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  • DNS-320L Datasheet - Page 1

    ... Storage 2000 A Complete Home Storage Solution D-Link® ShareCenter 2-Bay Cloud Storage 2000 (DNS-320L) is the perfect home solution to share, stream, manage ..., tablet, and Smartphone without worrying about complicated network settings. Whatever your personal storage goals DNS-320L and needs are the Cloud-supported ShareCenter delivers the versatility, ...
  • DNS-320L Datasheet - Page 2

    DNS-320L ShareCenter® 2-Bay Cloud Storage 2000 Share • Share documents, files and digital media with everyone on your network ...; Set file and folder permissions for specific users and groups Package Contents • ShareCenter® Cloud Storage 2000 (DNS-320L) • Ethernet Cable • Power Adapter • Hard Drive Mounting Kit • Quick Install Guide • CD-...
  • DNS-320L Datasheet - Page 3

    ...8226; Remotely stream and upload/download media with your Smartphone and tablet • No special network configurations required •... PC Backup, Local Backup, Apple Time Machine Backup, USB Backup, Remote Backup, and Cloud Backup (via Amazon ... Smartphones Internet Remote Cloud Access Wireless Computer Router Modem Wired Computer ShareCenter 2-Bay Cloud Storage 2000 DNS-320L Printer
  • DNS-320L Datasheet - Page 4

    DNS-320L ShareCenter® 2-Bay Cloud Storage 2000 Technical Specifications Standards... 4 or higher • Setup Wizard (Win / Mac) • D-Link Storage Utility (Win... through USB port Weight • 0.25 lbs (113.4 grams) Download Management... (my Files) FTP server WebDAV Mobile device access (mydlink Access - NAS... tested to work with the DNS-320L, visit http://support.dlink.com. 2D-Link is not...
  • DNS-320L Manual - Page 3

    ... Settings...160 Power Management...161 ...163 Notifications. Email Settings...163 SMS Settings...164 D-Link ShareCenter DNS-320L User Manual Adding an SMS Service Provider...165 Event Settings...166 Logs...167 Firmware Upgrade...168 USB Devices...169 UPS Settings...169 USB Storage Information...169 Printer Information...170 System Status...
  • DNS-320L Manual - Page 5

    ... Overview Product Overview SAFELY SHARE DIGITAL FILES LOCALLY AND OVER THE INTERNET The D-Link DNS-320L 2-Bay Network Storage, when used with internal SATA drives1, enables you ... have access to age appropriate material. The DNS-320L will be accessable from any computer (PC, MAC, or Linux) on your network, without the need to install any software on the computer. ...
  • DNS-320L Manual - Page 6

    ...• Mac OS® X 10.5.6 or greater • 3.5" SATA Hard Drive(s) Package Contents • D-Link ShareCenter™ DNS-320L • CD-ROM with Manual and Software • Quick Installation Guide • Power Cord and Adapter • CAT5 Ethernet Cable • Hard Drive Mounting Kit (2...
  • DNS-320L Manual - Page 7

    ...Dynamic DNS • Bonjour • UPnP Port Forwarding • IPv6* • Network File Services • Supports Windows XP/ Vista/ 7, Mac OSX 10.5+, Linux clients • ...• File System • EXT4 for internal HDD • FAT32, NTFS for USB external Storage D-Link ShareCenter DNS-320L User Manual • File System Management • Unicode Support for both Samba and FTP server &#...
  • DNS-320L Manual - Page 8

    ...NAS • Email/ SMS notifications - List, download, upload, rename or delete files from a NAS • Network Recycle bin - Play music, ...USB port support: - Users can list, download, upload or delete files/folders from • External Storage device • Print server a... Snapshot) - Share photos through social networks (Google+ & Cooliris) - Slideshows D-Link ShareCenter DNS-320L User Manual 4
  • DNS-320L Manual - Page 20

    ... Setup Wizard, insert the ShareCenter CD into your CD-ROM drive. Step 1 - When the autorun screen appears, click Install Installation Note: Windows Firewall presents you with a warning message to unblock the device. Click ... NAS. Step 2 - Select the Language of your choice and then click the Start button. D-Link ShareCenter DNS-320L User Manual 16
  • DNS-320L Manual - Page 27

    Section 3 - Installation Device Information and Dynamic DNS Step 13 - If you want your ShareCenter to be part of a Windows Workgroup network, enter the workgroup name, a name for the device, and a description. The name you entered ... the No radio button and proceed to step 15 to obtain a new DDNS account. Click Next to continue. D-Link ShareCenter DNS-320L User Manual 23
  • DNS-320L Manual - Page 28

    Section 3 - Installation Dynamic DNS Account Setup Step 15 - Enter the DDNS parameters requested in this window so that your ShareCenter can be accessed by a URL over the Internet. Click Next to... how to obtain a free DDNS account. Click No skips the DDNS account setup wizard and transfers you back to the ShareCenter Setup Wizard. D-Link ShareCenter DNS-320L User Manual 24
  • DNS-320L Manual - Page 40

    Section 3 - Installation Mapping a Drive Map a drive to your ShareCenter using Windows® 7 to access it through Windows® Explorer. Step 1 - Click Start, then Computer (the name of your computer). On the right-side ... shows some details on selecting a network drive. Click Browse to find your network. D-Link ShareCenter DNS-320L User Manual 36
  • DNS-320L Manual - Page 41

    Section 3 - Installation Step 3 - Windows will automatically detect all devices on your network including your ShareCenter. Step 4 - Click on your ShareCenter to see the volumes you created earlier. Then select the volume that you wish to access and click OK. D-Link ShareCenter DNS-320L User Manual 37
  • DNS-320L Manual - Page 42

    Section 3 - Installation Step 5 - After selecting your volume, click Finish to proceed. Step 6 - The drive will then appear in your Windows® Explorer under Network. This means the drive is active and ready for use. D-Link ShareCenter DNS-320L User Manual 38
  • DNS-320L Manual - Page 43

    ... settings. Also allows you to control power, notifications, view logs, do firmware upgrades, and manage USB devices. Displays system and hard drive ... local backups, Time Machine© settings, and USB backups Configure your P2P downloads and control your download...modify, and delete your Amazon S3© settings Configuration D-Link ShareCenter DNS-320L User Manual 39
  • DNS-320L Manual - Page 172

    ... a link to check for new firmware on the D-Link support website. If new firmware is available, download the file to your local computer. Current Firmware Displays the current firmware version on your Version: ShareCenter&#..., click Browse to select the new firmware file on your local computer and then click Apply to begin the firmware upgrade process. D-Link ShareCenter DNS-320L User Manual 168
  • DNS-320L Manual - Page 226

    ...can copy and paste a link to a torrent file hosted on the internet. The P2P download manager will add the ...a torrent file you have downloaded onto your PC. This window will display all the running tasks.... stop selected P2P downloads in the task list. At the bottom of the P2P Task window there are a couple of ..., Down,Bottom: Navigation: Delete: Refresh: D-Link ShareCenter DNS-320L User Manual 222
  • DNS-320L Manual - Page 227

    ... save or open the file as needed. Left click the Refresh button to update the folder and file view of My Files. Downloads the file to your computer. Copies the file to the clipboard and opens a...access rights, and modify time. 223 Upload: Download: Refresh: Download: Copy: Move: Delete: Rename: Properties: D-Link ShareCenter DNS-320L User Manual
  • DNS-320L Manual - Page 257

    Section 5 - Knowledge Base Connect to your device with Samba and then double-click the lp icon. The Windows® Add Printer Wizard will launch: Select the printer driver from the installed Manufacturer list or use the Have Disk button to browse for the printer driver file. Click OK to continue. D-Link ShareCenter DNS-320L User Manual 253
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