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  • Quick Guide - Page 2

    English Your WorkForce WF-7510/ WF-7520 After you set up your WorkForce® WF-7510/WF-7520 (see the Start Here sheet), turn ... on using your product. Note: The illustrations in this manual show the WorkForce WF-7520. The instructions apply to both the WF-7510 and WF-7520 unless .... Squeeze the release bar underneath to raise or lower it as shown. 2 Your WorkForce WF-7510/WF-7520
  • Quick Guide - Page 13

    ...Your Computer This section describes the basic steps for printing from a Windows or Mac® computer. For detailed instructions on printing, see the online User's Guide. Printing in Windows 1. Select the print command in your application. Select your Epson printer Click here to open your printer software 2. Make sure your Epson printer is selected, then click the Preferences ...
  • Quick Guide - Page 14

    ... Click here for 2-Sided Printing Note: For quick access to the most common settings, select one of the Printing Presets on the left side of the screen. ..., click the More Options tab. Note: For more information about print settings, click Help or see your online User's Guide. 5. 6. Click OK to save your settings. Click OK or Print to start printing. Printing With a Mac Follow the steps below to ...
  • Quick Guide - Page 15

    3. Select your Epson printer as the Printer setting. Select your Epson printer Click to expand, if necessary 4.... on a paper size and selecting the borderless option. Note: If the setting you want isn't shown (for example, Scale), check for it in your application before printing or check for it at the bottom of this window. Copy and page settings Application settings Pop-up menu 5. 6. Choose ...
  • Quick Guide - Page 16

    ... your print job, click the printer icon in the Dock. Selecting the Correct Paper Type Select the correct Paper Type (Windows) or Media Type (Mac OS X) setting in your printer software so the ink coverage can be adjusted accordingly. For this paper/media Plain paper Epson Bright White Paper Epson Presentation Paper ...
  • Quick Guide - Page 24

    ...check the ink levels anytime right on the LCD screen. To check the ink levels with your Windows or Macintosh software, see the instructions in your online User's Guide. Note: Printing stops when an ink... window may appear on your computer screen if you try to print when ink is low. This window can optionally display ink offers and other updates from Epson. Note: To disable checking for ink offers or...
  • Quick Guide - Page 25

    Note: We recommend that you use genuine Epson cartridges and do not refill them... vary considerably based on images printed, print settings, paper type, frequency of use, and temperature... ink cartridge packages until you are ready to install the ink. Cartridges are vacuum packed to maintain reliability. Leave the expended cartridge installed until you have obtained a replacement, or the ink remaining...
  • Quick Guide - Page 27

    ... as shown on page 7. Press the Scan button. Press u or d to select one of the following options: Scan to Memory Card automatically creates a JPG image or PDF and saves it to an a new outgoing message. This works with MAPI-type email such as Microsoft® Outlook or Windows Live Mail, but not web-based email such as Gmail. Scan to PC (WSD) lets you manage wireless scanning in Windows 7 or
  • Quick Guide - Page 28

    Scanning With Epson Scan Software You can scan from any TWAIN-compliant application using Epson Scan. Or you can start Epson Scan directly from your computer and save your image to a file. Note: For Mac OS X 10.6, see "Scanning With Mac OS X 10.6" on page 29. For detailed scanning instructions, see the online User's Guide. 1. ...
  • Quick Guide - Page 29

    Scanning With Mac OS X 10.6 You can scan original documents and photos and save them as files on your computer. 1. 2. ..., if necessary. If you would like to select scan settings, such as Color Restoration and file save settings, click Show Details. Click the Scan button to begin scanning. Your image is saved to the folder selected in the Scan To pop-up menu. Scanning With Mac OS X 10.6 29
  • Quick Guide - Page 33

    ..., use Epson papers (see page 4) and genuine Epson ink cartridges (see page 25). Make sure the type of paper you loaded matches the paper type setting on the control panel or in your printer software (see page 16). If you notice light or dark bands across your printouts or they are too faint, run a nozzle check (...
  • Quick Guide - Page 34

    Where to Get Help Epson Technical Support Internet Support Visit (U.S.) or (Canada) where you can download drivers, view manuals, get FAQs, or e-mail Epson. Speak to a Support Representative Before you call Epson for support, please have the following information ready: Product name (...
  • Quick Guide - Page 40

    ... is not intended to be repaired. If you experience trouble with this equipment, please contact: Name: Address: Telephone: Epson America, Inc. 3840...'s electrical safety advisory, we recommend that you may install an AC surge arrestor in the AC outlet to which .... If you have questions about what will disable alarm equipment, consult your telephone company or a qualified installer. This ...
  • Quick Guide - Page 42

    ...shipment from Epson, e.g., dealer or user-added boards or components. Epson is not responsible for warranty service should the Epson ... disasters such as fire, flood, and lightning, improper electrical current, software problems, interaction with non-Epson products, or service other than by ... ANY OTHER LEGAL THEORY. IN NO EVENT SHALL EPSON OR ITS AFFILIATES BE LIABLE FOR DAMAGES OF ANY KIND IN EXCESS...
  • Quick Guide - Page 43

    ...Products or Epson Approved Products by Seiko Epson Corporation. In addition to software program rights owned by Seiko Epson Corporation, this product also includes open source software. Refer to OSS.pdf on your product software CD-ROM for a list of open source software and software license terms applied to this printer. Responsible Use of Copyrighted Materials Epson encourages each...
  • Start Here - Page 1

    ...Do not open ink cartridge packages until you are ready to install the ink. Cartridges are vacuum packed to maintain reliability. Note: ... show the WF-7520, but the instructions are the same for the WF-7510 unless otherwise noted. 3 Select settings 1  To ... panel. For more information, see the online User's Guide. 4 Install ink cartridges Caution: Do not connect to your computer yet. 1  Lift...
  • Start Here - Page 2 13 19 inch (330 453 mm) paper. For instructions on loading envelopes, legal-size paper or larger paper, see ... remove any other seals or the cartridges may leak.  Note: To load wide-format paper, press the tray release button and... any buttons yet. Continue following the instructions in the following sections to load paper in your product and install software. 6 Extend the output tray as shown...
  • Start Here - Page 3

    ... options" section on this sheet for more information. Then click Next (Windows) or Continue (Mac OS X) and follow the instructions on your computer screen. Note: If you're connecting to a DSL phone line, ... DSL filter or you won't be able to fax. Contact your DSL provider for the necessary filter. Connection options Wireless connection You must install the software on every computer from which you
  • Start Here - Page 4

    ... desktop (or in the Applications/Epson Software/ Guide folder in Mac OS X) to access the online User's Guide, software downloads, Epson Supplies Central®, and more (.... Epson technical support Visit (U.S.) or (Canada) where you can download drivers, view manuals, get FAQs, or e-mail Epson. You may also speak with a ...
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