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  • Product Guide - Page 2

    Revision History Revision -001 Revision History First release of the Intel® Desktop Board DG41RQ Product Guide Date December 2008 If an FCC declaration of conformity marking is present ... and product descriptions at any time, without notice. Intel® Desktop Board DG41RQ may contain design defects or errors known as errata which may cause the product to...
  • Product Guide - Page 3

    ...Guide gives information about board layout, component installation, BIOS update, and regulatory requirements for Intel® Desktop Board DG41RQ. Intended Audience The Product Guide is... Installing and Replacing Desktop Board Components: instructions on how to install the Desktop Board and other hardware components Updating the BIOS: instructions on how to ...
  • Product Guide - Page 5

    Contents 1 Desktop Board Features Desktop Board Components...11 Processor...13 Main Memory...14 Intel®...19 BIOS ...19 Serial ATA and IDE Auto Configuration...19 PCI* and PCI Express*...24 Real-Time Clock...24 2 Installing and Replacing Desktop Board Components Before You Begin ...26 Installing the I/O Shield ...27 Installing and Removing the Desktop Board ...28 Installing and Removing a...
  • Product Guide - Page 6

    Intel Desktop Board DG41RQ Product Guide Installing and Removing Memory...34 Installing DIMMs ...35 Removing DIMMs...37...38 Removing the PCI Express x16 Card...39 Connecting the IDE Cable...40 Connecting the Serial ATA (SATA) Cables ...41 Connecting ... Ecology Statements ...65 Recycling Considerations ...65 Lead-Free Desktop Board...67 EMC Regulations ...69 Ensure Electromagnetic Compatibility (...
  • Product Guide - Page 7

    ...14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. Intel Desktop Board DG41RQ Components ...11 LAN Connector LEDs ...17 Location of the Standby Power Indicator ...23 Installing the I/O Shield ...27 Intel Desktop Board DG41RQ Mounting Screw Hole Locations ...28 Lift.... 17. 18. 19. Feature Summary...9 Intel Desktop Board DG41RQ Components ...12 Audio Jack Retasking Support...16 LAN Connector ...
  • Product Guide - Page 10

    ... XP Professional • Microsoft Windows XP Professional x64 Edition • Microsoft Windows XP Home Related Links: For more information about Intel Desktop Board DG41RQ, including the Technical Product Specification (TPS), BIOS updates, and device drivers, go to:
  • Product Guide - Page 12

    ... 2.0 headers (2) Speaker Serial port header S/PDIF connector Front panel audio header Go to the following links for more information about Intel Desktop Board DG41RQ Supported processors Audio software and utilities LAN software and drivers
  • Product Guide - Page 13

    ... in damage to the board, or the system may not function properly. Intel Desktop Board DG41RQ supports an Intel processor in the LGA775 package. Processors are not included with the Desktop ... for more information about: • • Instructions on installing or upgrading the processor, page 29 in Chapter 2 Supported processors for Intel Desktop Board DG41RQ, 13
  • Product Guide - Page 14

    Intel Desktop Board DG41RQ Product Guide Main Memory NOTE To be fully compliant with all applicable Intel ® SDRAM memory specifications, the board should be populated with DIMMs that support the Serial Presence Detect (SPD) data ... the screen at power up. The BIOS will attempt to configure the memory controller for normal operation. The Desktop Board has two DIMM sockets that support the ...
  • Product Guide - Page 15

    Desktop Board Features Intel® G41 Express Chipset The Intel G41 Express Chipset ... capabilities supporting 3D, 2D, and display capabilities. The ICH7 is a centralized controller for the board's I/O paths. Go to the... technology DVDs o Microsoft Windows Vista* only o Hardware acceleration supported for MPEG-2 only ⎯ Software DVD at 30 fps full screen ⎯ Dynamic Video Memory Technology ...
  • Product Guide - Page 16

    Intel Desktop Board DG41RQ Product Guide Audio Subsystem The onboard audio subsystem consists of the following Intel® ICH7 Realtek ALC662 audio codec Back ... to the following link or pages for more information about: • • Audio drivers and utilities The location of the back panel audio connectors, Figure 21 on page 47 16
  • Product Guide - Page 17

    Desktop Board Features Legacy Input/Output (I/O) Controller The Winbond 83627DHG-P legacy I/O controller provides the following functions One serial port interface via an onboard... • PCI bus power management Go to the following link for information about LAN software and drivers: Two LEDs are built into the RJ-45 LAN connector located on ...
  • Product Guide - Page 18

    Intel Desktop Board DG41RQ Product Guide Table 4 describes the LED states when the board is powered up and the LAN subsystem is... Mb/s data rate 1000 Mb/s data rate Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Support The Desktop Board supports up to eight USB 2.0 ports (four ports... drives) Older PIO Mode devices Ultra DMA-33 and ATA-66/100 protocols Serial ATA The Desktop Board supports four Serial ATA channels (3.0 Gb...
  • Product Guide - Page 19

    Desktop Board Features Expandability For system expansion, the Desktop Board provides the following expansion slots: • • One ... 3. Serial ATA and IDE Auto Configuration If you install a Serial ATA or IDE device (such as a hard drive) in your computer, the auto-configuration ... You do not need to run the BIOS Setup program after installing a Serial ATA or IDE device. You can override the ...
  • Product Guide - Page 21

    Desktop Board Features Power Management Features Power management is implemented at several levels, including: &#... management and Plug and Play functions of a computer. The use of ACPI with the Desktop Board requires an operating system that provides full ACPI support. Hardware Support...Power State feature in the BIOS Setup program's Boot menu. The Desktop Board has two power connectors. See Figure...
  • Product Guide - Page 47

    Installing and Replacing Desktop Board Components Connecting to the Back Panel Audio Connectors After installing the audio driver from the Intel Express Installer CD-ROM, the multichannel audio feature can be enabled. Figure 21 shows the back panel audio connectors. The default connector assignments are shown in the figure. Refer to Table 3 on page 16 for audio connector retasking ...
  • Product Guide - Page 57

    ... that combines the functionality of the Intel® Flash Memory Update Utility and the ease of use of Windows-based installation wizards. To update the BIOS with the Intel ... 1. Go to the Intel World Wide Web site: 2. Navigate to the Intel Desktop Board DG41RQ page, click "[view] Latest BIOS updates," and select the Express BIOS Update utility ...
  • Product Guide - Page 58

    Intel Desktop Board DG41RQ Product Guide Updating the BIOS with the ISO Image BIOS Update File or at: Navigate to the Intel Desktop Board DG41RQ page, click "[view] Latest BIOS updates," and select ... an Intel® Desktop Board BIOS to the latest production release regardless of the operating system installed on the computer's hard drive ...
  • Product Guide - Page 59

    ... CD-ROM" prompt appears, press the Enter key. The system will boot from the hard drive if no key is pressed within 15 seconds. 5. At the "Welcome to the Intel Desktop Board BIOS Upgrade CD-ROM" page, press any key to confirm the BIOS upgrade operation. 6. Wait for the BIOS upgrade process to complete. CAUTION DO NOT ...
  • Product Guide - Page 61

    A Error Messages and Indicators Intel Desktop Board DG41RQ reports POST errors in two ways: • • By sounding a beep code By displaying an error message on the ... that the system date/time has not been set. The firmware has detected that the system memory has decreased. The system chassis was opened. SERIAL PRESENCE DETECT (SPD) device data missing or ...
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