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  • User Manual - Page 2

    ... A CAUTION indicates potential damage to hardware or loss of data if instructions are not followed. WARNING: A WARNING indicates a potential for ...; and the DELL logo are trademarks of Dell Inc.; Microsoft®, Windows®, and Internet Explorer® are either trademarks or registered ...a registered trademark owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and is used by Dell under license. October 2013 Rev. A00
  • User Manual - Page 3

    Contents Features...5 Accessories...8 Setting Up Your Tablet...9 Charging the tablet...9 Turning On Your Tablet...11 Turning Off Your Tablet...12 Turning Off ... Inserting a microSD card...13 Using Headphones...15 Using Your Tablet...16 Wi-Fi Setting...16 Gestures...16 Screen Orientation...19 Windows 8 Start Screen...19 Synchronizing Your Tablet...22 Troubleshooting...23 Cleaning Your Tablet...26 ...
  • User Manual - Page 5

    Features 1 2 3 4 5 14 6 7 8 9 10 11 13 12 Feature 1 Audio port (3.5 mm) Functionality Connect a headset, headphones, microphones, or other audio equipment to listen to stereo sound, record audio, or make calls. • Press to open the Windows Start screen. • Press for quick access to the most recently used app or most recently viewed screen. 2 Windows button Features | 5
  • User Manual - Page 11

    ... on the tablet for the first time, you must finish Windows setup to start using your tablet. For more ...the display to switch to the login screen, and then enter password to log in to Windows. The tablet is ready for use when the displayed. NOTE: If the login screen is not enabled in Windows 8, you will be taken directly from the lock screen to the Start screen. Setting Up Your Tablet |...
  • User Manual - Page 12

    ... Swipe-in from the right edge of the display to access Charms. 2 Touch Settings → Power → Shut down to turn off the ...Swipe-in from the right edge of the display to access Charms. 2 Touch Settings → Power → Sleep to turn off the screen. NOTE...(tablet is on, but screen is off), press the Power button or Windows button once to turn on the screen. 12 | Setting Up Your Tablet
  • User Manual - Page 19

    ... Windows Explorer, Weather app, Calendar, Windows Store, Internet Explorer, and other installed apps. Live Tiles on your Start screen change and update in real time to show news and sports updates, weather updates, social-networking feeds, and so on. The ...used apps, emails, photos, music, videos, contacts, updates from social-networking sites, and frequently viewed websites. You ...
  • User Manual - Page 20

    Accessing the Start screen When you computer boots into Windows, the Start screen appears by default. To access the start screen from any other window or app, use any of the following methods. ... screen. NOTE: The functionality of the Start icon is same as Windows button. Swipe left • Swipe-in... icon to show an alphabetical list of all apps installed on your tablet. 20 | Using Your Tablet...
  • User Manual - Page 21

    ... to show the Customize icon . Touch Customize to organize the tiles on your Start screen. • Swipe-in from the top to the bottom of an app to dock or close the app. For more information on using Windows 8 Start screen, see Using Your Tablet | 21
  • User Manual - Page 22

    Synchronizing Your Tablet Using a Microsoft account If your computer has Microsoft Windows 8 installed, you can synchronize user settings of your tablet with your computer using a Microsoft account. When you sign in with your Microsoft account on your tablet, your settings, including internet browser history, app settings, and personal files ...
  • User Manual - Page 24

    ... Dell's support service. See Contact Dell's support service. See Software updates may have been downloaded in the background. Restart your tablet by swiping-in from the right ...Tablet is not responding or behaving unexpectedly Tablet cannot boot into Windows Software or feature is not working as expected 24 | Troubleshooting
  • User Manual - Page 27

    ... Refreshing your tablet will restore Windows to original factory settings without deleting any of your personal files, installed apps from Windows Store, or personalization settings. To restore your tablet: 1 Swipe-in.... Apps installed from sources other than the Windows Store are removed and have to be manually installed. A list of apps removed during this process ...
  • User Manual - Page 32

    ... that helps to control the display brightness. C Charms - a Microsoft Windows 8/Windows RT term for the icons that appear when you... the display is off. In this state, when a user presses a key, Windows button or touches the screen, the system immediately transitions ... - Hardware such as a disk drive, printer, or keyboard that is installed in or connected to your tablet. E Email - Electronic mail -...
  • User Manual - Page 34

    ... used programs, files, folders, and drives. When you place a shortcut on your Windows Start screen, the home screen of Windows 8 is made.... wallpaper - The background pattern or picture on the Windows desktop. Wi-Fi - A technology as a synonym for WLAN (wireless local area network) connects to the Internet when within range of a wireless network. WXGA - wide-aspect extended graphics array - A video ...
  • User Manual - Page 36

    Reset, 27 Setting, 9 Turn off, 12 Turn on, 11 Touchscreen Display Orientation, 19 Turn off/on, 12 Troubleshooting Battery, 23 Network, 25 System, 24 Touchscreen, 25 W Wi-Fi setting, 16 Windows button Location, 5 Windows Start screen, 19 36 | Index
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