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  • Technical Brief (Multimedia Projectors) - Page 1

    ... M M Brightness Image clarity M Keystone correction M EPSON SizeWise™ resizing technology M M Versatility Flexible controls ELP Link IV software M Flexible installation M EasyMP and Image Quality-Superior brightness All EPSON multimedia projectors include EPSON's integrated LCD prism technology. This ...
  • Technical Brief (Multimedia Projectors) - Page 5

    ...-Multimedia projectors Page 5 Versatility-ELP Link IV software EPSON's ELP Link IV software, which customizes projector controls, comes standard or optional with EPSON projectors and ... image gamma Create a user logo L L L L L L L L L L L L L L Versatility-Flexible installation EPSON PowerLite projectors can be installed in a variety of ways: Front projection Rear projection Ceiling mount...
  • Technical Brief (Multimedia Projectors) - Page 6

    ... presentation is in the projector, you can use EasyMP to hide and rearrange slides. EPSON's (currently available only on the EPSON PowerLite 8150i) allows presenters to download presentations and control the projector over a network. offers presenters the following features: EasyView : Built-in multi format ...
  • Installation Guide - ELPMBUNI Universal Mount Assembly - Page 4

    ... Parts List NOTE: This mount is shipped with all proper installation hardware and components. Make sure that included in the hardware pack but is not required for the installation. M5 x 12mm Security Head Screws (Qty...12mm Security Head Screws (Qty 4) Installation Tools Phillips Head Screw Driver Soft Material/ ...for model specific hardware: Pages 10, 11, 12, and 13. Installation Manual Page - ...
  • Product Information Guide - Page 8

    EPSON PowerLite 505c/715c Projector Caution: Press the button carefully to avoid breaking it. Make sure the button is... can either transfer it to your computer or use a USB cable to access the card in the projector. (USB access available with Windows 98/Me/2000 only.) If your ... ±15° tilt. Scrolls through options when the Help menu is displayed. 8 - EPSON PowerLite 505c/715c Projector 1/01
  • Quick Start - Page 2

    EPSON PowerLite 505c/715c Adjust the image Note: If you see a blank screen 3 , see the instructions in the box below. No signal ... your presentation from the projector. Simply convert your PowerPoint® file into a "scenario" with the EMP SlideMaker software on your computer. Then download your scenario to the projector's memory card. If your scenario is set to autorun, it will start when you...
  • User Manual - Page 6

    ...4 Creating Presentations for Your Projector ...39 Accessing the Memory Card ...40 Moving the Memory Card from the Projector to Your Computer ...40 Accessing the Memory Card Through a USB Cable ...42 Installing EasyMP ...43 System Requirements ...43 Installing the Software ...43 iv
  • User Manual - Page 13

    ...See page 90 for details. s Download FAQs and e-mail your questions to EPSON support. s CD-ROMs note You don't need to install any software to use your projector with a computer... well as a link to Presenters Online. On the EasyMP CD-ROM, you'll find the software that you need to install on your computer to use the EasyMP features. 4 ...
  • User Manual - Page 48

    ...feature lets you give a presentation without a computer. Once you install the software, you can drag and drop a PowerPoint file to convert ... a scenario. Then you can download the scenario to the projector's memory card and run it automatically or with ... BMP graphics files. This chapter includes instructions for the following: Accessing the memory card Installing EasyMP Creating a scenario...
  • User Manual - Page 49

    ...Remove the memory card from the projector and insert it in your computer's PCMCIA slot or PC card reader. Use a USB cable to connect your computer to the projector and install the driver. This lets you transfer your presentation directly to the memory card in the projector. (Available with Windows 98/Me/2000...
  • User Manual - Page 51

    ... see the Add New Hardware window on your screen. 3. Click Cancel. (If you're using Windows 2000, click Next and follow the instructions on the screen to install the USB driver.) 4. Insert the EasyMP Software CD-ROM in your drive. 5. Double-click EasyMP icon. My Computer, then double-click the 6. Double-click each of...
  • User Manual - Page 52

    ... display adapter and monitor s s s s Installing the Software Locate the EasyMP Software CD-ROM that came with your projector and follow these steps to install the software. 1. Insert the EasyMP Software CD-ROM in your drive. The setup program starts ...OK. 3. Follow the instructions on the screen to accept the license agreement and install the software. 4. When you see the Setup Complete message,...
  • User Manual - Page 53

    ... file is converted automatically, and you can download it to the projector. You can also create a scenario from scratch using the EMP SlideMaker software to combine PowerPoint slides and images. ... PowerPoint file you want to use in My Computer or the Windows Explorer. 2. Make sure the EMP SlideMaker...and PowerPoint opens briefly. You see the window shown at the left as each slide is converted....
  • User Manual - Page 55

    ... include additional images in your scenario. Make sure the EasyMP software is installed before you start. EMP SlideMaker 1. To start the software, double-click the icon on your computer's desktop. You see the EMP SlideMaker screen: Scenario window Drive selection box ... window File window Thumbnail window 2. Choose New from the File menu. You see the Scenario Settings box: 46 ...
  • User Manual - Page 61

    ... to a .SIT file. Only .SIT files can be played on the projector. note The USB connection is only available on computers with a factory-installed version of Windows 98, Me, or 2000. It is not available with Windows 95 or NT 4.0, and might not work on upgraded systems. Before you start, make sure you are set up to access the card-...
  • User Manual - Page 105

    ... 74 for more information. Make sure your computer's resolution setting is correct. Ideally, it should be 1024 × 768... the other compatible video formats listed on page 124. s s s Windows: Right-click the desktop, select Properties, click the Settings tab, and use...if you created them for a different resolution. See your software documentation for specific information. The image isn't square, ...
  • User Manual - Page 109

    ... (for laptops) or Appendix A (for other systems). To use the USB mouse connection on a PC, your system must have a "clean" installation of Windows 98 (SR2), Windows Me, or Windows 2000. The connection may not work correctly if your system was upgraded from Windows 95. USB support requires OS9 or higher on a Macintosh. s 100 Solving Problems
  • User Manual - Page 110

    ... the memory card in the projector through the USB cable. s To use the USB connection, your system must have a "clean" installation of Windows 98 (SR2), Windows Me, or Windows 2000. The connection may not work correctly if your system was upgraded from Windows 95. Make sure the projector is not accessing the memory card. s Solving Problems 101
  • Product Support Bulletin(s) - Page 5

    ...004A TI01-35e, Rev. A PowerLite 715c and PowerLite 505c EasyMP SlideMaker update to Version 1.20... versions of SlideMaker. Recommendation: Please verify the version of EasyMP installed on your system before downloading or installing the update. Open EMP SlideMaker, click on Help and... location: The file update is posted on Epson's WEB site with this bulletin. Updating the software: The update utility ...
  • Product Support Bulletin(s) - Page 11

    .../18/2001 PSB.2001.05.002 None PowerLite 715c and PowerLite 505c USB driver won't install on Windows 98 This bulletin ...of a work-around for an error encountered when installing the USB drivers for the PowerLite 715c and PowerLite 505c projectors. Note: You ... from the provided Easy MP Software CD. 3.) The third driver that fails to install is: EPSON ELP/EMP-Series_wdm_storage. At the...
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