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  • User Guide - Page 1

    User Guide Some of the contents in this manual may differ from your phone depending on the software of the phone or your service provider. AT&T marks contained herein are trademarks of AT&T Intellectual Property and/or AT&T affiliated companies. © 2009 AT&T Intellectual Property. All rights reserved. Actual color of the phone may vary.
  • User Guide - Page 2

    ... aware that some applications that you enable may involve the location of your phone being shared. For applications available through AT&T, we offer privacy controls that let ... service to learn how location information will be used and protected. In addition, your AT&T phone may be used to access the Internet and to download, and/or purchase goods, applications, and services from AT&T or elsewhere ...
  • User Guide - Page 3

    ... customary manner. 2. Defects or damages from abnormal use, abnormal conditions, improper storage, exposure to moisture or dampness, unauthorized modifications, unauthorized connections, unauthorized repair, misuse, neglect, abuse, accident, alteration, improper installation, or other acts which are not the fault of LG, including damage caused by shipping, blown fuses, ...
  • User Guide - Page 4

    ...at its option to use functionally equivalent reconditioned, refurbished or new units or parts or any units. In addition, LG will not re-install or back-up any data, applications or software that you have added to your phone. It is therefore recommended that you back-up any such data or information prior to sending...
  • User Guide - Page 6

    ... to the Conference Call ...35 Private Call in a Conference Call ...35 Ending a Conference Call ...35 Getting Started...9 Installing the SIM Card and Battery ...9 Installing a Memory Card ...11 Touch Calibration ...14 Start Up Guide ...15 General Functions ...16 Making a Call...16 Answering a Call ...17 Adjusting the...
  • User Guide - Page 9

    Applications ...107 Software Update ...110 Phone Information ...111 Q&A ...112 Accessories ...113 For Your Safety...114 Safety Guidelines ...118 Glossary ...136 Index ...138 5
  • User Guide - Page 13

    Getting Started Installing the SIM Card and Battery 1. Remove the battery cover Press down on the notch at the bottom of the phone and slide the cover. The battery cover should slide and lift off ...using your fingernail, lift the battery from the battery compartment. n Warning Do not remove the battery when the phone is switched on, as this may damage the phone. 9
  • User Guide - Page 14

    Getting Started 3. Install the SIM card Slide the SIM card into the SIM card holder. Make sure that the gold contact area on the card is facing downward. To remove the SIM card, pull it gently in the opposite direction. 4. Install the battery Insert the top of the battery first into the top edge of the battery compartment. Ensure that the ...
  • User Guide - Page 15

    ...could damage your phone and void your warranty. To use the travel charger provided with your phone: Installing a Memory Card You can expand the memory available on your phone by using a microSD™ memory card. The LG Xenon will support up to a 16 GB microSD™ ...! You should insert the battery before charging. 1. Lift the memory card cover and insert a microSD™ card ...
  • User Guide - Page 19

    Start Up Guide After you install SIM card and battery, and turn on the LG Xenon, you will see Start Up Guide on the screen. ] How to Unlock Your Phone ] How to Open Menu and Select Item ] How to Scroll ] How to Navigate Between Items ] How to Rotate Screen Orientation ] How to Open Keypad and Enter Text ] How to Change Home Screen ] How to Add Shortcuts on Home Screen ] How to Add Contacts...
  • User Guide - Page 23

    ...can enter alphanumeric characters by using the phone's touch pad. For example, storing names in the Address Book, writing a message or scheduling events in the ... be entered. The following text input modes are available on the phone. Using the Symbol Mode The Symbol Mode enables you... Signal Strength If you are inside a building, being near a window may give you better reception. You ...
  • User Guide - Page 61

    Messaging n Note • In the conversation window, you can use the up/down Qwerty ...sending. • The current information might not update in real time so the "Refresh List"/"... can be used for the most up to date status. To Set Up Mobile Email ] Open ...! Mail, AOL Mail, AIM Mail, Windows Live Hotmail, AT&T Yahoo!, BellSouth Mail and Other providers accounts on your phone. So, now you can quickly...
  • User Guide - Page 71

    ...Handset Music files can be added to your handset by using one or more of the following methods: ] Download music and ringtones over the AT&T network directly to your device via the Shop Music link in ... link in the AT&T MEdia Mall folder. ] From your existing digital media collection on your PC via Windows Media® Player and/or Windows Explorer. ] From your...
  • User Guide - Page 72

    ... per-use data charges. n Note Additional charges may apply when downloading music, ringtones etc. other digital music management software such as Napster or eMusic ] A microSD™ card* (supports up to 16GB cards) ] USB data cable* * microSD™ card and USB data cable sold separately; go to att.com/wireless for details. n Note This device is...
  • User Guide - Page 73

    ... the Digital Music Service 1. Using your computer, open your preferred PC music management client. 2. Download the selected song to your library. 3. Make sure the microSD™ card is inserted properly into the handset.... the hub. Transferring Music using Windows Media Player 1. Open Windows Media® Player on your computer (version 10.0 or higher). 2. Use the...
  • User Guide - Page 74

    ...handset or provide an MTP Player dialog window on the PC screen, skip to Changing USB Connection Settings section on page 71. 7. Click the Start Sync button to download the selected songs to your handset. A...the USB connector from the handset. 4. From within the Windows Media® Player application, click on the Sync tab. Previously downloaded songs are then listed on...
  • User Guide - Page 114

    ...to select an alert type between Ring Only, Ring After Name and Name Repeat. Software Update If new software exists, the AT&T server notifies devices using a WAP push message. Before updating new software after downloading it from the AT&T server, users can decide whether they would like to postpone the operation. When the time is up,...
  • User Guide - Page 127

    .... ] Do not place items containing magnetic components such as a credit card, phone card, bank book or subway ticket near your phone. The magnetism of... in the magnetic strip. ] Talking on your phone for a long period of deleted due to careless use, repair of the phone, or upgrade of the software. Please backup your important phone numbers. (Ring tones, text messages, voice messages, pictures, and ...
  • User Guide - Page 136

    Safety Guidelines 2. When available, use a hands-free device. A number of hands-free wireless phone accessories are readily available today. Whether you choose an installed mounted device for your wireless phone or a speaker phone accessory, take advantage of these devices if available to you. 3. Position your ...
  • User Guide - Page 143

    Index Minute Minder...95 Mobile Email...57 Multimedia Store...64 Music Player ...66 My Numbers ...27 Stopwatch ...90 T Take Photo...76 Tasks...90 Template ...45 Tip ... ...38 Voicemail...50 R Record Video ...79 Ringtones ...64 W S Security ...100, 109 Service Numbers ...27 Set Flight Mode ...100 Slide Open View ...8 Software Update ...110 Speed Dial...26 Wallpapers...98 World Clock...88 139
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