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  • HP Deskjet 1280 - Getting Started Guide - Page 3

    ... herein. Trademark Credits Microsoft® and Windows® are U.S. registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. ... citées Microsoft®, Windows® et Windows NT® sont des ... wall outlets before cleaning. 4 Do not install or use this product near water, or when you are... Install the product securely on a stable surface. 6 Install the product in a protected location where no one can ...
  • HP Deskjet 1280 - User Guide - Page 5

    ... Windows ...2-2 For Macintosh ...2-3 Using the printer on a network ...2-4 For Windows ...2-4 Changing print settings ...2-5 Using the print cartridges ...2-6... Aligning the print cartridges ...2-7 Cleaning the print cartridges ...2-7 Installing other software ...2-8 Printing from MS-DOS software...smart software features ...3-10 4 Using the Toolbox Printer Status tab ...4-1 Information tab ...4-1 HP ...
  • HP Deskjet 1280 - User Guide - Page 9

    ...It is recommended that you install the software before you connect the printer to the computer. For Windows Use a USB cable to connect ...printer to your computer using a parallel cable. In most cases, after you install the printer software and connect... with USB cables without reinstalling the printing software. Software-first installation (recommended) 1 2 Start Windows and make...
  • HP Deskjet 1280 - User Guide - Page 10

    Hardware-first installation If you have connected a USB cable to the ports on the computer and the printer before installing the printer software, the Found New Hardware wizard appears on the computer screen. ...connect your printer to Macintosh computers through the USB port. Mac OS X 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Insert the Starter CD into your CD-ROM drive and double-click the CD ...
  • HP Deskjet 1280 - User Guide - Page 11

    ... HP Jetdirect print servers, see your HP Jetdirect hardware and software installation guides. For Windows Installing the printer driver through network using the printer setup program You must ...then connect the printer to the network and install the printer software. 1 2 3 Connect the network cable between the HP Jetdirect print server and a network port. Start...
  • HP Deskjet 1280 - User Guide - Page 12

    ... print server You must install your HP Jetdirect print server first, then connect the printer to the network and install the printer software. 1 2 3 Click Start, point to Settings, and then click Printers (Windows NT 4.0, 98, .... Click Next and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the connection. Changing print settings For Windows: You can access the printing ...
  • HP Deskjet 1280 - User Guide - Page 15

    ...in an MS-DOS® environment. Visit http://www.hp.com/support/dj1280 to download the software. See also "Printing from MS-DOS software programs". Linux driver - Visit http://www.linuxprinting.org to download the software. If you are using Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, or Windows XP, you must have administrator privileges to...
  • HP Deskjet 1280 - User Guide - Page 24

    ...feeding it into the printer again. Manual duplex is only supported on computers running Windows. To print on both sides of ...specify two-sided printing options in your software application or in the printer driver. 1 • Load the appropriate paper, print-... select Print on Both Sides. (For instructions on accessing the printer driver, see "Changing print settings.") Select Flip Pages Up to change ...
  • HP Deskjet 1280 - User Guide - Page 25

    Understanding smart software features Your printer driver provides the following smart software features. For more details on how to use these features, see the driver online help. Resizing Options Enlarge or reduce the size of your documents with virtually no loss in print quality or resolution. On the Effects tab, select the Print Document...
  • HP Deskjet 1280 - User Guide - Page 27

    ... for Windows only. For Macintosh, see "Using the HP Inkjet Toolbox (Macintosh)." After installing your printer software, you can open the Toolbox by clicking Start, pointing to Programs, HP Deskjet 1280, and then clicking HP Deskjet 1280 Toolbox. Printer Status tab The Printer Status tab displays ink level information for each cartridge in...
  • HP Deskjet 1280 - User Guide - Page 28

    ... within the message. To see a list of past device errors, click Alerts on the left side of the HP Instant Support page. Notification of device driver and firmware updates Alerts you when there is a firmware or driver update, a message appears on the HP Instant Support homepage. Click the link within the message to go directly to the ...
  • HP Deskjet 1280 - User Guide - Page 29

    ... in your Web browser. To gain access to HP Instant Support Toolbox (Windows) Click the Information tab, and then ... To use myPrintMileage, you must have the following: Toolbox (Windows) installed Internet connection Device connected HP recommends that you enable myPrintMileage to... tab, click myPrintMileage, and then follow the onscreen instruction. Windows taskbar Right-click the Toolbox icon in the...
  • HP Deskjet 1280 - User Guide - Page 33

    ...is likely caused by your software program's inability to properly interpret print settings. Check the readme file on the Starter CD for known software conflicts. ... page. See "Printing a diagnostic page" for instructions. Check the network setup. Make sure that your printer... contact the manufacturer of the cable and have it replaced. Uninstall the printer software and run the setup program...
  • HP Deskjet 1280 - User Guide - Page 38

    Placement of the text or graphics is incorrect Check the paper size and orientation settings. Make sure the paper size and page orientation selected in the software program match the settings in the printer driver. Make sure the paper is loaded correctly. If everything on the page is slanted or skewed, make sure the ...
  • HP Deskjet 1280 - User Guide - Page 39

    ... the Toolbox (if you have installed it on your system). To open the Toolbox, click Start, point to Programs, HP Deskjet 1280, and then click HP Deskjet 1280 Toolbox. After printing a test page, clean the print cartridges if necessary. See "... Increase the size of your system's virtual memory. Check your port and cable settings (Windows 98/Me only): • If you are using a...
  • HP Deskjet 1280 - User Guide - Page 41

    ... Windows and make sure no other Windows applications are running. Open Control Panel. Double-click Add/Remove Programs. Select HP Deskjet 1280. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the removal of the printer software. You must have administrator privileges to uninstall the printer software in Windows NT 4.0, ...
  • HP Deskjet 1280 - User Guide - Page 42

    ... list located in the upper-left part of the dialog box. Follow the onscreen instructions to remove the printer software. USB installation failed or nothing prints through USB If the installation failed, uninstall the driver and retry the installation. Check that your computer has a USB port and is properly configured to use USB. Check that ...
  • HP Deskjet 1280 - User Guide - Page 45

    ...following support services to obtain assistance. The Toolbox is available only if you installed the printer driver through Setup.exe. The Troubleshooting tab in this... C8136A and SG1881119P b printer model such as HP Deskjet 1280, HP Business Inkjet 2600 2 3...SE. If the printer is connected to the network, check the network operating system. For example, Windows NT Server 4.0. 6-1...
  • HP Deskjet 1280 - User Guide - Page 50

    ... Photo Papers and 1200 x 1200 input dpi. Printer Command Languages Software Compatibility Fonts HP PCL Level 3 enhanced Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, ...*, Banner, Mirror Image, Watermark*, Optimized for Fax, Print Preview*, Sepia*, Quick Sets*, ColorSync** Note: *Windows only; **Macintosh only Smart Software Features Media Size Standard US: Letter, Legal, Tabloid, Super ...
  • HP Deskjet 1280 - User Guide - Page 61

    ...10 specifications A-1 printer driver accessing 2-5 aligning print cartridges 2-7 installing other drivers 2-8 smart software features 3-10, A-1 system requirements A-2 uninstalling 5-10 warranty ...page, printing 5-13 security while using HP Instant Support 4-3 software hardware-first installation 2-3 installing in Windows 2-2 other software, installing 2-8 smart software features 3-10 software-first...
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