Dwonload: When the P2P Application is loaded, you can monitor your P2P download status here. Page 96
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