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  • Getting Started Guide - Page 5

    Table of contents Getting Started ...1 Installing and Customizing the Software ...1 Installing the Windows Operating System ...1 Downloading Microsoft Windows Updates ...1 Installing or Upgrading Device Drivers (Windows systems) ...2 Customizing the Monitor Display (Windows systems) ...2 Launching Windows XP from Windows 7 ...2 ...
  • Getting Started Guide - Page 7

    ... operating system, some portions of this documentation do not apply. Additional information is available in online help after you install the operating system. Downloading Microsoft Windows Updates 1. 2. 3. To set up your Internet connection, click Start > Internet Explorer and follow the instructions on the ...
  • Getting Started Guide - Page 8

    ... open before rebooting. Then select Yes to reboot the machine. Installing or Upgrading Device Drivers (Windows systems) When installing optional hardware devices after the operating system installation is....hp.com/support. Select your country and language, select Download drivers and software (and firmware), enter the model number of the computer, and press Enter. Customizing the Monitor Display (...
  • Getting Started Guide - Page 9

    created and the software installed in order to get the most from your PC. The software and image file names are: ● ● Corel WinDVD SD and BD - installation software for WinDVD - used to play DVD movies HP Insight Diagnostics OR Vision Diagnostics -... to a CD. See Downloading the Latest Version of Vision Diagnostics on page 4 for more information. ENWW Protecting the Software 3
  • Getting Started Guide - Page 10

    ... 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Go to http://www.hp.com. Click the Support & Drivers link. Select Download drivers and software (and firmware). Enter your product name in the text box and press the Enter key. Select ...NOTE: Turning Off the Computer To properly turn off the computer, first shut down the operating system software. In Windows Vista, click Start, click the arrow ...
  • Getting Started Guide - Page 11

    ... the publications, select Start > All Programs > HP User Manuals. NOTE: ● Not all of the ...-Helps you connect the computer and peripheral devices and set up factoryprovided software; also includes basic.... Hardware Reference Guide-Provides an overview of the product hardware, as well as instructions for upgrading this series of computers; includes information on RTC batteries, memory, and power ...
  • Getting Started Guide - Page 12

    ... see if the computer functions properly. Boot the computer to the Safe Mode to see if it will boot without all of the drivers loaded. When booting the operating system, use "Last Known Configuration." Refer to...was recently added to your system. Remove any software that was recently installed. NOTE: For sales information and warranty upgrades (HP Care Pack), call your ...
  • Getting Started Guide - Page 13

    ...If it does not restart, press the power button to start the computer. Reconfigure your computer after installing a non-plug and play expansion board or other option. Be sure that all the needed device drivers have been installed. For example, if you are using a printer, you need a driver for that model printer. ...
  • Getting Started Guide - Page 14

    ... and Recovery Microsoft System Restore If you have a problem that might be due to software that was installed on your computer, use System Restore to return the computer to a previous ..., and then reinstalls the operating system, programs, and drivers. However, you must reinstall any software that was not installed on the computer at the factory. This includes software that came on media included in...
  • Getting Started Guide - Page 15

    ... copy of the original factory-shipped software. To perform a System Recovery from a recovery image, see System Recovery from the Windows 7 Start Menu on page...Back up any important data to a removable disc or USB flash drive. If the computer is working and Windows 7 is responding, use these steps to perform a System Recovery. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Turn off the computer. Disconnect all peripheral devices...
  • Getting Started Guide - Page 16

    ... or installed. Back up any important data to a removable disc or USB flash drive. If Windows 7 is not responding, but the computer is working, follow these steps to perform a System Recovery....company logo screen appear, repeatedly press the F11 key on your keyboard until the Windows is Loading Files... message appears on the screen. Under I need help immediately,...
  • Getting Started Guide - Page 17

    ... USB flash drive from the recovery image stored on your hard disk drive. This image contains the operating system and software program files that were originally installed on your computer at the factory. You can create only one set of recovery discs, or one recovery USB flash drive, for your computer. The ...
  • Getting Started Guide - Page 18

    ... card and you may not be able to run system recovery. Using, Updating, and Maintaining Your PC (Windows 7 Systems) Systems with Windows 7 provide a centralized location to easily... device or printer and change other system settings Get help and support for your specific model Install HP support software for your computer Purchase supplies and accessories for your computer 12 Getting Started ENWW
  • Getting Started Guide - Page 19

    To access the centralized PC management location, click Start > Devices and Printers then doubleclick on the picture of your PC. ENWW Using, Updating, and Maintaining Your PC (Windows 7 Systems) 13
  • HP ProtectTools Security Software,Version 6.0 User Guide - Page 11

    ..., preloaded, or available as a configurable option or as an after market option. Visit http://www.hp.com for more information. NOTE: The instructions in this guide are written with the assumption that you have already installed the applicable HP ProtectTools software modules. ENWW 1
  • HP ProtectTools Security Software,Version 6.0 User Guide - Page 15

    ... blocked, mouse and keyboards will continue to function. Example 2: An Insurance company does not want its employees to install or load personal software or data from home. Some employees need access to the USB port on all computers. The IT Manager uses Device Access Manager to enable access for some employees ...
  • HP ProtectTools Security Software,Version 6.0 User Guide - Page 30

    ... times. The key is used to unlock the card. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Once the Smart Card is set up with the manufacturer's software, insert the card into the reader. Click Start, click All Programs, click HP...enter your Windows password. In the SpareKey window, click Skip SpareKey Setup (unless you want to update the SpareKey information. In the Enable security features window, click Next....
  • HP ProtectTools Security Software,Version 6.0 User Guide - Page 42

    ... the following security logon methods: ● ● Windows password Smart card You may use any of the ... (CA). Unlike most data encryption and authentication software that only requires you to authenticate periodically, Privacy Manager ... the Privacy Manager features, you must request and install a Privacy Manager Certificate (from within Privacy Manager) using a valid e-mail address. The e-mail ...
  • HP ProtectTools Security Software,Version 6.0 User Guide - Page 59

    ... Trusted Platform Module (TPM) embedded security chip must be installed in your computer to use Embedded Security for HP ProtectTools. Most HP commercial desktop ... Outlook and Internet Explorer) for protected digital certificate operations when using the Embedded Security software The TPM embedded security chip enhances and enables other HP ProtectTools Security Manager ...
  • HP ProtectTools Security Software,Version 6.0 User Guide - Page 71

    ... TXT. Trusted Execution Technology. Hardware and firmware that provides security against attacks on a computer's software and data. user. Anyone enrolled in Drive Encryption. Non-administrator users have limited rights in... and manage other users. Windows user account. Profile for an individual authorized to log on to a network or to an individual computer. ENWW Glossary 61
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