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    ... To set up WLAN 104 Checking Your Wireless Network Card 105 Setting Up a Wired Internet Connection 105 Setting Up... 112 Getting Help on Computrace 112 My Dell Downloads 113 My Dell Support Center 113 Downloading or Upgrading Dell Support Center 113 PC Checkup Utilities 114 Solution Station 114 Solution Station Offerings 115 Dell QuickSet 116 Installation 116 NVIDIA 3DTV Play 116 3D ...
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    ...Double-click the Intel Wireless Display icon on the desktop. The Intel Wireless Display window appears. 2. Select Connect to Existing Adapter. NOTE: You can download and install the latest driver for Intel Wireless Display Connection Manager from NOTE: For more information on wireless display, see the ...
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    ... problems with your computer sound, see the knowledge base article 266424 at Setting Up ... and also add one or more computers to your printer. Adding a Printer 1. In Windows 7, click Start &#... Wizard. NOTE: You may be prompted to install the printer driver while adding your printer. Insert the printer driver media that shipped with your printer into the optical drive and follow ...
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    ...: Webcam integrated on laptop display or external display purchased with your computer Drivers and software are installed when you receive your computer. ...adapter for specific instructions. 1. Install the software that shipped with your USB wireless adapter: a. Insert the optical disc into the optical drive of your computer. b. If the installation does not begin automatically, ...
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    ...A router has multiple ports, each supporting one computer or one peripheral such as a printer. Install any software required for your router. Your router may have been shipped ... media, which usually contains installation and troubleshooting information. Install the required software according to the instructions provided by the router manufacturer. • Network cables - Use either CAT 5 or CAT ...
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    ... setting in future. This is to prevent from somebody else enabling or disabling this option. NOTE: You will need to install the Computrace software in Windows for the software to protect your computer. Getting Help on Computrace Dell provides help on Computrace through Absolute Software. You may contact them for issues...
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    My Dell Downloads My Dell Downloads is a software repository that allows you to download and install software that was pre-installed on your ... NOTE: It is recommended to download the software from the Internet when prompted during the installation of My Dell Support Center. ... to launch My Dell Support Center. The My Dell Support Center control panel displays your ...
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    ... help improve your system performance. For more information about My Dell Support Center and to download and install the available support tools, see ... providing Computer Configuration and Maintenance, Networking Set Up and Support, Home Entertainment Installation. You can choose ... and problem troubleshooting, virus and spyware removal, wireless network setup, and more. You can also 114 ...
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    ...controls • Battery information • Icon resizing • Wireless enable/disable Installation Dell QuickSet Utilities come pre-installed on a new ... restored using the PC Restore utility or similar application. If neither of these are an option, you can download the software from NVIDIA 3DTV Play The NVIDIA 3DTV Play application installed on your computer allows you ...
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    ...provided by support agent. 7. Enter the code provided by the Dell representative in the field provided and click Go. 8. Download and install the DellConnect applet to run the screen sharing application. 9. After installing .... 10. If DellConnect detects any proxy or firewall settings, you may be prompted to enter your windows user name and password. NOTE: You can...
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    ...Backup and Recovery Dell Backup and Recovery - Windows 8 CAUTION: Using Dell Backup and Recovery permanently removes any programs or drivers installed after you received your computer. Prepare backup media of applications you need to install on your computer before using Dell Backup and Recovery. CAUTION: Although Dell Backup and Recovery is ...
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    Dell Backup and Recovery Professional - Windows 8 NOTE: Dell Backup and Recovery Professional may be installed on your computer, if you ordered it at the time of purchase. Task To upgrade to Dell Backup and Recovery Professional To launch full system backup Procedure 1. Launch Dell Backup and Recovery. 2. Click UPGRADE NOW! 1. Launch Dell Backup and ...
  • Me and My Dell - Page 127 documents, photos, e-mails, and so on. Every time you install a software or device driver, your computer updates Windows system files to support the new software or device. Sometimes, this... errors. System Restore helps you restore the Windows system files to the state prior to the installation of the software or device driver. System restore creates and saves restore ...
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    ...System disc to install or reinstall the operating system on your computer. The installation process may take some time to complete. After you install the operating system, you must also reinstall the device drivers, virus protection software, and other software. Reinstalling wait until you see the Microsoft Windows desktop; then, shut down your computer and try again 3. Select ...
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    ... of the screen, and then click Search charm. Type Help and Support in the search box and press . -- Windows 7 Click Start → Help and Support. 2. Download and install the latest video drivers from 3. Run the display built-in self test: a. Turn off your computer. b. Press and hold the...
  • Me and My Dell - Page 150

    ... is available or when replacing the system board. To flash the BIOS: 1. Turn on the computer. 2. Go to 3. Locate the BIOS update file for your computer. NOTE: Locate the Service Tag of your computer. ... A list of results appears on the screen. Click BIOS 5. Click Download Now to download the latest BIOS file. 150  Changing the ...
  • Me and My Dell - Page 151

    ... In the Please select your download method below window, click For Single File Download via Browser, and then click Download Now. 7. In the Save As window, select an appropriate location to download the file on your computer. 8. If the Download Complete window appears, click Close. 9. Navigate to the folder where you downloaded the BIOS update file. The file icon ...
  • Me and My Dell - Page 155

    ... countries) • (Canada only) Dell Support website provides access to troubleshooting wizards, user manuals, technical help blogs, download Dell driver and software updates, and so on. You can access Dell Support through the following websites and e-mail addresses: Dell Support Websites •...
  • Owner's Manual - Page 93

    ... is available or after replacing the system board. To flash the BIOS: 1 2 3 Turn on the computer. Go to Locate the BIOS update file for your computer: ... appropriate location to download the file on your computer. If the Download Complete window appears, click Close. Navigate to the folder where you downloaded the BIOS update file. Double-click ...
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