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  • Product Specification - Page 15

    ... Board Products" or "Desktop Board Support" Available configurations for the Desktop Board D945GCCR Processor data sheets ICH7 addressing Custom splash screens Audio software and utilities LAN software and drivers Supported video modes Visit this World Wide Web site:
  • Product Specification - Page 16

    Intel Desktop Board D945GCCR Technical Product Specification 1.4 System Memory 1.8 V (only) DDR2 SDRAM DIMMs with gold-plated contacts ... supports the following memory features: NOTES • • Remove the PCI Express x16 video card before installing or upgrading memory to avoid interference with the memory retention mechanism. To be fully compliant with all applicable DDR SDRAM memory ...
  • Product Specification - Page 22

    Intel Desktop Board D945GCCR Technical Product Specification • Video ⎯ Hardware motion compensation for ... • • For information about Obtaining graphics software and utilities Dynamic Video Memory Technology (DVMT) DVMT enables ... using VGA graphics under DOS. Once loaded, the operating system and graphics drivers allocate additional system memory to the graphics ...
  • Product Specification - Page 23

    ...Configuration Modes A list of supported modes for the Intel GMA950 graphics controller is available as a downloadable document. For information about Supported video modes for the board Refer to Section 1.2, ...and uses UHCI- and EHCI-compatible drivers. The ICH7 provides the USB controller for all ports. The...the front panel USB headers Refer to Figure 12, page 49 Figure 13, page 50 ...
  • Product Specification - Page 24

    Intel Desktop Board D945GCCR Technical Product Specification 1.5.3 • • IDE Support One parallel ATA IDE connector that ... MB/sec. ATA-66 protocol is similar to Ultra DMA and is device driver compatible. ATA-100: DMA protocol on IDE bus allows host ... of 3 Gbits/sec per port. One device can be installed on each port for a maximum of four Serial ATA devices. A point-to-point interface...
  • Product Specification - Page 27

    ... features: • • • 1.8.1 Audio Subsystem Software Refer to Audio software and drivers are available from Intel's World Wide Web site. For information about Obtaining audio software and drivers Section 1.2, page 15 1.8.2 Audio Connectors The board contains audio connectors/headers on both the back panel and ...
  • Product Specification - Page 29

    ... of the LAN subsystem include: 1.9.1 LAN Subsystem Software Refer to Section 1.2, page 15 LAN software and drivers are available from Intel's World Wide Web site. For information about Obtaining LAN software and drivers 1.9.2 Intel® 82562G Physical Layer Interface Device 10/100 Ethernet LAN connectivity Full device ...
  • Product Specification - Page 33

    ... management is implemented at several levels, including: • • Software support through Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (... power management and Plug and Play functions of a computer. The use of ACPI with this board requires an operating system that provides full...add-in boards (some add-in boards may require an ACPI-aware driver), video displays, and hard disk drives Methods for ...
  • Product Specification - Page 35

    ... These devices/events can wake up the computer...LAN Modem (back panel Serial Port A) PME# signal Power ... disabled by default in the BIOS Setup program. Setting this option to Power On will enable a wake-up event from LAN in the S5 ... wake-up events from an ACPI state requires an operating system that provides full ACPI support. In addition, software, drivers, and peripherals must fully support ACPI ...
  • Product Specification - Page 71

    ... An ATA-66/100 compatible cable ATA-66/100 operating system device drivers NOTE Do not connect an ATA device as a slave on the same IDE cable as an ATAPI ... The BIOS enables applications such as third-party management software to use SMBIOS. The BIOS stores and reports the ... data, such as peripherals, serial numbers, and asset tags Resource data, such as memory size, cache size,...
  • Product Specification - Page 72

    Intel Desktop Board D945GCCR Technical Product Specification 3.5 • BIOS Updates Intel® Express BIOS Update utility, which ... the updated BIOS matches the target system to prevent accidentally installing an incompatible BIOS. NOTE Review the instructions distributed with the upgrade utility before attempting a BIOS update. For information about The Intel World Wide Web site Refer to ...
  • Product Specification - Page 73

    ... and may be used to configure the operating system. 6. After the operating system loads the USB drivers, all legacy and non-legacy USB devices are recognized by the operating selected as a boot device. This selection allows booting from the onboard LAN or a network add-in card with a remote boot ROM installed. Pressing the key during POST automatically forces booting from the LAN. To use this ...
  • Product Specification - Page 78

    Intel Desktop Board D945GCCR Technical Product Specification 4.4 Port 80h POST Codes During the POST, the BIOS ...a medium such as a seven-segment display. NOTE The POST card must be installed in PCI bus connector 1. The following tables provide information about the ... Can be used by any PEIM/driver for debug. Host Processors: 1F is an unrecoverable CPU error. Memory/Chipset: 2F is no memory ...
  • Product Specification - Page 81

    ...POST Codes (continued) POST Code Description of POST Operation DXE Drivers E7 E8 E9 EB Waiting for user input Checking password Entering BIOS setup Calling Legacy Option ROMs Runtime Phase/EFI OS Boot F4 F5 F8 F9 FA Entering... 3F Crisis Recovery has initiated per User request Crisis Recovery has initiated by software (corrupt flash) Loading recovery capsule Handing off control to the...
  • Intel Desktop Board D945GCCR Specification Update PFD - Page 4

    ...® Desktop Board D945GCCR This document is an update to the specifications contained in the Intel® Desktop ...;2 Extreme Processor X6800∆ and Intel® Core™2 Duo Desktop... updates concerning the 82801GB I/O Controller Hub and that may apply to the desktop board D945GCCR... Assembly (AA) revision(s) associated with that stepping. 4 Intel Desktop Board D945GCCR Specification Update...
  • Intel Desktop Board D945GCCR Specification Update PFD - Page 5

    .... Characterized errata may cause the desktop board behavior to deviate from published specifications. Hardware and software designed to be used ... the next release of the specifications. General Information Basic Desktop Board D945GCCR Identification Information AA Revision D78645-300 ... 82945GC 82801GB Stepping A2 A1 S-Spec Numbers SL9Z8 SL8FX Intel Desktop Board D945GCCR Specification Update 5
  • Intel Desktop Board D945GCCR Specification Update PFD - Page 6

    ... table: Doc: Plan Fix: Fixed: No Fix: Shaded: Document change or update that will be implemented. This erratum may be fixed in a future revision of the desktop board, driver, or BIOS. This erratum has been previously fixed. There are ... Memory Module (DIMM) sockets Support for DDR2 533 or DDR2 400 MHz DIMMs Support for up to 2 GB of system memory 6 Intel Desktop Board D945GCCR Specification Update
  • Intel Desktop Board D945GCCR Product Guide English - Page 3

    Preface This Product Guide gives information about board layout, component installation, BIOS update, and regulatory requirements for Intel® Desktop Board D945GCCR. Intended Audience The Product Guide is intended for technically qualified personnel. It is not intended for general audiences. Use Only for Intended Applications All Intel desktop boards are ...
  • Intel Desktop Board D945GCCR Product Guide English - Page 10

    Intel Desktop Board D945GCCR Product Guide Table 1. Feature Summary (continued) LAN Support BIOS Power Management Hardware Management 10...Links: For more information about Desktop Board D945GCCR, including the Technical Product Specification (TPS), BIOS updates, and device drivers, go to: Supported Operating Systems The desktop board supports ...
  • Intel Desktop Board D945GCCR Product Guide English - Page 61

    ... environment. The BIOS file is included in an automated update utility that combines the functionality of the Intel® Flash Memory Update Utility and the ease-of use of Windows-based installation wizards. To update the BIOS with the Intel Express BIOS Update utility: 1. Go to the Intel World Wide Web site: http://...
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