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  • Manual - Page 2

    .../ Win® ME / Win® XP 64MB system memory 50MB of available disk space for full installation CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive English Table of Contents 1. Introduction ...2 1.1. Features ...2 1.2. Board Layout ...2 2. Hardware Installation ...3 3. Software Installation ...4 3.1. DirectX Installation ...4 3.2. Driver Installation (Windows® XP/2000/ME/98) ...4 3.3. V-Tuner ...
  • Manual - Page 4

    2) GV-N52128TE English RCA S-Video VGA Monitor Connector (15 pins) NTSC / PAL TV AV Output NTSC / PAL TV AV Output RCA S-... (15 pins) or Analog LCD Monitor Analog Monitor 2. Hardware Installation Installing your graphics card. Now that you have prepared your computer, you are ready to install your graphics card. 1. Locate the AGP slot. If necessary, remove the metal cover from this ...
  • Manual - Page 5

    English 3. Software Installation 3.1. DirectX Installation Install Microsoft DirectX to enable 3D hardware acceleration... achieve better 3D performence. Note: For software MPEG support in Windows® 98/ 98SE/ ... install DirectX first. Click "Install DirectX 9" item. 3.2. Driver Installation (Windows® XP/...We assume that your CD-ROM drive letter to be D:). Click "Install Display Driver" item....
  • Manual - Page 6

    3.3. V-Tuner Installation V-Tuner lets you adjust the working frequency of the graphic engine and video memory (Core Clock and Memory Clock). English Click ".... V-Tuner Display & Adjust Core Clock Display Core Clock Close V-Tuner Display Memory Clock Display & Adjust Memory Clock Link to the Website of Gigabyte Help Description Close V-Tuner to System Tray ...
  • Manual - Page 7

    ...4. Appendix 4.1. BIOS Flash Utility 1. Please download the newest BIOS Zip file for your graphics card from GIGABYTE website. The file includes... with Windows 98/98SE. For Windows 2000/ME/XP, you need a startup disk to restart the computer in MS-DOS ... and press Enter. 6. Restart your computer when it's done. 4.3. Resolutions and Color Depth Table (In Windows® XP) Display ...
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