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Download the free PDF manual for HP Photosmart C5200 and other HP manuals at ManualOwl.com

  • Basics Guide - Page 2

    ...information contained in this document is subject to change without notice. All rights reserved. Reproduction, adaptation, or translation of ... herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty. HP shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors ...and Windows XP are U.S. registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Windows Vista is either a registered trademark or trademark of...
  • Basics Guide - Page 3

    Contents 1 HP All-in-One overview The HP All-in-One at a glance...2 Control panel features...3 Find more information...5 Load originals and load paper...5 Avoid paper jams...7 ......11 Replace the print cartridges...12 Clean the HP All-in-One...15 Troubleshooting and support Uninstall and reinstall the software...17 Hardware setup troubleshooting...17 Clear paper jams...
  • Basics Guide - Page 4

    ... as provides information for contacting HP support and ordering supplies. The onscreen Help details the full range of features and functions, including use of the HP Photosmart software that came with the HP All-in-One. The HP All-in-One at a glance HP All-in-One overview Label 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Description ...
  • Basics Guide - Page 7

    ... Setup Guide provides instructions for setting up the HP All-in-One and installing software. Make sure you follow the steps in the Setup Guide in order.... that are only available using the software you installed with the HP All-in-One. www.hp.com/support If you have Internet ... Web site offers technical support, drivers, supplies, and ordering information. HP All-in-One overview • &#...
  • Basics Guide - Page 10

    ...input tray. Use paper types that are recommended for the HP All-in-One. Print directly onto a CD/DVD 1. Use the software that came with the HP All-in-One to create and print a CD/DVD label. 2. When prompted, carefully... stored below the main input tray. HP All-in-One overview 8 3. Securely snap the inkjet printable ...-sized media, flip the CD/DVD holder ring over the CD/DVD. HP All-in...
  • Basics Guide - Page 13

    ...of the HP All-in-One. This section explains how to scan from the control panel of the HP All-in-One only. NOTE: You can also use the software you installed with the HP All-in-One to scan images. Using this software, you can edit a scanned image and create special projects using a scanned image. Scan an original to a computer ...
  • Basics Guide - Page 14

    ... level for the print cartridge is low, a message appears on the display. You can also check the ink levels by using the Printer Toolbox available through the HP Photosmart Software on your computer or through the Print Properties dialog box on your computer. If you do not already have replacement print cartridges for ...
  • Basics Guide - Page 15

    ...contacts Plastic tape with pink pull tab (must be removed before installing) Ink nozzles under tape CAUTION: Do not touch the... and bad electrical connections. Replace the print cartridges 13 HP All-in-One overview 4. Pull the print cartridge toward you out of its slot. 5. If you are removing the black print cartridge in order to install the photo or gray photo print cartridge, store the black ...
  • Basics Guide - Page 16

    ..., or gray photo print cartridge, slide it into the right slot. HP All-in-One overview 8. Close the print cartridge door. If you installed a new print cartridge, the HP All-in-One prints a print cartridge alignment page. 9. When prompted, ensure plain white paper is loaded in the input tray, then press OK. 14 HP All-in-One overview
  • Basics Guide - Page 19

    ... Many issues are caused when the HP All-in-One is connected to the computer using a USB cable before the HP All-in-One software is installed on the computer. If you connected the HP All-in-One to your computer before the software installation screen prompts you to do so, you must follow these steps: Troubleshooting common setup ...
  • Basics Guide - Page 20

    ... using the HP All-in-One with my computer Cause: The USB cable was connected before the software was installed. Connecting the USB... Solution: You must first install the software that came with the HP All-in-One before connecting the USB cable. During installation, ... instructions. Once you have installed the software, connecting your computer to the HP All-in-One with a USB cable is straightforward. ...
  • Basics Guide - Page 21

    ... plugged into a power outlet. Press the On button to turn on the HP All-in-One. • Make sure the print cartridges are installed. • Make sure you have paper loaded in the input...All-in-One off and then turn it on again. • Check that the HP All-in-One print queue is not paused (Windows) or stopped (Mac). If it is, choose the appropriate setting to resume printing. For more information...
  • Basics Guide - Page 22

    ...-in-One off and on again. Start a print job. • If necessary, remove and then install the software you installed with the HP All-in-One again. For more information on setting up the HP All-in-One and connecting it to your ... with the HP All-in-One. The HP All-in-One does not detect the CD/DVD holder Cause: You might not have pushed the CD/DVD holder far ...
  • Basics Guide - Page 24

    ...holder line up to the white lines on the tray. The HP All-in-One stalled while printing a CD/DVD ...at least 7.5 cm (3 inches) of space behind the HP All-in-One. Also, make sure that the slot on ...print again. Troubleshooting and support 22 The HP All-in-One is printing on a non-printable area of ... online help of the software you are using for additional information. Cause: You might have loaded the ...
  • Basics Guide - Page 25

    ... same size as specified in the print job, or change the print settings in the software. The CD/DVD holder is stuck in the storage area Cause: You might have inserted the CD/DVD ... that you do not remove the print cartridges from the HP All-in-One until you have replacement print cartridges available to install. • Turn off the HP All-in-One from the control panel. Do not turn off the device by...
  • Basics Guide - Page 26

    ...device information and expert assistance and includes the following features: • Fast access to qualified online support specialists • Software and driver updates for the HP All-in-One • Valuable HP All-in-One and troubleshooting information for common problems • Proactive device updates, support ...
  • Basics Guide - Page 27

    ... The technical specifications and international regulatory information for the HP All-in-One are provided in this section. System requirements Software system requirements are located in the Readme file. Product specifications For...it is possible the output from the HP All-in-One may be slightly distorted • HP recommends using a USB cable less than or equal ...
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