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  • Owners Manual - English - Page 5

    ... Up/Down ...46 Vibration Settings ...46 Silence All ...47 Text Entry Settings ...47 Phone Info ...47 Lock Phone Settings...47 Parental Controls ...48 Call Setup ...49 Auto-Answer Mode ...49 TTY ...50 Airplane/Music Mode ...51 Data Settings ...51 Net Guard ...51 Update Profile ...52 Headset Mode ...52 Language (Idioma) ...52 Location Settings ...52 TOC iii
  • Owners Manual - English - Page 7

    ...Music ...75 Play Music From the Sprint Music Store ...75 Back Up Your Downloaded Music Files ...76 Multitasking ...76 Sprint TV & Movies ...78 Watch TV ...Videos ...90 Send Pictures and Videos ...92 Send Pictures and Videos From the In Phone Folder or Memory Card ...92 Send Pictures and Videos From Messaging...93 Other Settings ...93 Tools and Calendar ...95 Clock ...95 Calendar...96 Event Alert Menu...
  • Owners Manual - English - Page 8

    Bluetooth Settings ...99 Pair Bluetooth Devices ...100 Send Items via Bluetooth ...100 Update Phone ...101 Update Firmware ...101 Update the PRL ...101 Mass Storage ...101 Your Phone's microSD Card and Adapter ...101 microSD Adapter...102 Format Memory Card ...103 Memory Info ...103 File Manager ...103 Connect Your Phone to Your ...
  • Owners Manual - English - Page 10

    Set Up Your Phone You must first install and charge the battery to begin setting up your phone. 1. Install the battery.   Remove the battery from its packaging. Insert the battery into the battery compartment in the back of the phone. Make sure the connectors align (see step 1 in the following illustration). Gently press down to secure the battery (see step 2 in the following ...
  • Owners Manual - English - Page 13

    ... balance. to make a payment. Touch Talk to access a summary of your Sprint service plan or get answers to other questions. Touch Talk other account services. to add a new line of service, upgrade your phone, or access ● From Any Other Phone ● ● Sprint Customer Service: 1-888-211-4727. Business Customer...
  • Owners Manual - English - Page 15

    ... Your Phone On and Off Battery and Charger Your Home Menu Get to Know the... Navigate Through the Menus Status Bar Entering Text Voicemail Tip: Phone Software Upgrades - Updates to your phone's software may become available... critical updates to your phone. You can also use the menu to check for and download ...more menu items) > Tools > Update Phone > Update Firmware to search for and download available ...
  • Owners Manual - English - Page 20

    ...'s battery level indicator and charge the battery before it runs out of power. Installing the Battery ► See Set Up Your Phone. Removing the Battery Before you remove your phone's battery, make sure ..., travel charger, or vehicle power adapter to charge your battery. 1. Connect the cableless wall adapter and USB cable as shown. Phone Basics 12
  • Owners Manual - English - Page 28

    ....) 1. Select the predictive text input mode. 2. Enter a couple of letters of a word. When you enter a letter of a word, a small window will appear and shows the words starting with the letters. If you make a mistake, touch or press to erase a single ... letter appears. (For example, to enter the word ―Bill,‖ touch three times again.) twice, three times, three times, and Phone Basics 20
  • Owners Manual - English - Page 43

    ... forwarded. History Recent History is a list of the last 60 phone numbers (or Contacts entries) for calls you placed, accepted, or missed. Recent History makes redialing a number fast and easy. It is continually updated as your phone automatically adds new numbers to the ... oldest entries from the bottom of the list. Each entry contains the phone number (if it is available) and Contacts entry name ...
  • Owners Manual - English - Page 47

    ... Settings Adjusting your phone's display settings not only helps you see what you want,... Image, Preloaded, My Photos, Assigned Media, Downloaded Images, or Take New Picture. 3. Touch an ... clock will be displayed when the phone is locked. 1. Touch Clock. > Main Menu > (slide the screen up) > Settings >... Clock 3. Brightness Adjust your screen's brightness to suit your surroundings. Phone Settings 39
  • Owners Manual - English - Page 48

    ...Contacts > Contacts with No Picture. 3. Select an option: No Image, Take New Picture, My Photos, Downloaded Images, or Assigned Media. 4. Touch a picture and touch Assign to assign it.   If ... the contact to assign to. 4. Select an option: No Image, Take New Picture, My Photos, Downloaded Images, or Assigned Media. 5. Touch a picture and touch Assign to assign it. Phone Settings 40
  • Owners Manual - English - Page 49

    ...No Image, Take New Picture, My Photos, Downloaded Images, or Assigned Media. 4. Touch a picture and ...My Photos, you may need to select In Phone or Memory Card to find the picture you want to ... Image, Take New Picture, My Photos, Downloaded Images, or Assigned Media. 4. Touch a picture and... you are entering text (for example, when using the notepad or when adding a Contacts entry). Phone Settings 41
  • Owners Manual - English - Page 53

    ... list of ringer type categories (if necessary). 3. Select Downloaded Ringers > Get New. The browser starts and displays the...a purchase, touch Buy Ringtone. Your phone automatically downloads the ringer. 6. When the download is finished, select an option to continue Listen...As to finish assigning the ringer. Shop to browse for other items to download. Call Alerts Set your phone to alert you with an ...
  • Owners Manual - English - Page 55

    ..., Next Word Complete, or Word Scan buttons between ON and OFF Word Complete to set the phone to complete a word after... you have entered a preset number of characters. Word Scan to automatically update the word database with new words from incoming messages. Phone Info The ... access various phone information such as your phone number and Username, software version, icon glossary, memory information,...
  • Owners Manual - English - Page 59

    ...some communications unintelligible. The problem encountered appears related to software used by PSAPs. This matter has been brought to the attention of the FCC, and the wireless industry ... receiving calls or data is prohibited. When you set your phone to Airplane Mode, it cannot send or... Guard in the future by selecting Always Auto-Connect when the Net Guard is displayed. Phone Settings 51
  • Owners Manual - English - Page 81

    ... As to assign a ringer or screen saver to a phone function. Select Settings to configure downloaded games or applications. Select Shop to browse for other items to ... purchases and you may download them to your phone from there. My Content Manager is a storage area on the ... screen, you have successfully downloaded the item to your phone. If the item is already installed on your phone, a ...
  • Owners Manual - English - Page 84

    ...your downloaded music files to your computer. Although the downloaded files can only be played on your phone and on your account,...the files in case your microSD card or phone lost or damaged, or if you install a new microSD card. 1. Connect your phone using a USB cable or the built-... can store purchased and downloaded music files on your computer, they will only be playable on your phone and on your...
  • Owners Manual - English - Page 109

    Update Phone The update phone option allows you to download and update the software in your phone automatically. Update Firmware Only the internal software is updated when you use the Update Firmware tool. No ...) > Tools > Update Phone > Update Firmware. 2. Follow the on-screen instructions. Update the PRL This option allows you to download and update the PRL (...
  • Owners Manual - English - Page 113

    ... data, press and touch Yes. After the message that your device is disconnected, it is safe to remove the USB cable. Important Connection Information ● ● ● No driver installation is required for Windows 2000/ ME/XP/Vista/7 users. To avoid loss of data, DO NOT remove the USB cable, the microSD ...
  • Owners Manual - English - Page 123

    ... 36 In-Call Options, 30 Key Functions, 8 Location Settings, 52 Make a Call From History, 36 Make phone Calls, 26 microSD Adapter, 102 Navigating...90 Taking Pictures, 85 Text Editing, 25 Text Entry Settings, 47 Turning Your Phone Off, 11 Turning Your Phone On, 11 TV, 78 Unit Converter, 111 Update Phone Software, 101 Update the PRL, 101 View History, 35 View the Display Screen, 16 Voice Services, 106 ...
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