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  • End User License Agreement - Page 1

    ... THAT YOU Product into Your Computer's AGREE TO ALL TERMS AND temporary memory (RAM) for CONDITIONS OF THIS EULA. BY purposes of using the Software INSTALLING, COPYING, Product. DOWNLOADING, OR b. Storage. You may copy the OTHERWISE USING THE Software Product into the local SOFTWARE PRODUCT, YOU memory or storage device of the...
  • End User License Agreement - Page 2

    ...such recovery solution shall be governed by the Microsoft License Agreement. 2. UPGRADES. To use a Software Product identified as ..., you must first be licensed for the original Software Product identified by HP as eligible for the upgrade. After upgrading,...that formed the basis for your upgrade eligibility. 3. ADDITIONAL SOFTWARE. This EULA applies to updates or supplements to the original Software ...
  • HP iPAQ Security Solutions - Page 2

    ... For these reasons, strong security is an indispensable asset for mobile business computing devices such as HP iPAQ handhelds. HP iPAQ devices address these security challenges head-... Client developed by Funk Software, Inc. allows users to connect their device (HP iPAQ hw6900 Mobile Messenger series only) to multiple secured wireless networks. Odyssey Client supports ...
  • HP iPAQ Security Solutions - Page 4

    ...the user interface may be grayed out. You will need to install the Odyssey Client software onto your HP iPAQ. For instructions on installing Odyssey Client via the CD or web download version, refer to the information that came with your HP iPAQ. After configuring a network on Odyssey Client, you must be within range of an access ...
  • HP iPAQ Security Solutions - Page 8

    ..., such as Zone Alarm Personal Edition from Zone Labs, Inc. To download a free copy of this software on to your personal computer or notebook, go to www.zonelabs.com for more information. Bluefire ... visiting www.bluefiresecurity.com, Windows Mobile 2003 and Windows Mobile 5.0 users can download a free 30-day trial version of the software. Pointsec® for Pocket PC provides convenient, real-time ...
  • HP iPAQ 100 Series Classic Handheld - Product Guide - Page 5

    ...Add an attachment to a message ...38 Download messages ...38 Download messages from a server ...38 Install an online address book ...38 Windows Live Messenger ...39 Sign in and out of Messenger ...48 HP iPAQ Tips ...48 HP iPAQ QuickStart Tour ...48 HP iPAQ Zip ...48 HP Enterprise Mobility Agent ...49 Windows Media Player ...49 Windows Media Player 10 ...
  • HP iPAQ 100 Series Classic Handheld - Product Guide - Page 6

    ...a storage card ...56 View content of a storage card ...56 14 Synchronization Synchronization software ...58 Copy files ...58 Migrate data from Palm Desktop to Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.0 ...58 Wireless synchronization cost saving tips ...59 ... Canadien ...66 European Union Notice ...66 Products with 2.4-GHz Wireless LAN Devices ...67 Battery Warning ...67 vi
  • HP iPAQ 100 Series Classic Handheld - Product Guide - Page 9

    ... your profile. Sign up for free support alerts, driver notices, and personalized newsletters. After registering your HP iPAQ, you will receive an e-mail message regarding special offers and promotions. Visit http://www.register.hp.com to register your HP iPAQ or update your mail or e-mail address after registration. You are required to enter your user ID and registration password to edit ...
  • HP iPAQ 100 Series Classic Handheld - Product Guide - Page 24

    To remove programs from your HP iPAQ: 1. 2. Tap Start > Settings > System > Remove Programs. Select the check ...If programs are lost from your HP iPAQ for any reason, most of them can be re-installed using any synchronization software. See Synchronization software on page ...and clocks To set alarm on your HP iPAQ: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Tap Start > Settings > System > Clock & Alarms > Alarms. Tap to enter...
  • HP iPAQ 100 Series Classic Handheld - Product Guide - Page 26

    6 Connections You can use your HP iPAQ to connect to and exchange information with other handheld devices, your computer, various network types, or the ... need to use cables to connect your HP iPAQ to the Internet. Instead, access points transmit data to and from your wireless device. Your HP iPAQ can connect to an Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (...
  • HP iPAQ 100 Series Classic Handheld - Product Guide - Page 41

    ...move to folders created from anywhere except your HP iPAQ. If you use an IMAP4 ...your e-mail server, whether it is from your HP iPAQ or computer. This synchronization of folders occurs whenever... when connected. You can also set different download options for each folder. ●... synchronization or changing synchronization settings, see the synchronization software help on the computer or tap Contents...
  • HP iPAQ 100 Series Classic Handheld - Product Guide - Page 44

    .... Tap Next until you reach Message download Limit, and then select Entire Message ... Microsoft Exchange Server version 5.5 or later for you to receive meeting requests. See Synchronization software on page 58 ... attachment until you get the full copy. In addition, download time might be longer. ● Change e-mail download options if your account is not set up to receive attachments. 36 Chapter 8 ...
  • HP iPAQ 100 Series Classic Handheld - Product Guide - Page 46

    ... and e-mail server are synchronized. New messages are downloaded to the device Inbox folder, messages in the device Outbox... entire message, tap Menu > Download Message while in the message window. If you are in the message ... also download message attachments if you have selected those options while setting up...vary between the server and the device. Install an online address book Many e-mail servers,...
  • HP iPAQ 100 Series Classic Handheld - Product Guide - Page 47

    ... synchronizing your Outlook E-mail account, disable any directory services you have installed by clearing the Check name against this server check box. This helps avoid ... when Messaging tries to verify names against the service that you are not connected to. Windows Live Messenger You can use MSN Messenger on your HP iPAQ to send instant messages. MSN Messenger provides the same chat environment ...
  • HP iPAQ 100 Series Classic Handheld - Product Guide - Page 57

    .../svs/rdr to download and install the After you install the HP Enterprise Mobility Agent, ... application will configure, download, and install different applications from the Internet on your HP iPAQ. This application requires WLAN connection with access to internet. Windows Media Player Windows ... and on the go. The personal computer version of Windows Media Player 10 can be downloaded for free from...
  • HP iPAQ 100 Series Classic Handheld - Product Guide - Page 66

    ...Synchronization software If your computer is running Windows XP or an earlier version, synchronization settings ...information or to download Microsoft ActiveSync. If your computer is running Windows Vista, synchronization settings ... your HP iPAQ to the computer using the mini-USB synchronization cable. On the computer, select ... your HP iPAQ, you need to migrate your data from the Palm Desktop software...
  • HP iPAQ 100 Series Classic Handheld - Product Guide - Page 67

    ... unit into your computer's CD-ROM drive. From the Discover Your Handheld screen, select Install Microsoft ...-screen instructions to install ActiveSync on your computer and create a partnership between your HP iPAQ and your computer. 4. 5. Wireless synchronization cost saving ...you manage the cost of wireless synchronization from your HP iPAQ depends on your priorities. To Reduce network connection ...
  • HP iPAQ 100 Series Classic Handheld - Product Guide - Page 68

    ... and grays out.) The firewall or other network protection software message box is displayed when ActiveSync tries to ... you begin synchronizing information between your HP iPAQ and computer. The synchronization method varies depending on...> Connection Settings. Confirm that USB is selected as a potential connection method. Connect your HP iPAQ to a different USB port on your computer. Check your mini-...
  • HP iPAQ 100 Series Classic Handheld - Product Guide - Page 69

    ● ● Restart your computer and HP iPAQ and reconnect your iPAQ to your computer.... > Uninstall or Change a Program > Windows Mobile Device Center and Windows Mobile Device Center Driver Update. Then click Uninstall. After trying the above solutions without any ... is complete by using ActiveSync or WMDC on your computer. After your HP iPAQ is synchronized properly, do the following: ●...
  • HP iPAQ 100 Series Classic Handheld - Product Guide - Page 79

    18 Frequently asked questions I am having trouble turning on my HP iPAQ. What should I do? Your HP iPAQ displays problems with the battery. Please perform the following checks: ●... to use ActiveSync 4.5 or a higher version. Visit http://www.microsoft.com/downloads for the latest versions. I am having trouble turning on my HP iPAQ. What should I do? 71
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