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  • Technical Product Specification - Page 1

    Intel® Desktop Board DH61HO Technical Product Specification June 2012 Part Number: G63529-003 The Intel® Desktop Board DH61HO may contain design defects or errors known as errata that may cause the product to deviate from published specifications. Current characterized errata are documented in the Intel Desktop Board DH61HO Specification Update.
  • Technical Product Specification - Page 2

    ... -002 -003 Revision History First release of the Intel Desktop Board DH61HO Technical Product Specification Specification Clarification Updated the BIOS Identification Information ® Date April ... MAY OCCUR. All Intel® desktop boards are evaluated as Information Technology Equipment (I.T.E.) for use in personal computers (PC) for installation in homes, offices, ...
  • Technical Product Specification - Page 3

    ...1 indicates the Specification Changes or Specification Clarifications that apply to the Intel® Desktop Board DH61HO. Table 1. Specification Changes or Clarifications Date June ... which was not stuffed on this board. Errata Current characterized errata, if any, are documented in a separate Specification Update. See for the latest...
  • Technical Product Specification - Page 7

    ... ...20 1.9 Legacy I/O Controller ...20 1.9.1 Serial Port ...21 1.10 Audio Subsystem ...21 1.10.1 Audio Subsystem Software ...21 1.10.2 Audio Headers and Connectors...22 1.11 LAN Subsystem ...23 1.11.1 Realtek RTL8111E Gigabit Ethernet Controller ...23 1.11.2 LAN Subsystem Software ...23 1.11.3 RJ-45 LAN Connector with Integrated LEDs ...24 1.12 Real-...
  • Technical Product Specification - Page 8

    Intel Desktop Board DH61HO Technical Product Specification 2 Technical Reference 2.1 Memory Resources ...35 2.1.1 Addressable Memory...35 2.1.2 Memory Map ...37 2.2 Connectors and ...53 3 Overview of BIOS Features Introduction ...55 System Management BIOS (SMBIOS) ...57 Legacy USB Support ...57 BIOS Updates ...58 3.4.1 Language Support ...58 3.4.2 Custom Splash Screen ...59 3.5 BIOS Recovery ...
  • Technical Product Specification - Page 16

    ... find information about...Intel Desktop Board DH61HO Desktop Board Support Available configurations for the Intel Desktop Board DH61HO Supported processors Chipset information BIOS and driver updates Tested memory Integration information Visit this World Wide Web site:
  • Technical Product Specification - Page 17

    ... (PCH) provides interfaces to the processor and the USB, SATA, audio, network, display, and PCI Express....all applicable DDR SDRAM memory specifications, the board should be populated with DIMMs that support the Serial Presence Detect accurately configure memory settings for optimum performance. If non-SPD memory is installed, the BIOS will attempt to correctly configure the memory settings, but ...
  • Technical Product Specification - Page 18

    ...16 8 16 8 16 "DS" refers to double-sided memory modules (containing two rows of SDRAM) and "...row of SDRAM). For information about...Tested Memory Refer to: 1.5.1 rd Memory Configurations Dual channel... used between channels, the slowest memory timing will be used. Refer to:
  • Technical Product Specification - Page 20

    Intel Desktop Board DH61HO Technical Product Specification 1.7 • • USB Four USB 2.0 ports are implemented ...-speed, and low-speed capable. NOTE Computer systems that have an unshielded cable attached to a USB port may not meet FCC Class B... resource steering is used. Native mode is the preferred mode for configurations using the Windows* XP, Windows Vista*, and Windows 7 operating ...
  • Technical Product Specification - Page 21

    ... Microphone Headphones Default Line Out (Front Speakers) Line In (Surround) Mic In (Center/Sub) 1.10.1 Audio Subsystem Software Refer to Section 1.2, page 16 Audio software and drivers are available from Intel's World Wide Web site. For information about Obtaining audio software and drivers 21
  • Technical Product Specification - Page 22

    Intel Desktop Board DH61HO Technical Product Specification 1.10.2 Audio Headers and Connectors The board contains ... on both the back panel and the component side of the board. The component-side audio header is a yellow 2 x 5-pin header that ... Audio Connector Options The back panel audio connectors are configurable through the audio device drivers. For information about The back panel audio ...
  • Technical Product Specification - Page 23

    ...63719; LAN wake capabilities LAN subsystem software Refer to For information about LAN software and drivers 1.11.1 • • • Realtek RTL8111E...compatibility 1.11.2 LAN Subsystem Software Refer to Section 1.2, page 16 LAN software and drivers are available from Intel's World Wide Web site. For information about Obtaining LAN software and drivers 23
  • Technical Product Specification - Page 28

    Intel Desktop Board DH61HO Technical Product Specification 1.15 Power Management Power management... implemented at several levels, including: • • Software support through Advanced Configuration and Power...and Plug and Play functions of a computer. The use of ACPI with this board requires an operating system ...boards (some add-in boards may require an ACPI-aware driver), video displays, and ...
  • Technical Product Specification - Page 30

    Intel Desktop Board DH61HO Technical Product Specification Wake-up Devices and Events Table 9 ... devices/events can wake up the computer...Power switch RTC alarm LAN USB WAKE# signal Serial port PS/2 Notes: ... of these wake-up events from an ACPI state requires an operating system that provides full ACPI support. In addition, software, drivers, and peripherals must fully support ACPI wake ...
  • Technical Product Specification - Page 55

    3 3.1 Overview of BIOS Features Introduction The board uses an Intel BIOS that is stored in a 32 Mbit (8.192 KB) Serial Peripheral Interface Flash Memory (SPI Flash) device which can be updated using a set of utilities. The SPI Flash contains the BIOS Setup program, POST, LAN EEPROM information, Plug and Play support, and other firmware. ...
  • Technical Product Specification - Page 57

    ... support is used to access the BIOS Setup program, and to install an operating system that supports USB. By default, Legacy USB support is set to Enabled. Legacy USB support operates as ... recognized during this period if Legacy USB support was set to Disabled in the BIOS Setup program.) 6. After the operating system loads the USB drivers, all legacy and non-legacy USB devices are recognized by the ...
  • Technical Product Specification - Page 58

    Intel Desktop Board DH61HO Technical Product Specification 3.4 • BIOS Updates Intel® Express BIOS ... drive (a flash drive or a USB drive), or an optical drive. Intel® Flash Memory Update Utility, which requires booting from ...the target system to prevent accidentally installing an incompatible BIOS. NOTE Review the instructions distributed with the upgrade utility before attempting ...
  • Technical Product Specification - Page 59

    ... Integrator Toolkit Additional Intel software tools ® ® Refer to /tools.htm and 3.5 BIOS Recovery It is unlikely that anything will interrupt a BIOS ...
  • Technical Product Specification - Page 61

    ... 932 Hz F2 Setup/F10 Boot Menu One 0.5 second beep when BIOS is ready to Prompt accept keyboard input BIOS update in progress Video error (no add-in graphics card installed) None On-off (1.0 2.5-second (beeps and continue to second each) two times, then pause (off), entire pattern repeats pause) once and the BIOS will boot...
  • Technical Product Specification - Page 62

    Intel Desktop Board DH61HO Technical Product Specification 4.3 Front-panel Power LED Blink Codes Whenever ... Codes Type Pattern Note F2 Setup/F10 Boot Menu None Prompt BIOS update in progress Off when the ... blinks. For processors requiring an add-in graphics card Video error (no add-in graphics card installed) Memory error Thermal trip warning 4.4 BIOS Error Messages Table 33 lists the error...
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