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  • Reference Guide - Page 3

    ...• The power supply is firmly connected to the printer. English Windows installation help No plug and play? Make sure... above steps work, unplug the USB cable, re-insert the software CD and follow the onscreen instructions. Temporarily disable any software firewall...virus programs. Re-start these programs after the printer software is installed. Printer help Printer prints on multiple sheets...
  • Full User Guide - Page 3

    .... Visual The printer software is accessible for users with visual impairments or low vision through the use of Windows accessibility options...to-text applications. For users who are color blind, colored buttons and tabs used in the software and on the HP printer have simple text or ...functions can be executed through keyboard commands. The software also supports Windows accessibility options such as ...
  • Full User Guide - Page 5

    ... two-sided documents...46 Print a Web page...47 Presentation printing...48 Printer software Make the HP Deskjet the default printer...49 Set default print settings...49 Printer Properties dialog box...50 What's This? help...51 Download printer software updates...51 Maintenance Install print cartridges...52 Choose the right print cartridges...52 ...
  • Full User Guide - Page 8

    1 Welcome Welcome to the HP Deskjet D2500 Printer series Help. For details on how to use your computer and the printer together, see the following table ... a document, and use two-sided printing. Learn how to make the HP Deskjet the default printer, set default print settings, and download printer software updates. Learn how to install and care for print cartridges, view how much ink is left in a ...
  • Full User Guide - Page 22

    ... sizes. NOTE: If you are using the product with a Windows 2000 computer, some features may not be available. For more information, see Notice to Windows 2000 users....a complete list of supported media sizes, see the printer software. • Do not print borderless photos in ...Ink-backup mode. • Open the file in a software program such as HP Photosmart Software and resize the photo...
  • Full User Guide - Page 23

    ...program includes a photo printing feature, follow the instructions that are provided with the software program. Otherwise, follow these instructions. 1. Open the photo in a software program that allows editing, such as HP Photosmart Software.... NOTE: If you are using the product with a Windows 2000 computer, some features may not be available. For more information, see Notice to Windows 2000...
  • Full User Guide - Page 26

    ...program. Otherwise, follow these instructions. 1. Open the photo in a software program that allows editing, such as HP Photosmart Software. 2. ... of low resolution images, such as those downloaded from the Internet. You can change the setting to Full if the images that ... You can also select the Off setting if you prefer to edit the image manually in a software program such as HP Photosmart Software. ...
  • Full User Guide - Page 52

    8 Printer software Printer software Printer software 49 Make the HP Deskjet the default printer Set default print settings Printer Properties dialog box What's This? help Download printer software updates Make the HP Deskjet the default printer You can set the HP Deskjet as the default printer to use from any software program. This means that the HP Deskjet...
  • Full User Guide - Page 53

    ...icon on the right side of the Windows taskbar. Printer software 1 HP Digital Imaging Monitor icon The HP Solution Center is displayed. 2. In the HP Solution...Printer Properties dialog box The printer is controlled by software that is installed on your computer. Use the printer software, also known as the printer driver, to change the print settings for a document. To change the print settings, open...
  • Full User Guide - Page 54

    ...version of the printer software installed, a list of options to download later versions of the software is displayed in the HP Update window. 4. If a software... the check box beside the update name. 5. Click Install. 6. Follow the onscreen instructions. Download HP Photosmart Software Installing the printer software update you download from the HP Web site does not update the HP Photosmart Software ...
  • Full User Guide - Page 68

    ... or Printer not responding The printer might not be able to communicate with the computer if the USB cable is too long. If you receive this error message, make...in length. NOTE: For best printing performance, use a USB 2.0 compatible cable. Installation problems If the software installation program stops or fails, check the following topics for more information Installation program stops "Unknown ...
  • Full User Guide - Page 69

    ...the manufacturer's instructions. 8. Reinstall the printer software: a. Insert the printer software CD into the drive. b. Follow the onscreen instructions. When the installation program prompts you, connect the USB cable and ...if you are using Windows 2000. If you are using Windows 2000 and this message is displayed, you can continue with the software installation. Troubleshooting 66 Troubleshooting
  • Full User Guide - Page 70

    ... name does not appear Solution: If the printer software seems to install correctly, but the printer name does not ... or other software programs that are running on the computer. NOTE: To quit an antivirus program, follow the manufacturer's instructions. 2. ...: a. Insert the printer software CD into the drive. b. Follow the onscreen instructions to finish the installation. 4. Restart the antivirus ...
  • Full User Guide - Page 80

    ...: The printer might not support printing from a DOS application. Determine if the software application is Windows-based or DOS-based by checking the system requirements of the application. 3. Try printing from Notepad to see if the issue is the software application or the driver. To print from Notepad a. On the Windows taskbar, click Start, and then click Programs ...
  • Full User Guide - Page 81

    ... print cartridges in the printer. Printer software is outdated Outdated printer software might be installed. For information about updating the printer software, see Download printer software updates. Computer does not meet system requirements If your computer does not have enough RAM or a large amount of free space on the ...
  • Full User Guide - Page 109

    ...expert assistance and includes the following features 3. Fast access to qualified online support specialists Software and driver updates for your HP Deskjet Valuable HP Deskjet and troubleshooting information for common problems Proactive device updates, support alerts, and HP newsgrams that are available when you...
  • Full User Guide - Page 111

    ... a complete list of supported media sizes, see the printer software. Paper weights Letter Paper: 65 to 90 g/m&#... provides limited functionality for Windows 2000, including but not limited to the following: • The HP Photosmart Software is not available. • The onscreen Help is not installed, but it is available as a Web download at www.hp.com/ support. Environmental product stewardship ...
  • Full User Guide - Page 118

    ... are printing 78 ink-backup mode 78 Maximum dpi selected 78 multiple programs are open 77 printer software is outdated 78 system requirements 78 dpi, maximum 45 duplexing 43, 46 O Order ... 60 other document printing 26 out of paper 86 H Hewlett-Packard Company notices 2 HP Photosmart Software downloading 51 P page order, setting 41 paper feed fails 103 out of 86 paper jam 84 Paper or other media ...
  • Full User Guide - Page 119

    ... does not appear 67 printer prints on multiple sheets at once 90 printer properties 50 printer software downloading updates 51 printer specifications 108 printer Toolbox 59 printer troubleshooting 61 printing 4800 x 1200 ... 45 resizing documents 46 selecting a paper type 44 setting the page order 41 software 49 tips 39 transparencies 32 two-sided printing 43 with one print...
  • Full User Guide - Page 120

    ... 81 printer name does not appear 67 Resume light is flashing 69 text and images are misaligned 104 two-sided printing 43 U Unknown Device message 66 updates downloading for software 51 HP Photosmart Software 51 USB connecting the printer 18 W Web pages, print 47 What's This help 51 Index 117
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