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  • Getting Started Guide - Page 1

    ... the middle that looks like the Xbox logo). In Settings, click Account Management > Windows Live ID. For Zune: Sign in to the Zune software on your computer. Right-click your profile ...any kind of e-mail) account: 1. Touch the arrow Start to go to your Applications list. on DellVenue Pro With Windows Phone 7 Getting Started Guide Back Start/ Search Camera Speech button Touch to go to the...
  • Getting Started Guide - Page 2

    ... versa), you will need the Zune software. 1. Connect your phone to your computer using the cable. 2. Go to windowsphone. com to install the Zune software. 3. Open the Zune software, then follow the instructions to ... from zune, touch marketplace. You can sync content on your computer to your phone using the Zune software. After you sync your music, videos, and ...
  • User's Guide - Page 2

    ... materials in any manner whatsoever without the written permission of Dell Inc. is strictly forbidden. Trademarks used in this text... and the DELL logo are trademarks of Dell Inc. Microsoft®, Windows®, Excel®, Powerpoint®, Windows Live®, Hotmail®, Xbox Live®, ... FCC RF Radiation Exposure Statement: For body worn operation, this phone has been tested and meets FCC RF ...
  • User's Guide - Page 14

    ... charge your phone using a computer, connect the microUSB cable's connector to the phone, and the cable's USB connector to a USB port on the computer. Turning On Your Phone NOTE: ... power and sleep/wake button to turn on your phone. 2 The Windows Phone 7.0 operating system screen appears when the ... the enter button to confirm your input. 14 Setting Up Your DellVenue Pro
  • User's Guide - Page 15

    ... whether to retrieve time zone, date, and time information directly from the Internet server, or to set up time zone, date, and time manually. 3 Download the Microsoft Software Agreement. 4 To connect your phone to Windows Live and use services including Windows Live® Messenger, Hotmail®, Zune®, and Xbox ...
  • User's Guide - Page 18

    ... to display notifications of new text messages, e-mails, upcoming calendar events, missed calls, and latest feed updates on your social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and Windows Live. To open the Start screen Tiles From any phone activities, touch Start . 18 Using Your DellVenue Pro
  • User's Guide - Page 25

    ..., the screen rotates automatically to portrait or landscape view depending on how you hold the phone. Portrait orientation In portrait-mode, the screen is vertically oriented where the ... or while the physical QWERTY keyboard is open. NOTE: Certain applications downloaded from the Internet may not support automatic screen orientation to portrait or landscape. Using Your DellVenue Pro 25
  • User's Guide - Page 30

    ... Applications An application is a piece of software which allows you to perform a specific task. Your phone is preloaded with a variety of applications, and additional ones can be downloaded from the Marketplace. Panoramic Screen Many of the applications on your phone are presented as a panorama, .... It lets you identify the application in use. 30 Using Your DellVenue Pro
  • User's Guide - Page 38

    Communicating With People Using Your DellVenue Pro NOTE: If you have an application tile on your Start Screen,... settings, you require an active WiFi or mobile data network connection (GPRS, EDGE, 3G, ... Touch set up account or add an account. 3 Select the account you want to use for Windows ... becomes the one for that account. 38 Communicating With People Using Your DellVenue Pro
  • User's Guide - Page 39

    ...5 When setting up an Internet e-mail account, flick down to the bottom and touch advanced settings to set how often the account downloads or syncs your email, contacts, and other content. 6 Touch the sign-in button to enable your account using the new settings. Communicating With People Using Your DellVenue Pro 39
  • User's Guide - Page 41

    ... and view the e-mails inside. Touch to sync your e-mail account and download new e-mail to your phone. To read e-mails 1 Touch the e-mail tile for... to open the profile of the contact who has been saved on your phone. You can touch send email and select an email ... matches the text you have entered in the text box. Communicating With People Using Your DellVenue Pro 41
  • User's Guide - Page 49

    ... with them through calls, text messages, e-mails, and Internet social networking websites such as Windows Live, Facebook, and others. To add a new contact manually 1 Touch Start applications →People tile ...number, and touch save to save the number to a new or an existing contact. to Communicating With People Using Your DellVenue Pro 49
  • User's Guide - Page 52

    ...or drag the After you set up an e-mail or social networking account on your phone, your contacts and friends from that account are imported ... feeds from a social networking account After you set up an account such as Windows Live or Facebook, your friends' messages and wall posts appear in time ... your own feeds pop up in your Me tile. 52 Communicating With People Using Your DellVenue Pro
  • User's Guide - Page 61 The number of available browser windows is displayed on the tabs button. • To switch from one browser ...window you want to view. The window is then displayed in full screen. • To close a browser ...; To open a new browser window: a Touch the new button . b To manually add a new web... select save picture to download it to the Pictures application on your phone, or select share to send...
  • User's Guide - Page 67

    Marketplace Use Marketplace to download music and install applications and games on your phone. CAUTION: Applications downloaded from the Internet can be from unknown sources. To protect your phone and personal of the application. 5 On the application details screen, touch the install button to start download and installation. Touch buy if it is a paid application. NOTE:...
  • User's Guide - Page 68

    7 Follow the instructions on the screen to proceed with the installation. To download music from Marketplace The Marketplace downloader allows you to ... Music and Video Using Zune for how to control playback. 5 To download an album, touch the price tag right below the... your purchase for the download. 7 Follow the instructions on the screen to create your Marketplace account using your Windows Live ...
  • User's Guide - Page 69

    ...complete downloading. Games and Xbox LIVE All of the games you downloaded from Marketplace are stored in the Games application. You can also play on...NOTE: Touch Get more games to find games you can download from Marketplace or play on Xbox LIVE. To play on-line games ...Xbox LIVE to play with friends to first set up your Xbox LIVE account with your Windows Live ID. Touch I already have an Xbox LIVE ...
  • User's Guide - Page 76

    ... Bluetooth and Wi-Fi transmitter functions. To check for operating software version and storage spaces 1 Touch Start →applications → Settings. 2 Under system,... steps will restore your phone to the default state and erase all data and downloaded applications stored on it.... about. 3 Touch the reset your phone button. 76 Customizing Your DellVenue Pro
  • User's Guide - Page 81

    ... Zune on your computer. On your computer, go to Click the link to download and install the Zune software onto your computer. 2 Connect your phone to your computer using the USB cable that ships with your phone. 3 From the Zune software, click Collection, and find the music or videos you want to...
  • User's Guide - Page 99

    ... solutions The SIM card is not installed. Install a valid SIM card in your phone. Poor signal. Move to ... 2 Touch → . Your phone is in airplane mode with no wireless connectivity. Settings. 3 Under system, touch ... a building, move closer to a window. 1 Touch Start applications 2 Touch → . Your phone is in airplane mode with no wireless connectivity. Settings. 3 Under system, touch ...
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