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  • Getting Started Guide - Page 3

    ... the printer...8 Set up and use fax...9 Set up fax...9 Use fax...14 Fax and digital phone services...17 Set up wireless (802.1 1) communication...18 Solve setup problems...20 Problems setting up the printer...20 Problems installing the software...21 Problems setting up fax...21 Wireless (802.1 1) setup problems...23 Problems using Web Services...25 Use the embedded web...
  • Getting Started Guide - Page 4

    ... printer (also called "Help") is placed on your computer while installing the HP software. This guide provides information on the following ... can open this guide either from the HP print software (Microsoft® Windows®) or from the Help menu (Mac OS X): • • ... it might not have been copied to your computer when you installed the HP software. For more information, see "How do I ...
  • Getting Started Guide - Page 6

    ... printer software. Note: If you've already installed the HP printer software, see the user guide for setup instructions. 1. Place the HP software CD into the computer, and then follow the onscreen instructions. ... Services" on page 7. • Windows: When prompted, click Network (Ethernet/Wireless), and then follow the onscreen instructions. • Mac OS X: ...
  • Getting Started Guide - Page 18

    ...wireless connection to the printer. Step 1: Install software for your printer To set up wireless communication, run the installation program from the HP software CD provided... installation program installs the software and creates a wireless connection. Note: Before you set up... password? While you are installing the software, you will be prompted to enter the wireless network name (also called...
  • Getting Started Guide - Page 20

    ...com/go/ customercare). From this website, search for your printer, and then select Software & Driver Downloads. Select your operating system, select the option for driver downloads, and then select the option that has "Full Feature Software and Drivers" in the name. • Windows: Select the option with "Help" in the name. • Mac...
  • Getting Started Guide - Page 21

    ... CD drive, inspect the HP software CD for damage. You can also download the HP software from the HP website (www.hp.com/go/ customercare). • If you are using a computer running Windows and are connecting using a USB cable, make sure that the USB drivers have not been disabled in the Windows Device Manager. Problems setting up fax This section contains information about ...
  • User Guide - Page 5

    ...Find the printer model number...15 HP Digital Solutions...16 Scan to Computer...16 HP Digital Fax (Fax to PC and Fax to Mac)...16 Select print media...16 Recommended... the printer...27 Print Print documents...28 Print documents (Windows)...29 Print documents (Mac OS X)...29 Print brochures...29 Print brochures (Windows)...30 Print brochures (Mac OS X)...30 2 1
  • User Guide - Page 9

    ...is online and ready...119 Step 5: Make sure the wireless version of the printer is set as the default printer driver (Windows only)...119 Step 6: Make sure your computer is not ... installation issues...123 Hardware installation suggestions...123 HP software installation suggestions...124 Solve network problems...124 Understand the Printer Status Report...125 Understand the ...
  • User Guide - Page 12

    E Printer management tools Toolbox (Windows)...198 HP Utility (Mac OS X)...198 Embedded web server...198 About cookies...198 To open the embedded web server...199 Index...208 8
  • User Guide - Page 35

    ... for your operating system. • • Print on envelopes (Windows) Print on envelopes (Mac OS X) Print on envelopes (Windows) 1. 2. 3. 4. Load envelopes print-side down in the tray. For more information, see Load ...want to use is selected. To change settings, click the button that opens the Properties dialog box. Depending on your software application, this button ...
  • User Guide - Page 39

    ...(Windows) Print borderless documents (Mac OS X) Print borderless documents (Windows) 1. 2. 3. 4. Load paper in the tray. For more information, see Load media... is selected. To change settings, click the button that opens the Properties dialog box. Depending on your software application, ... paper size: a. From the File menu in your software application, click Page Setup. NOTE: If you do ...
  • User Guide - Page 70

    ... features if the printer is connected using a USB cable. This section contains the following topics What are Web Services? Set up Web Services Use Web Services Remove Web Services ... to your printer when you enable Web Services on the printer. No special drivers or software are needed. If you can send an email, you can print from anywhere, using HP ePrint. Once you...
  • User Guide - Page 71

    ...Web Services, make sure you are connected to the Internet using a wireless connection. Set up Web Services using the HP printer software In addition to enabling key printer features, you can... with your printer to set up Web Services. If you didn't set up Web Services when you installed the HP software on your computer, you can still use the software to set up Web Services. To set up Web Services, ...
  • User Guide - Page 80

    ...Solve wireless problems Configure your firewall software to work with the printer Solve printer management problems Troubleshoot installation issues Understand the Printer Status... following features: • Fast access to qualified online support specialists • HP software and driver updates for the HP printer • Valuable troubleshooting information for common problems • Proactive ...
  • User Guide - Page 81

    ... Access online support pages. Send HP an email message for answers to your questions. Connect with an HP technician by using online chat. Check for HP software updates. You can also obtain support from the HP software for Windows or Mac OS X, which provide easy, step-by-step solutions to common printing problems. For more ...
  • User Guide - Page 84

    ...you did not install the HP software, you can install it using the HP software CD included with the printer, or you can download the HP software from the HP support web site, www.hp.com/ go/customercare... printer is set as the current or default printer. For Windows, set it as the default in the Printers folder. For Mac OS X, set it as the default in the Print & Fax or...
  • User Guide - Page 101

    .... Click Add More Software, click Customize Software Selections, and make sure the OCR option is selected. Mac OS X: If you have installed the HP software using the Minimum installation option, the OCR software might not have been installed. To install this software, place the HP software CD into the computer, double-click the HP Installer icon ...
  • User Guide - Page 123

    ..., continue to the next section for additional troubleshooting help Step 5: Make sure the wireless version of the printer is set as the default printer driver (Windows only) If you install the HP software again, the installer might create a second version of the printer driver in your Printers or...
  • User Guide - Page 125

    ... be preventing your printer from notifying computers on your network where it can be found. If you are using the HP software on a computer running Windows and cannot find the printer during installation (and you know the printer is on the network)-or if you have already successfully installed HP software and experience problems-check the following: • &#...
  • User Guide - Page 128

    ... the installation CD in the CD-ROM drive, inspect the installation CD for damage. You can download the printer driver from the HP web site, www.hp.com/go/... program again. Solve network problems General network troubleshooting • If you are unable to install the HP software, verify that: ◦ All cable connections to the computer and the printer are secure. ◦ ...
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