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  • Information Update - Page 1

    ...(32-bit) operating system using the Dell™ Systems Build and Update Utility, you will need to manually install driver Intel_3200-Chipset-Software-_A03_R187973.exe (version A03 or later). You can download this driver through the update utility or from Hanging Behavior with Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® 5 ...
  • Information Update - Page 3

    ... Linux® 5 Red Hat Enterprise Linux Red Hat Enterprise Linux (DBS) DBS DBS 5 5.1 Microsoft® Windows Server® 2008 (32 Dell™ Systems Build and Update Utility Server 2008 32 Chipset-Software-_A03_R187973.exe A03 2008 月 年 11 信息更新 12953 Rev. ...
  • Information Update - Page 9

    DBS Update Utility Dell™ Systems Build and Update Utility Windows Server 2008 32 Intel_3200-Chipset-Software-_A03_R187973.exe 2008 月 年 11 Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® 5 Switching: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Red Hat Enterprise Linux Microsoft® Windows Server® ...
  • Information Update - Page 11

    Microsoft® Windows Server® 2008 (32 Dell™ Systems Build and Update Utility Windows Server 2008(32 Intel_3200-ChipsetSoftware-_A03_R187973.exe(버전 A03 Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® 5 Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 또는 5.1 System Setup DBS(Demand Based Switching System Setup DBS DBS Red Hat ...
  • Getting Started Guide - Page 5

    ... A minimum of 512 MB of 667- or 800-MHz DDR II SDRAM memory, upgradable to a maximum of 8 GB DDR II SDRAM memory by installing 512-MB, 1-GB, or 2-GB unbuffered ECC memory modules in the ... hard drives with an integrated SATA controller or - Up to two internal 3.5-inch Serial-Attached SCSI (SAS) hard drives with a SAS controller card • • One 3.5-inch peripheral ...
  • Getting Started Guide - Page 7

    ... 2003, R2 and SP2 Standard Edition (x64) Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2003, R2 and SP2 Standard ... with the system to describe changes to the system, software, and/or documentation. NOTE: Always check for updates on and read the ... Operating system documentation describes how to install (if necessary), configure, and use the operating system software. Documentation for any ...
  • Getting Started Guide - Page 10

    ... the operating system documentation that ships with your system. To install an operating system for the first time, see the ...Installation Guide. Be sure the operating system is installed before installing hardware or software not purchased with the system. Technical Specifications Processor Processor type Intel®...GB/sec PCIe x8, 3.3-V, 12-V (slot 2) PCI Memory Architecture 72-bit, ECC, PC-5300/...
  • Hardware Owner's Manual - Page 5

    ...Expansion Cards . ... ... ... Removing an Expansion Card Installing an Expansion Card . SAS Controller Expansion Card Memory ... Memory Module Upgrade Kits Memory Module Installation Guidelines . Addressing Memory With 8-GB Configurations (Microsoft® Windows® Operating System Only) ...Removing a Memory Module . ...
  • Hardware Owner's Manual - Page 9

    About Your System This section describes the physical, firmware, and software interface features that provide and ensure the ...Systems management software documentation describes the features, requirements, installation, and basic operation of the software. Operating system documentation describes how to install (if necessary), configure, and use the operating system software. Documentation for any ...
  • Hardware Owner's Manual - Page 10

    Updates are sometimes included with the system to describe changes to the system, software, and/or documentation. NOTE: Always check for updates on and read the updates first because they often supersede information in other documents. • Release notes or readme files may be included to provide last-minute ...
  • Hardware Owner's Manual - Page 14

    ...8226; Most devices must be connected to a specific connector and device drivers must be installed before the device operates properly. (Device drivers are normally included with your operating system software or with the device itself.) See the documentation that accompanied the device for specific installation and configuration instructions. Always attach an...
  • Hardware Owner's Manual - Page 18

    ... the system. Before you begin this procedure, review the safety instructions that came with the system. Table 1-6. Message Attempting to update Remote Configuration. Please wait...System Messages Causes Corrective ... page 29. Remove the NVRAM_CLR jumper. See Figure 6-1 for jumper locations. Caution! NVRAM_CLR NVRAM_CLR jumper is jumper is installed installed. on system board. 18 About Your System
  • Hardware Owner's Manual - Page 24

    ...Messages (continued) Causes Faulty or improperly installed PCIe card in the specified slot number. Corrective ...persists, see "Getting Help" on page 139. Install the NVRAM_CLR jumper and reboot the system.... Check for a BIOS update. If the problem persists, see "Troubleshooting Expansion Cards" on page... Drive" on page 121 for the appropriate drive(s) installed in your system. Retry Remote Configuration...
  • Hardware Owner's Manual - Page 26

    ... that all memory modules are properly installed. See "Memory Module Installation Guidelines" on page 75. If the problem ... drive. See the CDs that came with your system. Update the BIOS firmware. See "Getting Help" on page 139. Time-...Timer chip counter 2 failed Unexpected interrupt in protected mode Faulty system board. Faulty or improperly installed memory modules or faulty system board. Utility ...
  • Hardware Owner's Manual - Page 69

    ...17. Attaching a SAS or SATA Hard Drive to a SAS Controller Expansion Card 1 2 3 4 5 6 1 3 5 power cable to hard drive (female) SAS or SATA hard drives (2) data cable ... to the electrical outlet, and turn on the system and attached peripherals. See the documentation that came with the drive for instructions on installing any software required for drive operation. Installing System Components 69
  • Hardware Owner's Manual - Page 120

    ...tape cartridge Missing or corrupted tape-backup software or tape drive device driver Defective SCSI controller Action 1 Remove the tape ...a tape cartridge that you know works. 2 Ensure that the SCSI device drivers for the tape drive are installed and are configured correctly. See "Installing an Optical or Tape Drive" on page 60. 3 Reinstall the tape-backup software as instructed in the tape-backup...
  • Hardware Owner's Manual - Page 147

    ... can contain several different forms of memory, such as integrated memory (ROM and RAM) and add-in memory modules... one or more sets of additional drives stores duplicate copies of the data. Mirroring functionality is provided by software. See also ... their own operating systems, integrated hardware, and software that are optimized to serve specific storage needs. NIC - Network interface controller. A...
  • Hardware Owner's Manual - Page 148

    ... Virtual memory, a method for increasing addressable memory by using the hard drive The Windows 2000 and UNIX 32-bit operating systems ...This service allows users running the Windows operating system to remotely access a network from their system using ...A text file, usually shipped with software or hardware, that contains information supplementing or updating the product's documentation. ...
  • Hardware Owner's Manual - Page 150

    ... Windows operating environment. Among other things, the system.ini file records which video, mouse, and keyboard drivers are installed for Windows. TCP/IP - Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol. termination - Some devices (such as the last device at each end of a SCSI cable) must be terminated to prevent reflections and spurious signals in the cable. ...
  • Hardware Owner's Manual - Page 151

    ...colors. Video drivers may need to match the video adapter installed in the system. video memory ... graphics resolution, you must install the appropriate video drivers and your monitor... includes sections that contain optional settings for Windows application programs that are installed on the hard drive... to file service for network clients. Windows Server 2003 - A set of Microsoft software technologies...
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