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  • Quick Start - Page 1

    .... Connect the flat end of the cable to any USB port on your computer. You can also connect an audio cable. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the Epson USB Display software (only on first connection). Then press the USB button on the remote control. Video Player (EX31) Connect up to 3 video devices and use...
  • Quick Start - Page 3

    .... or , press the or buttons on the Using the remote control Make sure the batteries are installed as shown (two included AA batteries). Turn projector on and off Choose which source to... projector menus You can use the remote control to operate the projector. With the USB cable, you can use the remote as a wireless mouse. For more information on using the remote control, see your User's Guide.
  • Quick Start - Page 4

    Where to get help Manual For more information about using the projector, install the User's Guide from your projector CD. Telephone Support Services To use the Epson PrivateLine® .... You can download utilities and documentation, get FAQs and troubleshooting advice, or e-mail Epson with your questions. Registration Register today to get product updates, special promotions, ...
  • Warranty Statement - Page 2

    ... or fail to function properly as a result of misuse, abuse, improper installation, neglect, improper shipping, damage caused by disasters such as fire, flood, and lightning, improper electrical current, software problems, interaction with non-Epson products, or service other than by Epson ... in the U.S. and (905) 709-3839 in Canada or write to Epson America, Inc., P.O. Box 93012, Long Beach, CA ...
  • Product Brochure - Page 4

    Epson EX51 Product Name EX 51 (U.S.) EX 51 (Canada) Genuine Epson Lamp Air Filter Set MULTIMEDIA PROJECTOR Product Code V11H311120 V11H311120...; 11 degrees Keystone Correction Manual Vertical: ± 30 degrees USB Plug 'n Play Projector is Mac® compatible via DVI to VGA adapter (not included) USB Plug 'n Play for Windows® 2000 or later Contrast Ratio Up to 2000:1 Color Reproduction 16.77...
  • User's Guide - Page 2

    ...than those designated as Original Epson Products or Epson Approved Products by Seiko Epson Corporation. Software Copyright: This ... this company holds the rights. The following is information on the free software used by this product. Hereafter, each author, the ...; any problems in this product (including problems that originate with the free software concerned) do not influence the conditions of the ...
  • User's Guide - Page 9

    ...easy setup, control, and security features: ■ T Plug n' Play instant setup-instantly project images from a Windows® PC via USB connection Ultra HD-quality with just one cable-all digital HDMI audio/video connection (EX51/EX71 only) PC-free slideshows and presentations-USB thumb drive port (EX51/EX71 only) Quick,...
  • User's Guide - Page 10

    ... on the projector or the remote control. See page 90 for details. ■ Download FAQs and e-mail your questions to Epson support. ■ PrivateLine® support If you still need help after checking this User's Guide and the sources listed in this section, you can use the Epson PrivateLine Support service to get help fast. Call ...
  • User's Guide - Page 15

    Projector Dimensions Use the dimensions below to guide you in placing or installing the projector. 11.61 in. (295 mm) 1.5 in. (38.3 mm) 3.11 in. (79 mm) 1.57 in. (39.8 mm); center of lens to mounting bracket holes 3.03 in. (77 mm) 3.62 in. (92 mm) 9.59 in. (243.5 mm) 5.04 in. (128 mm) 0.98 in. (25 mm) 1.48 in. (37.5 mm) 0.51 in. (13 mm) 8....
  • User's Guide - Page 16

    ..., or you can register online at Registering also lets you receive special updates on new accessories, products, and service. Optional Accessories To enhance your use of the projector, Epson offers the following optional accessories: Product Replacement lamp Replacement air filter set Universal projector ceiling mount Adjustable suspended ceiling channel ...
  • User's Guide - Page 21

    ... video device, you'll need an HDMI cable (EX51/EX71 only). One may ... video equipment, or you can purchase the ELPKC19 cable from Epson. See "Optional Accessories" on page ...signal, you'll need an RCA-type audio cable with two male plugs, or a stereo mini-jack audio adapter cable (with red and white jacks on one end)... the Projector If the projector isn't already installed in the room you're using, you'...
  • User's Guide - Page 27

    You can also install the projector in three other viewing setups: ceiling projection, rear projection onto a... correctly (see page 71). Connecting to a Computer You can connect the projector to a Windows computer using the projector's TypeB USB port. This lets you carry a ... able to use your remote control as a wireless mouse when projecting from a computer (see page 56). Setting Up the Projector 27
  • User's Guide - Page 28

    ... connection (recommended) provides better picture quality and response than USB 1.1. The first time you connect a computer to the projector's USB port, software from the projector is installed on your computer. 1. Follow the instructions beginning on page 40 to turn on the projector. 2. Make sure the USB Type B setting...
  • User's Guide - Page 29 recognized and the software is installed automatically. 6. Follow the instructions on the screen to install the Epson USB Display software. If you see a "Digital Signature Warning," select Continue or Continue .... When you're done projecting from your computer, disconnect the USB cable. note If the software does not install automatically, you can install it ...
  • User's Guide - Page 54

    .... When you release the button, normal operation resumes. Using the remote control under bright fluorescent lamps or in direct sunlight may affect projector response. Using the Remote Control Make sure batteries are installed as described on page 86. Follow these tips for using the remote control: ■ Point the remote control at the front or back of the projector, or at the screen. Stand ...
  • User's Guide - Page 72

    ■ Link 21L Select On to enable the projector to be monitored and controlled from a computer using Link 21L software and the Epson USB Communication driver. ■ Language Select a language to use for the projector menus. Using the Projector Security Features To prevent unauthorized use of the projector, you can: ■...
  • User's Guide - Page 77

    ... button) and press Enter. 4. Select Yes and press Enter to confirm the setting. 5. Press the Menu button to exit. To disable the Control Panel Lock function, ... Security Locking The projector includes two security locking points to prevent its theft when installed or used in public locations: ■ Security cable attachment. You can attach a commercially available security cable as shown below ...
  • User's Guide - Page 83

    Contact your dealer or call Epson at 800-GO-EPSON (800-463-7766). Request part number V13H010L54. Follow these steps to replace the lamp: 1. Turn off ... has broken, small glass fragments may be present and should be removed carefully to avoid injury. If the projector has been installed on the ceiling, you should stand to the side of the lamp cover, not underneath it. If the lamp is used after the ...
  • User's Guide - Page 86

    ... of the lamp is about 4000 hours if Power Consumption in the Settings menu is Normal (default), and 5000 hours if this setting is ECO. Make sure you have a spare lamp handy if the ...not use batteries other than those specified in this User's Guide and do not use batteries of different ... old and new batteries. ■ ■ ■ 3. Install two AA alkaline batteries, inserting the + ...
  • User's Guide - Page 99

    ...make sure the volume control on your computer is not turned all the way down or muted. In Windows, you may be able to check this by clicking the volume control in your Windows system tray (lower right corner of the screen). On a Mac, you may be able ... or back receiver. The remote control's batteries may not be installed correctly or may be low on power. To change the batteries, ...
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