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  • End User License Agreement - Page 1

    ... THE CONDITION THAT YOU Product into Your Computer's AGREE TO ALL TERMS AND temporary memory (RAM) for CONDITIONS OF THIS EULA. BY purposes of using the Software INSTALLING, COPYING, Product. DOWNLOADING, OR b. Storage. You may copy the OTHERWISE USING THE Software Product into the local SOFTWARE PRODUCT, YOU ...
  • End User License Agreement - Page 2

    ...such recovery solution shall be governed by the Microsoft License Agreement. 2. UPGRADES. To use a Software Product identified as ..., you must first be licensed for the original Software Product identified by HP as eligible for the upgrade. After upgrading,...that formed the basis for your upgrade eligibility. 3. ADDITIONAL SOFTWARE. This EULA applies to updates or supplements to the original Software ...
  • End User License Agreement - Page 3

    ... EXTENT PERMITTED BY APPLICABLE LAW, HP AND ITS SUPPLIERS PROVIDE THE SOFTWARE PRODUCT "AS IS" AND WITH ALL FAULTS,...OR INABILITY TO USE THE SOFTWARE PRODUCT, OR OTHERWISE IN CONNECTION WITH ANY PROVISION OF THIS EULA, EVEN IF HP OR ...12.211 and 12.212, Commercial Computer Software, Computer Software Documentation, and Technical Data for Commercial Items are licensed to the U.S. Government under HP's ...
  • End User License Agreement - Page 4

    ... is the entire agreement between you and HP relating to the Software Product and it supersedes all prior or ... or written communications, proposals and representations with respect to the Software Product or any other subject matter covered by ... their respective companies. The only warranties for HP products and services are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products and ...
  • Support Telephone Numbers - Page 8

    ...4663 1-800-474-6836 Ordering Backup Software Commande de Disquettes de Sauvegarde...1-800-952-...Web de Support à la Clientèle ...www.hp.com/country/ca/eng/support.html ... Pack Les Services Care Pack HP ...1-800-267-5251 ...1-800-633-...-2884 Customer Support Web site ...www.hp.com/country/cb/eng Chile Customers ... Customer Support Web site ...www.hp.com/support www.hp.com/country/cl/spa/support....
  • Support Telephone Numbers - Page 32

    ... Pack Services Telephone Support...800 4326 Web site ...www.hp.com/me/carepack E-mail ...mecarepack@hp.com......0870 842 2339 Customer Support Web site ...www.hp.com/country/uk/eng ALL Contract and ...(including SupportPack and Carepaq)...0870 842 2330 HP Care Pack Services Web site ...http...474-6836 1-208-323-2551 Ordering Backup Software...1-800-952-7689 Customer Support Web site ...www.hp.com 30 www....
  • HP Client Manager 6.1 - Page 1

    ... Understanding how HPCM works ...6 Extensive reporting capability ...7 HPCM in operation ...7 Client inventory...7 Health monitoring ...8 Diagnostics ...9 Updating system software ...10 BIOS settings ...11 HPCM installation and evaluation ...13 Integration with other Enterprise Management Solutions ...14 Altiris Connector ...
  • HP Client Manager 6.1 - Page 2

    ... the hardware and software on client computers can be challenging and often requires that each computer be visited individually for tasks such as upgrading the BIOS firmware or performing diagnostics. It's often difficult to keep track of the computer hardware deployed within the enterprise as well as the version of the ...
  • HP Client Manager 6.1 - Page 3

    ...those client computers that match the hardware and software criteria that you specify. For example, you can download a network driver or audio driver SoftPaq to the HPCM Server and ... on those client computers that contain hardware supported by each particular driver. SoftPaqs SoftPaqs are Web-downloadable software packages made available by HP to ensure that our customers have the most up-to-date ...
  • HP Client Manager 6.1 - Page 4

    ... gathering information from all of your HP client computers, rapidly making changes to client computer system software, and changing the BIOS settings, all from a central location, you'll be much more productive in... the capabilities of HPCM and how it works, you are encouraged to download and install HPCM 6.1 from the Altiris website at www.altiris.com/eval. New ...
  • HP Client Manager 6.1 - Page 6

    ... Client Management Suite and Altiris Asset Management Suite. HPCM, in concert with NS 6.0, downloads several HPCM agents to each client computer to perform the functions shown above. Information reported from the HPCM agents to... Services (IIS) Web server. The SoftPaq Filestore is used to store the SoftPaqs that will be installed on the client computers, such as hardware drivers and BIOS updates. 6
  • HP Client Manager 6.1 - Page 10

    Updating system software HPCM allows you to configure system software such as device drivers and BIOS firmware on the HPCM Server for downloading and installation on client computers. HPCM installs software that is encapsulated into SoftPaqs and stored in the SoftPaq Filestore on the HPCM Server. The HP SoftPaq Filestore ...
  • HP Client Manager 6.1 - Page 13

    ... out into your production environment. HPCM is available for HP client computers as a free download from the Altiris Web site. Installing HPCM is described in detail in the HP Client Manager 6.1 Product Guide, ... Web site and the Product Guide. After the installation and during the setup process, the HP Client Manager Software Quick Start page will provide quick ...
  • HP Client Manager 6.1 - Page 14

    ...health of HP clients • Manage systems software updates for HP clients • Deploy new client systems ... centric approach to monitoring the network, systems, applications and storage. By anticipating hardware and software problems before they occur, HP OpenView optimizes ...such as identifying inventory changes, image deployment, and software repair and updates. Hardware and software inventory ...
  • HP Client Manager 6.1 - Page 16

    For more information As noted above, HP recommends that you perform a trial download and installation of HPCM to verify for yourself that it will significantly enhance the manageability of your HP client computer systems. For further information on HPCM and other HP Client Management Solutions, please visit www.hp.com/go/easydeploy. © 2005 Hewlett-...
  • HP Guide to System Recovery and Restore - Page 1

    ...PAPER January 2003 Prepared By PSG Product Software Engineering Hewlett-Packard Company CONTENTS ... Console To Repair Damaged Files ...4 Repairing The Installed Operating System ...5 Using the Restore Plus... ...and Windows XP...❑ Using safe mode to change configuration settings...❑......❑ Repairing the operating system installation...■ An overview of the HP Restore Plus! System...
  • HP Guide to System Recovery and Restore - Page 3

    ...is assumed that the reader of this document is familiar with the installed operating system, including: installing the operating system software, ... Reasons for Needing System Recovery or Restore Installation of a software package or driver has produced undesirable results...support.microsoft.com/ or obtaining device drivers or additional software from http://www.hp.com/ or hardware manufacturers' Web ...
  • HP Guide to System Recovery and Restore - Page 4

    ... choose the Safe Mode with Networking option, which loads all of the above files and drivers and the essential services... For more information, refer to the Computer Setup (F10) Utility Guide provided with the computer. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Insert the Windows 2000 or Windows XP CD-ROM into the CD-... the Shut Down Windows dialog, click OK. Press any key to start the computer from the CD-ROM drive when ...
  • HP Guide to System Recovery and Restore - Page 5

    ...command prompt. Once you have access to the Windows installation you can try to correct ..., press R to repair the installed copy of the Windows operating system. Follow the installation instructions displayed...-factory shipping state with software and drivers provided by HP. The process will format and..., then automates the installation of the Windows operating system and HP-supplied software components...
  • HP Guide to System Recovery and Restore - Page 6

    ... Microsoft Corporation. Redmond, WA. 2002. Microsoft Windows XP Online Help, "Start the Computer in safe mode." Microsoft Corporation. Redmond, WA. 2002. Microsoft Windows XP Online ... Base Article 318752, "HOWTO: Install and Use the Recovery Console in Windows 2000." Microsoft Corporation. ... Base Article 307654, "HOWTO: Install and Use the Recovery Console in Windows XP." Microsoft Corporation....
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