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Download the free PDF manual for HP Hx4700 and other HP manuals at ManualOwl.com

  • End User License Agreement - Page 1

    ... THAT YOU Product into Your Computer's AGREE TO ALL TERMS AND temporary memory (RAM) for CONDITIONS OF THIS EULA. BY purposes of using the Software INSTALLING, COPYING, Product. DOWNLOADING, OR b. Storage. You may copy the OTHERWISE USING THE Software Product into the local SOFTWARE PRODUCT, YOU memory or storage device of the...
  • End User License Agreement - Page 2

    ...such recovery solution shall be governed by the Microsoft License Agreement. 2. UPGRADES. To use a Software Product identified as ..., you must first be licensed for the original Software Product identified by HP as eligible for the upgrade. After upgrading,...that formed the basis for your upgrade eligibility. 3. ADDITIONAL SOFTWARE. This EULA applies to updates or supplements to the original Software ...
  • HP iPAQ Security Solutions - Page 2

    ... users to connect their device (HP iPAQ hw6900 Mobile Messenger series only) to multiple secured wireless networks. Odyssey Client supports networks that adhere to the 802.11b wireless LAN standards. These networks can be found in hotels, airports, and other ... allows users to easily login with a swipe of the finger (HP iPAQ hx2700 series Pocket PC only) and/or with a PIN ...
  • HP iPAQ Security Solutions - Page 4

    ... be grayed out. You will need to install the Odyssey Client software onto your HP iPAQ. For instructions on installing Odyssey Client via the CD or web download version, refer to the information that came with your HP iPAQ. After configuring a network on Odyssey Client, you must be within range of an access point to log ...
  • HP iPAQ Security Solutions - Page 8

    ...and task databases. By visiting www.bluefiresecurity.com, Windows Mobile 2003 and Windows Mobile 5.0 users can download a free 30-day trial version of the software. Pointsec® for Pocket PC provides convenient, real-time encryption of information on mobile devices as well as external storage cards. User-information ...
  • HP iPAQ Bluetooth Stereo Headphones User Guide - Page 4

    Installing the Headphones Driver 1. Perform a soft reset on your HP iPAQ Pocket PC by pressing the Reset button on the back or bottom of the device. For more ... a soft reset, refer to the User's Guide that came with your HP iPAQ Pocket PC. 2. Backup your iPAQ Pocket PC using ActiveSync before installing the Headphones driver. 3. If the Bluetooth Radio on your Pocket PC is on, turn it off. ...
  • HP iPAQ hx4700 series Pocket PC - User's Guide - Page 5

    ... Using the iPAQ File Store Folder ...4-12 5 Learning Input Methods Using Input Software ...5-1 Changing Word Suggestion Options ...5-1 Using the... Switching Between Touchpad Modes ...5-10 6 Applications Installing Applications ...6-1 Removing Applications ...6-1 Using DockWare ...6-2... ActiveSync To Backup/Restore ...6-10 Using Pocket Informant ...6-11 Pocket Informant Toolbar ...6-11 Menus...
  • HP iPAQ hx4700 series Pocket PC - User's Guide - Page 26

    ... menu, click Connection Settings. Select the type of connection to be allowed between the iPAQ Pocket PC and the computer. Using the...XP operating systems installed. To set up a fast infrared connection to a computer: 1. Synchronize your Pocket PC with your... computer manufacturer's instructions to install and set up an infrared port. 3. Remove the Pocket PC from the cradle and line...
  • HP iPAQ hx4700 series Pocket PC - User's Guide - Page 27

    ... Explore in ActiveSync and Windows Explorer. To copy files: 1. Insert your iPAQ Pocket PC into the sync .... 7. Drag and drop your files between your iPAQ Pocket PC and your computer. ... Office programs, if necessary. Installing Programs To install programs on your iPAQ Pocket PC from your computer using ActiveSync: 1. Connect your iPAQ Pocket PC to your computer using the sync cable. 2. Follow the ...
  • HP iPAQ hx4700 series Pocket PC - User's Guide - Page 58

    5 Learning Input Methods Using Input Software To input information to your Pocket PC, you can tap the on-... tab in the Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks applications. Ä CAUTION: To avoid damaging your iPAQ Pocket PC screen, always use a stylus. Never use a...screen. Note: Microsoft Transcriber is a free program that you can download from the Microsoft Web site. Changing Word Suggestion Options As ...
  • HP iPAQ hx4700 series Pocket PC - User's Guide - Page 70

    ..., and then tap Remove. Note: By removing any application from your Pocket PC, you increase storage memory (used to store data and document... default on your Pocket PC. After 5 minutes of inactivity, the screen goes into "DockWare" mode. The software displays the current... or any other popup window displays. Be aware of the following: ■ If your Pocket PC is running on battery ...
  • HP iPAQ hx4700 series Pocket PC - User's Guide - Page 71

    ... Pictures folder. To add your own pictures to display: 1. Connect your Pocket PC to the desktop PC where the pictures are located. 2. Run ActiveSync to synchronize both computers. Refer to Chapter 2, "... Zone When you use HP Image Zone you can review and share images from your iPAQ Pocket PC. Also, you can print, send, record and e-mail images directly from your Pocket PC...
  • HP iPAQ hx4700 series Pocket PC - User's Guide - Page 84

    ...Manager located on the Companion CD. Programs Available on the HP iPAQ The software programs described below are preinstalled on your iPAQ Pocket PC. You can find detailed information for using these... Pocket PC Basics. Note: If your Pocket PC loses power, the preinstalled programs are not deleted. HP iPAQ Software HP Asset Viewer Function Lists detailed ...
  • HP iPAQ hx4700 series Pocket PC - User's Guide - Page 86

    ...TodayPanel Lite The following table lists Microsoft Windows Mobile Software programs included on your Pocket PC. Microsoft Pocket PC Software ActiveSync Function Synchronizes the information between your Pocket PC and computer so you have the ...locations. Be sure you install ActiveSync on your computer before connecting the cradle and iPAQ Pocket PC to your computer. ...
  • HP iPAQ hx4700 series Pocket PC - User's Guide - Page 87

    Applications (Continued) Microsoft Pocket PC Software Messaging Function Receives and sends Internet e-mail messages in Inbox on your iPAQ Pocket PC or your computer if ActiveSync is installed. You must have an e-mail address provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or employer to send and ...
  • HP iPAQ hx4700 series Pocket PC - User's Guide - Page 88

    Applications (Continued) Microsoft Pocket PC Software Terminal Services Client Function Logs onto your computer and uses all the programs available on that computer from your Pocket PC (Windows 2000 and XP or later). Plays digital audio and video files in Windows Media or MP3 format on your device. Windows Media Player 9 Series User's Guide 6-20
  • HP iPAQ hx4700 series Pocket PC - User's Guide - Page 99

    ...-Fi With wireless access, you do not need to use cables to connect your HP iPAQ... Use virtual private networks (VPNs) for secure remote access Use hotspots for wireless connectivity Note... wireless Internet, e-mail, corporate networks, and other wireless communications, such as Bluetooth-enabled devices...may be available. Some web content may require installation of additional software. User's Guide ...
  • HP iPAQ hx4700 series Pocket PC - User's Guide - Page 113

    ... will require a custom enrollment application which can be developed using the Embedded Visual C 4.0 tool and the Software Development Kit for Windows Mobile 2003-based Pocket PCs. LEAP Registration Utility Cisco Lightweight Extensible Authentication Protocol (LEAP) is an 802.1X authentication protocol that uses a ...
  • HP iPAQ hx4700 series Pocket PC - User's Guide - Page 152

    ... eliminate this problem. I connected my iPAQ Pocket PC before installing Microsoft ActiveSync. 1. Disconnect the iPAQ Pocket PC from your computer. 2. In Windows 98 or 2000, click Start > Settings > Control... 3. Restart your computer and allow it to detect the USB device. 4. Install Microsoft ActiveSync 3.7.1 or higher. 5. Reconnect the iPAQ Pocket PC to the computer. (Continued) User's Guide 12-5
  • HP iPAQ hx4700 series Pocket PC - How Do I...? - Page 8

    6. When the Set Up Microsoft ActiveSync window is displayed, click Next. 7. When the Select Installation Folder for Microsoft ActiveSync window is displayed, accept the default location offered, or select Change...to specify a a different location. 8. When the File Download window is displayed, click Open. 4
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