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  • Getting Started Guide  - Page 5

    System Features The major hardware and software features of your system include: • One of the following ...512 MB of 533- or 667- (when available) MHz DDR II SDRAM memory, upgradable to a maximum of 4 GB DDR II SDRAM memory by installing 512-MB or 1-GB unbuffered ECC memory modules in the ... that supports up to two cabled SATA hard drives. Two 32-bit, 33-MHz I/O expansion card slots, one x1 lane-...
  • Getting Started Guide  - Page 6

    ... Server 2003, Standard x64 Edition Microsoft Windows® Small Business Server 2003 ... managing your system. Updates are sometimes included with the system to describe changes to the system, software, and/or documentation. NOTE: Always check for updates on and ... documentation describes how to install (if necessary), configure, and use the operating system software. Documentation ...
  • Getting Started Guide  - Page 9

    ... the displayed image is satisfactory. Complete the 0perating System Setup If you purchased a preinstalled operating system, see the operating system documentation that ships with your system. To install an operating system for the first time, see the Quick Installation Guide. Be sure the operating system is installed before installing hardware or software not purchased with the system. Getting ...
  • Hardware Owner's Manual  - Page 4

    3 Installing System Components Recommended Tools . Inside the System ... 39 39 40 41 41 42 42 43 43 44 44 44 45 47 ... . . Installing an Expansion Card . . SAS Controller Expansion Card . Memory . ... Memory Module Upgrade Kits ...Memory Module Installation Guidelines ...Addressing Memory With 4-GB Configurations (Microsoft® Windows® Operating System Only) ...Removing a Memory Module ......
  • Hardware Owner's Manual  - Page 9

    About Your System This section describes the physical, firmware, and software interface features that provide and ensure the essential functioning ...provides information to configure and install these options. Updates are sometimes included with the system to describe changes to the system, software, and/or documentation. NOTE: Always check for updates on and read the updates first ...
  • Hardware Owner's Manual  - Page 13

    ...; Most devices must be connected to a specific connector and device drivers must be installed before the device operates properly. (Device drivers are normally included with your operating system software or with the device itself.) See the documentation that accompanied the device for specific installation and configuration instructions. About Your System...
  • Hardware Owner's Manual  - Page 23 the diskette drive or your hard drive does not have a bootable operating system installed on it. Run the system diagnostics. See "Running the System Diagnostics" on page 97. ...a bootable from a diskette that does not have a operating system. bootable operating system installed on it. You have too many programs open. Close all windows and open the program that you want to use. In some cases, you ...
  • Hardware Owner's Manual  - Page 27

    ...or disable integrated devices Correct discrepancies between the installed hardware and configuration settings Entering the System Setup Program During System ... the following message: = System Setup If your operating system begins to load before you press ,... and suggestions for correcting errors. NOTE: After installing a memory upgrade, it is normal for your system to send a message...
  • Hardware Owner's Manual  - Page 55

    ... on the system and attached peripherals. See the documentation that came with the drive for instructions on installing any software required for drive operation. 13 Press to enter the System Setup program (see "Entering the System Setup ... the drive's controller is enabled. 14 Exit the System Setup program and reboot the system. Installing System Components 55
  • Hardware Owner's Manual  - Page 57

    Figure 3-13. Removing and Installing an Expansion Card 1 2 3 4 5 1 4 release tabs (2) alignment guide 2 5 card retention door filler bracket 3 ... outlet, and turn on the system and attached peripherals. 10 Remove the card's device driver from the operating system. Installing an Expansion Card CAUTION: Only trained service technicians are authorized to remove the system cover and access any of ...
  • Hardware Owner's Manual  - Page 58

    ...outlet, and turn on the system and attached peripherals. 11 Install any device drivers required for the card as described in the documentation for the...the hard-drive activity indicator cable from the card to the AUX_LED connector on the system board (see Figure 6-2 ...are not in numeric order on the system board. When installing memory, take care to install it in the proper slots according ...
  • Hardware Owner's Manual  - Page 59

    Memory Module Upgrade Kits The system is upgradable to 4 GB by installing combinations of 512-MB and 1-GB 533-MHz or 667-MHz...rank memory modules. You can purchase memory upgrade kits from Dell. Memory Module Installation Guidelines If only one memory ...512 MB none 512 MB 1 GB Addressing Memory With 4-GB Configurations (Microsoft® Windows® Operating System Only) Your...
  • Hardware Owner's Manual  - Page 62

    11 Open the system. See "Opening the System" on page 41. 12 Ensure that the installed memory modules are seated properly in their connectors, and ... the System Diagnostics" on page 98. Microprocessor You can upgrade the system processor to take advantage of future options in speed and... sink and shroud assembly away from the fan housing and lift it out. 62 Installing System Components
  • Hardware Owner's Manual  - Page 83

    ...the interface cable. See "Getting Help" on page 107. 6 Turn off the system and the USB device... communicate with network. Action 1 Run the appropriate online diagnostic test. See "Using Dell PowerEdge Diagnostics... NIC, see the documentation for the NIC card. 3 Ensure that the appropriate drivers are installed and the protocols are bound. See the NIC's documentation. 4 Enter the System Setup program...
  • Hardware Owner's Manual  - Page 85

    Fans Processors and heat sinks Optional installed drivers Memory modules 3 Ensure that all cables are properly connected. 4 Close the system. See "Closing the System" on page 41. ... the system seems to operate normally except for the time kept in the System Setup program, the problem may be caused by software rather than by a defective battery. Troubleshooting Your ...
  • Hardware Owner's Manual  - Page 86

    ...voltage selection switch to an improper setting can damage your system. 4 Ensure that the power supply is properly installed by removing and reinstalling it. See "Installing the Power Supply" on page 70. NOTE: After installing a power supply, allow several seconds for the ... System Cooling Problems Problem • Systems management software issues a fan-related error message. Action ...
  • Hardware Owner's Manual  - Page 136

    ... can contain several different forms of memory, such as integrated memory (ROM and RAM) and add-in memory modules... one or more sets of additional drives stores duplicate copies of the data. Mirroring functionality is provided by software. See also ... their own operating systems, integrated hardware, and software that are optimized to serve specific storage needs. NIC - Network interface controller. A...
  • Hardware Owner's Manual  - Page 137

    ... Virtual memory, a method for increasing addressable memory by using the hard drive The Windows 2000 and UNIX 32-bit operating systems ...This service allows users running the Windows operating system to remotely access a network from their system using ...A text file, usually shipped with software or hardware, that contains information supplementing or updating the product's documentation. ...
  • Hardware Owner's Manual  - Page 138

    ... Technology Attachment. A standard interface between the system board and storage devices. SCSI - Small computer system interface. An I/O bus interface with ... operating environment. Among other things, the system.ini file records which video, mouse, and keyboard drivers are installed for Windows. TCP/IP - Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol. termination - Some devices (such as the last ...
  • Hardware Owner's Manual  - Page 139

    ...colors. Video drivers may need to match the video adapter installed in the system. video memory... graphics resolution, you must install the appropriate video drivers and your monitor... includes sections that contain optional settings for Windows application programs that are installed on the hard drive... to file service for network clients. Windows Server 2003 - A set of Microsoft software technologies...
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