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  • Technical Product Specification - Page 1

    Intel® Next Unit of Computing Board D33217GKE Technical Product Specification October 2012 Order Number: G67686-002 The Intel Next Unit of Computing Board D33217GKE may contain design defects or errors... deviate from published specifications. Current characterized errata are documented in the Intel Next Unit of Computing Board D33217GKE Specification Update.
  • Technical Product Specification - Page 2

    ... History First release of the Intel Next Unit of Computing Board D33217GKE Technical Product ... applies to only the standard Intel® Next Unit of Computing Board with BIOS identifier ... of Computing Boards are evaluated as Information Technology Equipment (I.T.E.) for use in personal computers (PC) for installation... from future changes to them. Intel Next Unit of Computing Boards may contain design...
  • Technical Product Specification - Page 3

    Board Identification Information Basic Intel® Next Unit of Computing Board D33217GKE Identification Information AA ...2. The AA number is found on a small label on the component side of the board. The Intel® QS77 PCH and Intel® ...any, are documented in a separate Specification Update. See for the latest documentation. iii
  • Technical Product Specification - Page 7

    ...24 1.7 SATA Interface ...24 1.7.1 AHCI Mode ...24 1.8 Real-Time Clock Subsystem ...25 1.9 LAN Subsystem ...25 1.9.1 Intel® 82579V Gigabit Ethernet Controller ...26 1.9.2 LAN Subsystem Software ...26 1.9.3 RJ-45 LAN Connector with Integrated LEDs ...27 1.10 Hardware Management Subsystem ...28 1.10.1 Hardware Monitoring ...
  • Technical Product Specification - Page 8

    Intel Desktop Board D33217GKE Technical Product Specification 2 Technical Reference 2.1 Memory Resources ...35 2.1.1 Addressable Memory ...35 2.1.2 Memory Map ...37 2.2 Connectors and Headers ...37 2.2.1 Back Panel Connectors ...38 2.2.2 Connectors and Headers (Bottom) ...39 2.3 BIOS Setup Configuration Jumper ...46 2.4 Mechanical Considerations ...48 2.4.1 Form Factor ...48 2.5 Electrical ...
  • Technical Product Specification - Page 18

    ... Next Unit of Computing Board D33217GKE Next Unit of Computing Board Support Available configurations for Intel Next Unit of Computing Board D33217GKE Chipset information BIOS and driver updates Tested memory Integration information Visit this World Wide Web site:
  • Technical Product Specification - Page 19

    ...fully compliant with all applicable DDR SDRAM memory specifications, the board should be populated with SO-DIMMs that support the Serial Presence Detect (SPD) data structure....and program the chipset to accurately configure memory settings for optimum performance. If non-SPD memory is installed, the BIOS will attempt to correctly configure the memory settings, but performance and reliability may be ...
  • Technical Product Specification - Page 20

    ... Specification For information about...Tested Memory Refer to: /CS-025414.htm 1.4.1 • Memory Configurations ... can vary from one channel to the other but the installed memory capacity for each channel must be... between channels, the slowest memory timing will be used. Refer to:
  • Technical Product Specification - Page 24

    ...Also, during Microsoft Windows XP installation, F6 must be pressed to install the AHCI drivers. See your Microsoft Windows XP documentation for more information about installing drivers during installation. Microsoft Windows 7 includes the necessary AHCI drivers ... the operating system installation process, however, it is always good practice to update the AHCI drivers to the latest available by...
  • Technical Product Specification - Page 25

    ...on page 13 shows the location of the battery. 1.9 • • • LAN Subsystem Intel 82579V Gigabit Ethernet Controller (10/100/1000 Mb/s) Intel QS77 Express Chipset ...8226; Power management capabilities  ACPI technology support •  LAN wake capabilities LAN subsystem software Refer to For information about LAN software and drivers 25
  • Technical Product Specification - Page 26

    ... The Intel 82579V Gigabit Ethernet Controller supports the following features: 1.9.2 LAN Subsystem Software Refer to LAN software and drivers are available from Intel's World Wide Web site. For information about Obtaining LAN software and drivers 26
  • Technical Product Specification - Page 28

    Intel Desktop Board D33217GKE Technical Product Specification 1.10 Hardware Management Subsystem The hardware management features enable the board to be compatible with the Wired for Management (WfM) specification. The board has several ...PCH Vcc SMBus interface 1.10.2 Fan Monitoring Fan monitoring can be implemented using third-party software. 28
  • Technical Product Specification - Page 30

    Intel Desktop Board D33217GKE Technical Product Specification 1.11 Power Management Power management... implemented at several levels, including: • • Software support through Advanced Configuration and ... and Plug and Play functions of a computer. The use of ACPI with this board requires an operating system ... boards (some add-in boards may require an ACPI-aware driver), video displays, and ...
  • Technical Product Specification - Page 32

    Intel Desktop Board D33217GKE Technical Product Specification Wake-up Devices and Events Table 9 lists the devices ... The use of these wake-up events from an ACPI state requires an operating system that provides full ACPI support. In addition, software, drivers, and peripherals must fully support ACPI wake events. 1.11.2 Hardware Support The board provides several power management ...
  • Technical Product Specification - Page 33

    ... was interrupted (on or off). The computer's response can be set using the Last Power State feature in the BIOS Setup program's Boot menu. For information about The location ... state. The use of Instantly Available PC technology requires operating system support and drivers for any installed PCI Express add-in card. LAN Wake Capabilities LAN wake capabilities enable remote wake-up of the...
  • Technical Product Specification - Page 34

    Intel Desktop Board D33217GKE Technical Product Specification +5 V Standby Power Indicator LED The standby power indicator LED ... switched off and the standby power indicator is still lit, disconnect the power cord before installing or removing any devices connected to the board. Failure to do so could damage the board and any attached devices. Figure 7. Location of the Standby Power ...
  • Technical Product Specification - Page 35

    ... Technical Reference Memory Resources Addressable Memory The board utilizes 16 GB of addressable system ...not possible to use all of the installed memory due to system address space being allocated for other ...memory mapped I/O logical address space. The board remaps physical memory from the top of usable DRAM All installed system memory can be used when there is no overlap of system addresses....
  • Technical Product Specification - Page 56

    Intel Desktop Board D33217GKE Technical Product Specification 3.2 BIOS Flash Memory Organization The Serial Peripheral Interface Flash Memory (SPI Flash) includes a ...are not yet available. Legacy USB support is used to access the BIOS Setup program, and to install an operating system that supports USB. By default, Legacy USB support is set to Enabled. Legacy USB support operates as follows:...
  • Technical Product Specification - Page 57

    ... support in the BIOS Setup program is set to Enabled and follow the operating system's installation instructions. 3.5 • BIOS Updates Intel® Express BIOS Update utility, which ... BIOS matches the target system to prevent accidentally installing an incompatible BIOS. NOTE Review the instructions distributed with the upgrade utility before attempting a BIOS update. ...
  • Technical Product Specification - Page 58

    ... Intel® software tools Refer to 3.6 BIOS Recovery It is unlikely that anything will interrupt a BIOS update; however, if an interruption... FAT32 FAT16 FAT12 ISO 9660 Refer to For information...
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