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  • Owner's Manual - Page 7

    ...four sections: Section 1: Getting Started Section 2: Your Device Section 3: Sprint Service Features Section 4: Safety and Warranty Information Note: Because of updates in device software, this printed guide may not be the most current version for your device. Visit www.sprint.com and sign on to My Sprint to access...
  • Owner's Manual - Page 13

    2: Default settings 1: Default Engine 3: Speech rate 2: Install voice data 4: Language > Settings > About phone 1: System updates 2: Status 1: Battery status 3: My ... level 4: MIN 6: ESN 8: Network 10: Mobile network type 12: Roaming 14: Wi-Fi MAC address 3: Engines 1: Pico TTS... format 1: Normal (12/31/2010) 3: 31/12/2010 10: SW version 11: Update Firmware vii
  • Owner's Manual - Page 18

    ... following screens until you see the Downloading upper-left on your screen. in the Installing Your First ID ... area before you install an ID Pack. Note: While the ID Pack is downloading in the background, ... see [show download finished icon in the upper-left corner of the screen. 1. Tap Install an ID on ... side of the screen. WARNING: DO NOT interrupt the download process. 4 1A. Setting Up Service
  • Owner's Manual - Page 19

    ... for details. Note: Your device's battery should have enough charge for Setting Up Your Voicemail Your phone automatically transfers all unanswered calls to your voicemail, even if ... to protect against unauthorized access. 1A. Setting Up Service 5 Setting Up Service > > Settings > Notifications. If the download is complete, tap ID ready to install to install the ID Pack. Make Your First Call
  • Owner's Manual - Page 24

    ... Text (page 39) Creating a Google Account (page 41) Tip: Phone Software Upgrades - Updates to your device's software may become available from time to time. Sprint will automatically upload critical updates to your device. You can also use the menu to check for and download updates. Press > > Settings > About phone > System updates. 2. Status Bar 10. Touchscreen 9. Sprint ...
  • Owner's Manual - Page 34

    ... supported, such as the USB port on your keyboard or bus-powered USB hub. LG USB Driver is downloadable from the following site: http://www.lg.com/us/mobile-phones/index.jsp > Click Mobile Support > Select the Carrier(Sprint) > Select the Model (Optimus S™) > Click USB Cable Driver to download. 2. Plug one end of the USB cable into the device's ...
  • Owner's Manual - Page 43

    ... within the Applications screen. This tab houses shortcuts to your currently available applications. Note: This screen houses all default and downloaded applications (installed from Android Market). 1. Press > to open the screen. To close the Applications screen, tap again. or press 2. Scroll though the list and tap ...
  • Owner's Manual - Page 44

    ... Open and Switch All of the applications on your device, including any applications that you downloaded and installed from Android MarketTM or other sources, are ... The Applications screen contains all of the device's applications (though not downloaded widgets and other downloaded material that isn't an application), including the Alarm Clock, Browser, Calculator, Camera, Market, NASCAR...
  • Owner's Manual - Page 47

    ... driving directions (page 174). Market - Browse, search for, and download applications on the Android Market (page 160). Messaging - ...Dialer - Launches your device's built-in automatic speech recognition (ASR) software, called Voice Control, to dial a phone number in your Contacts or to ... Search - Launches your device's built-in speech recognition software and initiates a Google search based on the ...
  • Owner's Manual - Page 51

    ... pack. Live wallpapers to open a list of animated wallpapers installed on your device. Live wallpapers can be animated ... left and right to view the available images. 3. Tap Set wallpaper or Save. To manually activate the auto-rotate feature: ... the screen auto-rotation. 1. Press and hold to open the recently-used applications window. Gestures Guide Your touchscreen provides an excellent way to ...
  • Owner's Manual - Page 81

    ... your Google Account, any other accounts, your system and application settings, and any downloaded applications. Resetting the device does not erase any system software updates you've downloaded or any files on your microSD card, such as music, pictures, or applications. After resetting the device, the next time you ...
  • Owner's Manual - Page 94

    ...: Note: To add some accounts, you will need to contact a network administrator for account setup information. For example, you may need to know the ... Accounts and Exchange accounts. You may also be able to add other kinds of accounts, depending on the applications downloaded and installed on your device. When you add an account, the Contacts application compares any new contacts with your existing ...
  • Owner's Manual - Page 108

    ... two components to your LG Optimus S™: Sprint User-Interface (UI) firmware and device Google OS. 2. Follow the onscreen instructions. Updating Your PRL This option allows you to download and update the PRL (Preferred Roaming List) automatically. 1. Press > > Settings > About phone > Update PRL. 1. Press > > Settings > About ...
  • Owner's Manual - Page 133

    ... Tap From name to enter a name or number to identify yourself to people who receive your voice messages (see page 120). Tap Check for upgrade to search for an upgrade to your Visual Voicemail software. Tap About Voicemail to view software information about the current Visual Voicemail application.
  • Owner's Manual - Page 150

    ...page Allows you to send a URL via Bluetooth, Email, Gmail, and Messaging. Downloads Displays your download history. Settings Allows you to configure ... settings area, select from one of the following Web page settings: Text size: Allows you to increase or decrease ... displaying text on a Web page. Block pop-up windows: When checkmarked, this feature allows the device to block pop-up ...
  • Owner's Manual - Page 174

    ... provides direct access to applications and games to download and install on your device. 5. If prompted, follow the onscreen instructions to pay... the Notification screen. 7. You will be notified when the item is downloaded and installed on your device. 2. If not already ... the Android Market screen, press , tap Downloads, tap the installed application in the list, and then tap ...
  • Owner's Manual - Page 175

    Launching an Installed Google Application 1. Press - or - Press > > Market > > Downloads. > . Applications You can ...and Sprint TV are available when you download and install the Sprint ID pack. Note:... installed application. Reinstalling a Google Application If the Android Operating System is ever updated,... as well as on the device. Download the Sprint ID Pack > . On the Choose your ID screen, tap ...
  • Owner's Manual - Page 176

    Note: Once you download and install the Sprint pack, Sprint applications such as NASCAR, Sprint Cup Mobile, TM Sprint ..., featured apps and tips/tricks for your device. To download and install Sprint apps: 1. Press topics. > > Sprint Zone. 1. Press > > [application name]. The application will then be downloaded. 2. Navigate through the list to find your relevant 3. Tap ...
  • Owner's Manual - Page 177

    ... view stats on a current race, choose to follow a specific driver, view special NASCAR promotions and other ... the latest Chase news and videos. My Driver to customize your NASCAR experience by following specific ... also get additional stats, review other driver info, or change drivers. Stats/Sched lets you ...quick access to NASCAR-specific news, photos, and driver stats. You can also customize alerts ...
  • Owner's Manual - Page 178

    ...Fantasy (Pros) for access to your favorite fantasy leagues. Videos and Photos for updated football news reports, photos, and video clips. Settings/Help displays help information for Sprint Football Live, allows you to change your favorite team, and gives software information about the Sprint Football Live application. To exit Sprint Football live: Tap ...
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