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  • Downgrading Microsoft Windows Vista OS Business on HP Business Desktop FAQs - Page 3

    ...manually activate Windows XP. Q: Can customers migrate back to the Windows Vista Business software after they downgrade? A: Yes. Those who downgrade from Vista to Windows XP may reinstall the Vista ... ready to migrate back to Vista OS. Be aware, however that this install will remove the Windows XP Professional software from the Business PC. Q: How do customers reinstall the...
  • HP Client Manager 6.1 - Page 2

    ... the hardware and software on client computers can be challenging and often requires that each computer be visited individually for tasks such as upgrading the BIOS firmware or performing diagnostics. It's often difficult to keep track of the computer hardware deployed within the enterprise as well as the version of the ...
  • HP Client Manager 6.1 - Page 3

    ...those client computers that match the hardware and software criteria that you specify. For example, you can download a network driver or audio driver SoftPaq to the HPCM Server and ... on those client computers that contain hardware supported by each particular driver. SoftPaqs SoftPaqs are Web-downloadable software packages made available by HP to ensure that our customers have the most up-to-date ...
  • HP Client Manager 6.1 - Page 4

    ... gathering information from all of your HP client computers, rapidly making changes to client computer system software, and changing the BIOS settings, all from a central location, you'll be much more productive in... the capabilities of HPCM and how it works, you are encouraged to download and install HPCM 6.1 from the Altiris website at www.altiris.com/eval. New ...
  • HP Client Manager 6.1 - Page 6

    ... that you specify, such as the names of the client computers to be managed. HPCM generates and displays its reports from this database. The Altiris Console window receives its information from a Microsoft's Internet Information Services (IIS) Web server. The SoftPaq Filestore is used to store the SoftPaqs that will be installed on the client computers, such as hardware drivers and BIOS updates. 6
  • HP Client Manager 6.1 - Page 10

    Updating system software HPCM allows you to configure system software such as device drivers and BIOS firmware on the HPCM Server for downloading and installation on client computers. HPCM installs software that is encapsulated into SoftPaqs and stored in the SoftPaq Filestore on the HPCM Server. The HP SoftPaq Filestore ...
  • HP Client Manager 6.1 - Page 13

    ...out into your production environment. HPCM is available for HP client computers as a free download from the Altiris Web site. Installing HPCM is described in detail in the HP Client Manager 6.1 Product Guide, ...As part of the installation process, you'll download a helper program which will identify any additional software that you need on your Microsoft Windows ...
  • HP Business Desktop Products - Worldwide Limited Warranty and Technical Support (North America) - Page 6

    ...) 1.800.567.1616 (Canada) Toll-free access to general product information To post questions to HP Technical Support professionals or to download software files, refer to: ❏ ❏ ❏ HP Support Forum: http://forum.HP.com Email address: support@HP.com Downloadable HP software: www.hp.com/go/bizsupport 6 www.hp.com
  • HP Business Desktop BIOS - Page 9

    ... which operating system software is loaded, BIOS preboot security is a vital link in total computer security. Without ... unauthorized removal of sensitive data. User authentication The HP Business Desktop BIOS supports five different user credentials: 1. Setup password-sometimes called the ... anyone can make BIOS flash upgrades. A few security policy settings, however, cannot be enabled without first ...
  • HP Business Desktop BIOS - Page 10

    ... memory must contain a valid BIOS image. The image in the flash memory may be reprogrammed from time to time to update the BIOS version. Virus software, such as the Chernobyl virus, has been able ... be able to restart. The HP BIOS uses hardware mechanisms on most HP Business Desktops to prevent access to the BIOS flash memory by any software other than the BIOS. This hardware traps any attempts to ...
  • HP Business Desktop BIOS - Page 16

    ... HP BIOS provides numerous ways to upgrade HP Business Desktop computers for the constantly changing enterprise environment. Each BIOS upgrade is packaged into a... that can be used locally to restore or upgrade the HP Business Desktop computer BIOS. The ROMPAQ provides a graphical... setup password. If the HP Business Desktop computer has a setup password, the BIOS cannot be updated without ...
  • HP Business Desktop BIOS - Page 17

    ... Server to remotely target, distribute, and update the HP BIOS on network HP Business Desktop computers. The HP Client Management Solutions website (http://h18000.www1.hp.com/im... the minimum amount of support necessary to allow the HP Business Desktop computer to boot from the diskette drive and/or the CD-ROM drive. In this recovery environment, the BIOS update can be...
  • Desktop Management Guide - Page 7

    ... Management Guide Remote System Installation Remote System Installation allows you to start and set up your system using the software and ... a software image on one or more new PCs. Installing application software or drivers. Updating the operating system, application software, or drivers. To initiate Remote System Installation, press F12 when the F12 = Network Service Boot message appears in the ...
  • Desktop Management Guide - Page 8

    Desktop Management Guide Software Updating and Management HP provides several tools for managing and updating software on desktops and workstations-Altiris eXpress; Altiris eXpress PC Transplant Pro; HP Client Manager Software, an Altiris eXpress solution; System Software Manager; HP Proactive Notification, and ActiveUpdate. Altiris eXpress HP and Altiris have extended their partnership ...
  • Desktop Management Guide - Page 9

    ...The script can, for instance, format the PC hard drive, flash the ROM BIOS, and install a full, standard software image. Schedule an event to run on a group of ... Software Manager, or HP Client Manager, Altiris eXpress can also update ROM BIOS and device driver software. For more information, visit http://www.compaq.com/easydeploy. Altiris eXpress PC Transplant Pro Altiris eXpress PC Transplant Pro...
  • Desktop Management Guide - Page 10

    ...such as machines with thermal warnings, memory alerts, and more Remote updating of system software such as device drivers and ROM BIOS For more information on the HP Client... as a file store. Driver versions that are supported by SSM are denoted with a special icon on the driver download Web site and on the Support Software CD. To download the utility or to...
  • Desktop Management Guide - Page 11

    ... is a client-based application from HP. The ActiveUpdate client runs on your local system and uses your user-defined profile to proactively and automatically download software updates for most HP commercial computers and servers. To learn more about ActiveUpdate, download the application, and create your custom ...
  • Desktop Management Guide - Page 18

    ... and functioning properly. HP has made the task of locating, accessing, evaluating, and installing the latest support software easier. You can download the software from http://www.hp.com/support. The Web site contains the latest device drivers, utilities, and flashable ROM images needed to run the latest Microsoft Windows ...
  • HP Compaq Business Desktops d330 Desktop Model - (English) Hardware Reference Guide - Page 33

    Hardware Upgrades 6. Install the drive by sliding it into the appropriate drive bay on the front of the chassis. The drivelock automatically secures the drive in the bay. Installing Optical and Diskette Drives into the Drive Bays ...into the drive bay may result in damage to the drive. 7. When installing an optical drive, the default audio solution is digital audio. If analog...
  • HP Compaq Business Desktops d330 Desktop Model - (English) Hardware Reference Guide - Page 36

    Hardware Upgrades 5. Install four guide screws, two on each side of the drive. Installing the Guide Screws guide screws are ✎ Extrabezel. Hard ...use 6-32 standard screws. All other drives M3 metric screws. The HP-supplied metric screws are black. The HP-supplied ...2 to gain access to the drive bay. Opening the Hard Drive Bracket 2-26 www.hp.com Hardware Reference Guide
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