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  • Owner's Manual (English) - Page 7

    Contents . LG Network Storage Web Menu Use (for LG Network Storage administrators) ... System Settings ...46 Network ...46 Host ...47 Interface ...47 Workgroup/Domain...50 Remote ... ...63 Hibernation Setup ...64 UPS Power Setting ...65 Hibernation Mode On/Off ...66 Language Setting ...70 Firmware ...71 Upgrade...71 Initialization ...73 Configuration Back-up ...74 
  • Owner's Manual (English) - Page 8

    ... Network Printer ...93 iTunes ...97 Time Machine ...99 [Web Set-up] ...99 [Mac OS] ...101 iSCSI ...103 [iSCSI Initiator Installation]...103 [Server Synchronization] ...104 [iSCSI Connection] ...104 Torrent ...113 [Download] ...113 [Use] ...113 [Set-up] ...114 USB Sync ...115 Information ...120 USB Device & Memory Card ...115 Status ......
  • Owner's Manual (English) - Page 9

    ...130 Top menu ...134 Burning...130 File Viewer ...134 . LG Network Storage via network drive ...1 Accessing the LG Network Storage data in Windows OS ...138 MAC OS connection ...142 Linux OS access ...145 . LG Network Storage Maintenance ...1 LG Network Storage shut down/restart ...148 Administrator password and ...
  • Owner's Manual (English) - Page 11

    ..., as mobile devices can be directly synchronized to the LG Network Storage. This user manual contains express installation information as well as detailed options and functions. Supported OS LG Network StorageWindows XP, Server 2003, Vista ∙ Mac OS 10.x or later &#...Photo DVD Album CyberLink Acrobat Reader Flash Player Supported OS Windows XP, Server 2003, Vista, Mac OS 10.x or ...
  • Owner's Manual (English) - Page 12

    1. Introduction Package Contents ∙ LG Network Storage ∙ Product warranty ∙ 'LG Network Storage PC Software Installer' ∙ Quick install guide Quick install guide ∙ Power cord and adaptor ∙ LAN cable ∙ Hard disk fastening screw (x8) - enclosure only * Photographs of images from the manual may differ depending on model components. 12
  • Owner's Manual (English) - Page 15

    2. LG Network Storage Installation ① ② First, ensure that the power is off. Open the front cover of the LG Network Storage main system. ③ ④ Unlock the hard disk rack by pushing the lock button upward. Hold down the hard disk rack lever and pull the hard disk rack to separate it from the main system. ⑤ Insert the hard disk into the hard disk rack, and with a...
  • Owner's Manual (English) - Page 21

    2. LG Network Storage Installation * If the LG Network Storage is directly connected to the PC through a LAN cable, the PC's local internet will not be ... Storage PC S/W Installer' installation (PC Application program installation and usage) The "LG Network Storage PC Software Intaller" CD enclosed with the LG Network Storage product purchased includes the following programs: ...
  • Owner's Manual (English) - Page 22

    2. LG Network Storage Installation Available programs for installation may vary depending on user's OS environment Program Acrobat Reader Flash Player NAS Detector NAS Monitor Comnso Backup CyberLink Photo DVD Album Supported Operating System Windows O O O O O O O Mac O O O Linux - 22
  • Owner's Manual (English) - Page 23

    ... LG Network Storage Installation PC application program installation ① Insert the "LG Network Storage PC Software Installer" CD in the PC's optical drive (CD/DVD/BD drives). After a short while, .... * Installation on PCs without a fiber optic drive may be processed using the iSCSI function of LG Network Storage. Please refer to 4 Service...
  • Owner's Manual (English) - Page 30

    2. LG Network Storage Installation The NAS Monitor offers various functions for the user to easily utilize the LG Network Storage. For example, user can access the network folder or...easily access the network folder or the web even after a change of IP address without changing the settings. The NAS Monitor icon will show up as Windows' tray icon when the program running, on the right bottom ...
  • Owner's Manual (English) - Page 35

    ... Mode], user may use the arrow keys to move through [IP Address Information] - [System Firmware Version] - [HDD Usage Capacity] - [Date and Time] - [... in the process connecting to the DHCP server. [System Firmware Version Information] This shows the version of the system firmware installed. [Micom Firmware Version Information] This shows the version of the Micom firmware installed....
  • Owner's Manual (English) - Page 71

    ... firmware settings can be changed (Upgrade, Initialization, Configuration and Backup/Restore). Upgrade LG Network Storage system and Blu-ray/DVD Driver firmware can be downloaded from the product web site, and can be used for upgrading. Systems with a fire wall do not allow upgrades to be installed 1
  • Owner's Manual (English) - Page 72

    . LG Network Storage Web Menu Use (for LG Network Storage administrators) [System Firmware Upgrade] ① Verify connection to the Internet and download system firmware for the LG Network Storage...to select the system firmware downloaded from the product site. ③ Press the "upgrade" button to Install the selected system firmware to LG Network Storage. The upgrade progress may be ...
  • Owner's Manual (English) - Page 73

    .../DVD Drive Firmware Upgrade] ① Verify connection to the Internet and download the firmware for the Blu-...Blu-ray/DVD drive firmware downloaded from the product site. ③ Install selected Blu-ray/DVD drive firmware. ④ When upgrade is finished, the version of installed Blu-ray/...access of other client users to the LG Network Storage while upgrading firmware is forbidden. Initialization ...
  • Owner's Manual (English) - Page 87

    ...selected, click Next and recognize device. ③ Run Windows Media Center or Windows Media Player. ④ The multimedia data saved in LG Network Storage may be viewed by selecting LG Media Server under Library. &#... of Windows Media® Player 11. ∙ Some user PC may have installed its own unique DLNA server software. For detailed instructions, refer to the user manual of the user PC. 
  • Owner's Manual (English) - Page 92

    ... free FTP connection program such as File Zila does not allow access to LG Network Storage through FTPS.) AFP The AFP offers a similar environment to Windows folder sharing. * AFP is available within networks with the installed LG Network Storage, but not for external access without network setting changes due to firewall and other ...
  • Owner's Manual (English) - Page 93

    ... the network printer, after which an LG Network Storage printer icon appears. ② Doubling clicking on the icon shows the progress of the printer driver installation. For installation issues refer to the printer manual. ③ If installation is unsuccessful use the network printer service. 
  • Owner's Manual (English) - Page 103

    ... users' log-in and usage. [iSCSI Initiator Installation] In order to use the iSCSI, the Initiator program must be installed in the computer A. Initiator Installation on a Windows PC For Windows XP, download the installation program from the below Microsoft website ☞ Website http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details. aspx...
  • Owner's Manual (English) - Page 104

    . LG Network Storage Web Menu Use (for LG Network Storage administrators) C. Initiator Installation on a Mac Install the globalsan iSCSI initiator. This can be downloaded from the "studio network solutions" homepage. ☞ Website http://www.studionetworksolutions.com [Server Synchronization] On the webpage, click "Enable" and then click "Apply". Once...
  • Owner's Manual (English) - Page 138

    ...network drive The file sharing service is the most important function in LG Network Storage. This section pertains to Windows, Mac, Linux OS, which are explained in reference to their ... access the LG Network Storage. PC Application Program Usage After setting up the 'LG Network Storage PC Software Installer' disc NAS Detector program and desktop icon use, execute and clicking on the "Open Network...
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