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  • Quick Guide - Page 11

    Printing From Your Computer This section describes the basic steps for printing from a Windows or Mac® computer. For detailed instructions on printing, see the online User's Guide. Before you start, make sure you've installed your printer software and connected your Epson printer to your computer as described on the Start Here sheet. Printing ...
  • Quick Guide - Page 14

    ... the pop-up menu, and select your Media Type, Print Quality and other print settings. Choose any other printing options you may need from the pop-up menu. See ... icon in the Dock. Selecting the Correct Paper Type Select the correct Type (Windows) or Media Type (Mac OS X) setting in your printer software so the ink coverage can be adjusted accordingly. For this paper/media Plain paper Epson Bright ...
  • Quick Guide - Page 22

    ...maintain good print quality. Checking Ink Levels You can check the ink levels anytime right on the LCD screen. To check the ink levels with your Windows or Mac OS X software, see the instructions in your online User's Guide. Note: Printing stops when an ink cartridge is expended. If a color cartridge is expended, you may...
  • Quick Guide - Page 23

    In Windows, a window may appear on your computer screen if you try to print when ink is low. This window can optionally display ink offers and other updates from Epson. Note: To disable checking for ink offers or updates from Epson, see the instructions in your online User's Guide. Purchasing Epson Ink Cartridges You can purchase genuine ...
  • Quick Guide - Page 37

    ... you, freight prepaid, so long as you use an address in the United States, Canada, or Puerto Rico. Shipments to...shipment from Epson, e.g., dealer or user-added boards or components. Epson is not responsible for warranty service should the Epson ... disasters such as fire, flood, and lightning, improper electrical current, software problems, interaction with non-Epson products, or service other than by...
  • Start Here - Page 3

    ...-screen instructions. Epson icon. 4  Click Install (Windows) or Continue (Mac OS X) and Wireless connection You must install the software on every computer from which you want to print... USB cable (not included). 8 Install software Note: If your computer does not have a CD drive, you can download the software from the Epson website, as described under "Epson Technical Support". 1  Make sure ...
  • Start Here - Page 4

    ... desktop (or in the Applications/Epson Software/Guide folder on Mac OS X) to access the online User's Guide, software downloads, Epson Supplies Central®, and more (.... Epson technical support Visit (U.S.) or (Canada) where you can download drivers, view manuals, get FAQs, or e-mail Epson. You may also speak with a ...
  • Epson Connect Guide - Page 2

    ... Cloud...6 Epson iPrint (3.x)...7 Epson Remote Driver (Windows only)...9 Other Company Network Solutions...10 Google Cloud ...the printer software disc...Setting up without using the printer software disc (Windows only)...Registering an additional printer...Setting up using Web... Print...Scan to Cloud...Epson iPrint (3.x) ...Epson Remote Driver (Windows only)...Settings for email notifications...Other ...
  • Epson Connect Guide - Page 3

    ...Solutions What Is Epson Connect? Epson Connect provides mobile services that allow you to print and scan from anywhere. You...can print photos and documents using your smart phone, tablet, or mobile computer from your home, your office, or ... ❏ Scan to Cloud (Scan your documents and photos to a "Cloud".) ❏ Epson iPrint (A wireless printing app for iOS or Android smartphones and tablets.) ...
  • Epson Connect Guide - Page 9

    ... and documents saved on your device at any time without drivers or cables. ❏ Saving scanned files to your mobile device or an online storage service Scan documents to your device or to ...paper size, paper type, and print quality, as well as display a print preview. Epson Remote Driver (Windows only) You can use an Epson Connect compatible printer over ...
  • Epson Connect Guide - Page 12

    ... simple to print your emails, photos, web pages, and documents straight from your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. You do not need to download any software, install any drivers, or connect any cables. With just a few taps, you can go from viewing something on screen to holding a printed copy. For more details about ...
  • Epson Connect Guide - Page 13

    ..., you need to first register your printer. Setting up with the printer software disc Create your Epson Connect account and register your printer to the Epson Connect service. ... Setting Up from Your Computer You can start up the Epson Connect services from your computer by using the installer provided on the printer software disc. ❏ Setup workflow 1. Basic printer setup Install the ink ...
  • Epson Connect Guide - Page 14

    Epson Connect Guide Setting up the Services For Windows A Select Mobile Print Services Setup from the installer's main menu... Connect Printer Setup. Launch Download Navigator. Double-click Macintosh HD > Applications > Epson Software > Download Navigator then double-click on the...Note: If you cannot find the Download Navigator, install it from your printer's software disc. Automatically search for...
  • Epson Connect Guide - Page 15

    ... email is sent to your email address. Information necessary to register to Epson Connect The following provides detailed ... were no typing errors in the address. Enter the password used to sign into the Epson Connect services. The ... your printer for the first time. Password A Click Register. Note: Windows: The same screen as step 5 in "For Windows" on page 14. Mac OS X: The same screen as step 7 ...
  • Epson Connect Guide - Page 16

    ...the Internet (Remote Print)" on page 30. & Epson Connect Remote Driver (Windows only): See "Epson...Windows only)" on page 31 Epson Remote Driver service is only available for Windows computers. Time Format... Scan to Cloud service. Setting up without using the printer software disc (Windows only) ... 16 Access your regional Epson website, and download "Web Installer" or "ComboInstaller". (The names for...
  • Epson Connect Guide - Page 17

    ..., download the Download Navigator using one of the following options, and then launch Epson Connect Printer Setup. ❏ ❏ From Software Update: Click Start > All Programs > Epson > Software Update From the following URL: http:// Setting up using Web Config You can setup the Epson Connect service ...
  • Epson Connect Guide - Page 19

    Epson Connect Guide Setting up the Services Install the ink cartridges Setup on the printer's control panel Connect to the network Download and install Epson iPrint A B Turn on the printer. Open Web Config for the printer. To display Web Config, see "To open Web Config" on page 17 2. Connecting to Epson Connect Register printer and user information from Web ...
  • Epson Connect Guide - Page 31

    ... are currently connected to a local network. : Printers that have been setup for remote printing. Installing the Epson Remote Driver and registering a printer Download and setup the Epson Remote Driver. A B C Download Epson Remote Driver from the following URL: wrdriver/ Double-click "Setup.exe" of Epson ...
  • Epson Connect Guide - Page 38

    ...Connect Printer Setup and then Epson Connect Printer Setup. Mac OS X: Double-click Macintosh HD > Applications > Epson Software and then Epson Connect Printer Setup.... one of the following options, and then launch Epson Connect Printer Setup. ❏ ❏ From Software Update: Click Start > All Programs > Epson > Software Update From the following URL: http:// A Turn ...
  • Epson Connect Guide - Page 44 PDF format, or printing over the Internet. For more information on supported formats, see "Epson iPrint (3.x)" on page 7. Cannot install the driver ❏ Your computer's operation system does not support this driver. Epson Remote Driver is for Windows only. The following operating systems are supported. Windows 7, Vista...
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