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  • User manual - Page 6

    ... Layout...4 Back Panel Connectors...5 Chapter 2 Hardware Install Install the CPU and CPU Cooler...8 Install the Memory...10 Install an Expansion Card...12 Install other Internal ... Changes and Exit...44 Chapter 4 CD Instruction Utility CD content...46 Install driver and utility...47 FOX ONE Main Page...50 CPU Control...54 Frequency Control...56 ...
  • User manual - Page 7

    ... ...71 Chapter 5 RAID Configuration RAID Configuration Introduction...74 Option ROM Utility...76 Create a RAID Driver Diskette...78 RAID Enable in BIOS...80 Select a RAID Array for Use...80 Install a New Windows XP...92 Setting Up a Non-Bootable RAID Array...96 Technical Support : Support Website : http://www....
  • User manual - Page 10

    ...174; 7/Vista/XP ATX Form Factor, 12 inches x 9.0 inches (30.5cm x 22.9cm) 1 Hardware Monitor PCI Express x16 Green Function Bundled Software Operating System Form Factor CA UT IO N ! The chipset driver of this motherboard does not support Windows® 2000. 
  • User manual - Page 12

    ... USB keyboard/mouse, USB printer, USB flash drive and etc. But you need to install the USB 3.0 driver in the Driver CD before using it. (Hundson D2 don't support USB 3.0) 3. ... that supports DVI-D connection to this port. 5. Optical SPDIF-Out Port This port provides digital audio out to ... LED Link LED Optical SPDIF-Out Port 5 USB Ports 2 Audio Ports 7 LAN port provides Internet ...
  • User manual - Page 28

    ...9658; CPU Brand Name It displays the current CPU name. ► Total Memory This item displays the total memory size. The size is depending on how many memory modules are installed in your system before powering on. ► MAC Address This item displays the onboard LAN MAC address. 3 21
  • User manual - Page 46

    ► Restore Defaults Optimal defaults are the best settings of this motherboard. Always load the Optimal defaults after updating the BIOS or after clearing the CMOS values. Select this option and press Enter, it will pop out a dialogue box to let you load the defaults. Select and then press to load the defaults. Select and press , it will not load. Load ...
  • User manual - Page 47

    The utility CD that came with the motherboard contains useful software and several utility drivers that enhance the motherboard features. This chapter includes the following information:
  • User manual - Page 48

    ...AMD Chipset Driver B. Realtek HDA Audio Driver C. Realtek 811X LAN Driver D. AMD VGA Driver E. AMD RAID Driver*1 F. ATI HDMI Audio Driver 4 2. Software Utilities Use these options to install additional software programs. FOX ONE is a very powerful user interface program which allows you to change your system setting...
  • User manual - Page 49

    ... for your system. You must click "AMD Chipset Driver" to install it first. After that, you can click "One Click Setup" and then ..., or you can click on each individual driver to install it manually. Manual Installation Step by Step Automatic Installation by One ... Select to Install Select to Browse CD Foxconn's Utilities Install Drivers website View the Utility Help files Choose the...
  • User manual - Page 50

    2. Install Utility Use these options to install additional software programs. 4 3. Utility Help Click this button to view the utility(FOX ONE, FOX LiveUpdate, FOX LOGO, FOX DMI) help manual. 43
  • User manual - Page 65

    ...Internet Select BIOS to update Browse detailed information Update BIOS Close the window 2-2 Online Update - Update Driver This page lets you update your system drivers from Internet. Click "start", it will search the new drivers from Internet. Then follow the wizard to finish the update operation. Click here Current information Search new drivers from Internet 58
  • User manual - Page 66

    Select the driver to update Browse detailed information Install the selected driver Close the window 4 2-3 Online Update - Update Utility This page lets you update utilities from Internet. Click "start", ... Search new utilities from Internet Select the utility to update Browse detailed information Install the selected utility Close the window 59
  • User manual - Page 67

    ... Update - Update All This page lets you update your system drivers from Internet. Click "start", it ... search all new BIOS/drivers/utilities from Internet. Then follow the wizard to finish the update operation. Click here Current information 4 Search all new BIOS/ drivers/utilities from ... BIOS information Browse detailed driver information Browse detailed utility information Close the window 60
  • User manual - Page 74

    This chapter will cover two topics Creating a Bootable Array - Installing a new Windows XP (or Vista,7) in a brand new RAID system. Creating a Non-Bootable ... Configuration Introduction Option ROM Utility Create a RAID Driver Diskette RAID Enable in BIOS Select a RAID Array for use Install a New Windows XP Setting up a Non-Bootable RAID Array The RAID BIOS Setup pictures shown in this chapter are ...
  • User manual - Page 75

    ... a RAID array for use. 4. Follow 5-4 to Install a new Windows Operating System. What kinds of hardware and software you need here : 1. ...driver CD. (To create RAID driver diskette if it is not bundled.) 6. Windows XP, Vista or 7 Install CD. 5 Creating a Non...5-3 to select a RAID array for use. 3. Run setup program to install AMD RAID driver into your current Windows XP system. 4. Use Administrative ...
  • User manual - Page 80

    5-1 Create a RAID Driver Diskette If you want to install a brand new Windows XP on a RAID system, you need to create a RAID driver floppy diskette which will be used during Windows XP installation later. 1. Find a PC, put a diskette into its floppy drive is a 32-bit XP system. Use Windows explorer, and go to CD:\Driver\ AMD\RAID\Floppy\WinXP\, click on RaidTool icon to ...
  • User manual - Page 94

    ... Press to enter BIOS Setup during POST. 2. Insert the Windows installation CD into the optical drive. 3. Set the "1st Boot Device" to "... Defaults ESC:Exit F1:General Help 4. The computer will reboot, and it will start installing Windows Operating System. Watch the screen... next screen displays. Windows Setup Press F6 if you need to install a 3rd party SCSI or RAID driver....
  • User manual - Page 95

    ...After some files are copied to your system, the following picture appears, press to continue the specific driver installation. Windows Setup Setup could not determine the type of one or more mass storage devices installed in ... To specify additional SCSI adapters, CD-ROM drivers, or special disk controllers for use with Windows, including those for which you have...
  • User manual - Page 99

    ... LD [Ctrl+V] View Single Disk [ESC] Exit 3. Exit Option ROM Utility and restart computer to go to Windows. 4. In Windows, click "Cancel" to skip any "Found New Hardware ... CD and click on "AMD RAID Driver" to install the AMD RAID driver. The RAID driver will be installed only when you select "RAID" in "OnChip SATA Type" setting. If you do not select RAID, then RAID driver will not be installed. 92
  • User manual - Page 100

    5. After the AMD RAID driver is installed, it will ask you to click "Finish" to restart your computer. 5 6. When Windows starts, a message is prompting you to reboot again. Click "Yes" to restart your computer. 93
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