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Download the free PDF manual for LG LGL55C and other LG manuals at ManualOwl.com

  • Owners Manual - English - Page 3

    L55C User Guide - English Some of the contents in this manual may differ from your phone depending on the software of the phone or your service provider.
  • Owners Manual - English - Page 5

    ... Calendar Folders Clock Alarms Calculator Updating Your PRL Updating Your Profile Updating the Firmware Bluetooth Turning Bluetooth On and Off The Bluetooth Settings Menu Pairing Bluetooth Devices Sending Items via Bluetooth ... Your Device's microSD Card and Adapter microSD Card Settings Connecting Your Device to Your Computer 204 204 213 214 216 218 219 ...
  • Owners Manual - English - Page 6

    Device Basics Tip Your Device Overview Front View Proximity Sensors Status Bar Phone Software Upgrades - Updates to your device's software may become available from time and tap > Settings > About phone > Settings update. to time. Press Earpiece Touchscreen Appplications Tab Phone Key Browser Key Home Key Search Key Back Key Microphone Menu Key 4
  • Owners Manual - English - Page 8

    ... entering the word "Pa" will display any matching entries from your device's Contacts list, installed applications, or will suggest search terms. Press and hold to launch Voice Search where you ...Browser Key launches the Web Browser. 10. Applications Tab opens the Applications screen to view installed applications. 1 1. Touchscreen displays all the information needed to operate your device, such as ...
  • Owners Manual - English - Page 10

    .../Accessory Port allows you to connect the device charger or an optional USB cable (included). CAUTION! Inserting an accessory into the incorrect...Silent mode, Airplane mode, and Power off. 9. microSD Slot accommodates the pre-installed microSD™ card (expandable up to 32GB). Note Insert .... Multimedia contents will be saved in the microSD card. LG L55C has a microSD™card pre-installed. 8
  • Owners Manual - English - Page 12

    ... that the device is in Airplane Mode. Speakerphone On - Indicates that Speakerphone is on. No microSD - Indicates that no microSD card is installed. Vibrate Mode - Indicates that the ringer volume is set to vibrate and any sounds are silenced. Ringer Silenced - Indicates that all sounds are turned off. Muted - ...
  • Owners Manual - English - Page 14

    ...Full microSD Card - Indicates that microSD card is full. An Open Wi-Fi Network Available - Indicates that an open Wi-Fi network is available. USB .... Uploading Data - Indicates that your device is uploading data. Downloading Data - Indicates that your device is downloading data. Download Finished - Indicates that a download is complete. Song Is Playing - Indicates that a song is playing. 12
  • Owners Manual - English - Page 17

    Installing the Battery 1. Install the battery. G G Device Basics Remove the battery from its packaging. Insert the battery into the battery compartment in the back of the device, making sure the connectors align (... battery compartment and press down until you hear a click (see step in the following illustration). 2. Press and hold device on. located on the top left of the phone to turn the 15
  • Owners Manual - English - Page 19

    ...will automatically turn off. Charging with USB You can use your computer to charge your device. To be able to charge with the USB cable, you need to install the necessary USB drivers on your computer first. Connect one end of the USB cable to the Charger/Accessory Port on your device and connect the other end to a USB...
  • Owners Manual - English - Page 20

    ....lg.com/us/mobilephones/index.jsp > Click Mobile Support > Select the Carrier(TracFone) > Select the Model L55C > Click USB Cable Driver to download. Always unplug the charger from the wall socket after the phone is fully charged to save unnecessary power consumption of the charger. Extending Your Battery Life You can ...
  • Owners Manual - English - Page 21

    .... The Battery use screen shows which applications consume the most battery power. You can also use it to turn off applications that you've downloaded, if they are consuming too much power. 1. Press > > Settings > About phone > Battery use. 2. Tap any of the listed items for more options. 19
  • Owners Manual - English - Page 34

    ... Open and Switch All of the applications on your device, including any applications that you downloaded and installed from Android Market™ or other sources,...The Applications screen contains all of the device's applications (though not downloaded widgets and other downloaded material that isn't an application),including the Clock, Browser, Calculator, Camera, Market, YouTube, Voice...
  • Owners Manual - English - Page 97

    ... for the certificate and tap OK. You can now use the certificate that you installed when connecting to a secure network. For security purposes, the certificate will be deleted from the microSD card. G Device Settings To set or change .... You may also be able to add other kinds of accounts, depending on the applications downloaded and installed on your device. 95
  • Owners Manual - English - Page 160

    ... your Google Account, any other accounts, your system and application settings, and any downloaded applications. Resetting the device does not erase any system software updates you've downloaded or any files on your microSD card, such as music, pictures, or applications. After resetting the device, the next time you ...
  • Owners Manual - English - Page 161

    ... the Market 1. Press > ™ Android Market provides direct access to applications and games to download and install on your device. > Market. 2. If not already logged in with your Google account, tap Next. 4. ... its details. 3. Read the application descriptions and comments. 4. Tap Install (for free applications) or the Price button (for paid applications). 159
  • Owners Manual - English - Page 162

    ... If prompted, follow the on-screen instructions to pay for the application. 6. Check the progress of the current download by opening the Notifications Panel. 7. You will be notified when the item is downloaded and installed on your device. 8. On the Android Market screen,... newly installed application. Reinstalling a Google Application If the Android Operating System is ever updated, ...
  • Owners Manual - English - Page 165

    ... ringtone menu. G Press > > Settings > Sound > Phone ringtone. 5. Confirm the new song is selected. Backing Up Your Downloaded Music Files Although the downloaded files can only be played... the files in case your microSD card is lost or damaged, or if you install a new microSD card. (See Connecting Your Device to Your Computer on page 232). 1. Connect your ...
  • Owners Manual - English - Page 178

    ...page 171. Setting Up Secure Credential Storage 1. Press > If your network administrator instructs you to download and install security certificates, you must first set up the device's secure credential ...secure credentials check box. You can then download and install the certificates needed to access your local network. Your network administrator can tell you ...
  • Owners Manual - English - Page 221

    ...one online, you must then update the user name on your device. 1. Press > > Settings > About phone > Settings update > Update Profile. 2. Follow the on-screen instructions. Updating the Firmware To check for a software update: 1. Press > Firmware. This option allows you to update the User-Interface (UI) firmware on your device via...
  • Owners Manual - English - Page 240

    ... Responding to an Event Reminder 209 Ringer Types 79 Roaming Settings 76 Credential Storage 176 Setting Various Feedback Tones 83 Sharing a contact 1 14 ... Messaging and MMS 124, 133 Text-to-Speech 193 Text-to-Speech Settings 193 The Bluetooth Settings Menu 221 T U Updating the Firmware 219 Updating Your PRL 219 Updating Your Profile 219 Using Direct Dialing 65 Using GPS Satellites 88 Using the ...
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