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  • Data Sheet - Page 2

    ... a picture ID and notes* • ICE Contacts-enter 3 contacts and personal info • Device Software Update-upgrade firmware over the air * Dependent on photos stored in your album (My Pictures). *For ... (1,500 mAh) Vehicle Power Charger Carrying Case * Included with phone † Verizon Wireless service required. Product features subject to change. ...
  • User Guide - Page 9

    ... ...83 8.8 Dial Search ...94 9. Memory ...94 0. Phone Info ...94 0.1 My Number ...95 0.2 SW/HW Version ...95 0.3 Icon Glossary ...95 0.4 Software Update ...95 7. Phone Settings ...83 7.1 Airplane Mode ...83 7.2 Set Shortcuts ...83 7.2.1 Set My Shortcuts ...83 7.2.2 Set Directional Keys ...84 7.3 Voice Commands ...84 ...
  • User Guide - Page 10

    ...Avoid potential hearing loss...105 National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health .106 FDA Consumer Update ...107 10 Driver Safety Tips ...1 15 Consumer Information on SAR(Specific Absorption Rate) 1 17 FCC Hearing-Aid Compatibility (HAC) Regulations for Wireless Devices ...1 19 Accessories ...122 LIMITED WARRANTY STATEMENT ...123 Glossary ......
  • User Guide - Page 19

    2. Gently uncover the accessory charging port, then plug the USB data cable (as shown below) into the phone's charger port and the other end into an electrical outlet.... to charge your phone. To be able to charge with the USB cable, you may need to have the necessary USB Driver installed on your PC first. Connect one end of the USB cable to the charging accessory port on your phone and the other end...
  • User Guide - Page 32

    ... 3.Voicemail 4.Emergency Tone 5.Missed Call 4. Keypad Volume 5. Digit Dial Readout 6. Service Alerts 1.ERI 2.Minute Beep 3.Call Connect 4.Charge Complete 5.Software Update 7 . Power On/Off 1.Power On 2.Power Off 8. Voice Clarity 6. Display Settings 1. Easy Set-up 2. Banner 1.Personal Banner 2.ERI Banner 3. Backlight 1.Main ...
  • User Guide - Page 33

    ... My Ringtones My Sounds My Contacts 0. Phone Info 1. My Number 2. SW/HW Version 3. Icon Glossary 4. Software Update NOTE ● *. Set-up Wizard ● This User Manual gives navigation instructions according to ... menus may be different. Some contents in this user guide may differ from your phone depending on the phone software. Features and specifications are subject to ...
  • User Guide - Page 34

    ... to do more than just talk on your phone. Media Center is a technology and service that allows you to download and use applications on your phone. With Media Center, it's quick and easy to personalize your phone to your lifestyle and tastes. Just download the applications that appeal to you. With a wide range of software available, you can be assured that you can ...
  • User Guide - Page 35

    2.1 Get New Ringtones Allows you to connect to Media Center and download various ringtones. VZW Tones Deluxe is pre-installed but you can also download more applications to download Ringtones. 1. With ... a desired sound. 2.2 My Ringtones Allows you to select a desired ringtone, or download a new ringtone. 1. With the flip open, press [MENU]. 2. Press 3. Press...
  • User Guide - Page 39

    ...news, sports, weather and email on the Web from your Verizon Wireless device. For specific information on Mobile Web through your phone, contact your service provider. SHORTCUT While... with your mobile number and password, as applicable. 4. Games Allows you to download games and applications from the Media Center server. Choose the software you want from the list displayed...
  • User Guide - Page 55

    ...™) application provides Verizon Wireless subscribers with a superior, comprehensive mobile search (bing™) ... quality content sources and results from VZW's downloadable content catalogs, the Web and Local ... Web, Local Points of Interest and VZW's downloadable content catalogs. Access and Options 1. ... Press Search. You may need to download and install the search application the first time ...
  • User Guide - Page 62

    ...Backup Assistant Backup Assistant safeguards your mobile phone's address book and automatically saves a ..., phone numbers, and email addresses stored in your phone. You can also view, ... online. If you lose, damage, or upgrade your phone, Backup Assistant will restore your Contact... alphabetically and press [MARK]. Contacts. Backup Assistant. 4. Follow the instructions to download the application. 60
  • User Guide - Page 69

    ... & Tools 1. My Verizon Check your subscription information ranging from your payment plan to your software upgrade or other available service. 1. With the flip open, press [MENU]. 2. Press 3. Press SHORTCUT Pressing the Directional ..., World Clock, and Notepad. 1. With the flip open, press [MENU]. 2. Press 3. Press Settings & Tools. My Verizon. Settings & Tools....
  • User Guide - Page 71

    ... My Verizon The 'My Verizon' command provides you with direct access to your Verizon Wireless account information. 3.1.4 Check The 'Check' command allows you to check out a wide ... Calculator. 3.1.6 Search Say "Search" and you can access search engine, bing. You may need to download and install bing first, before using this Voice Command function. 5. Enter the numbers to get the value you want. ...
  • User Guide - Page 78

    ... is connected. Charge Complete Alerts you when the battery is completely charged. Software Update Alerts you of an OTA software update to the device. 6. Use the Directional Key highlight a setting, then press . to 5. Adjust the volume with the Directional Key... setting. 5.5 Digit Dial Readout Allows you to set the Digit Dial Readout. 1. With the flip open, press [MENU]. 2. ...
  • User Guide - Page 97

    ... [MENU]. 2. Press 3. Press 4. Press 0.4 Software Update This feature gives your phone the ability to upgrade to the latest software and keeps your... check to see if there are any updates available for you to download. Settings & Tools. Phone Info. SW/HW Version. Automatic Update Your phone will receive a notification that there is an updated version of software available to be downloaded. You 95
  • User Guide - Page 98

    ... or text messages. Check New to check Press if any new software updates are available to download. If a newer software version is available, it will automatically begin downloading after 30 seconds or you can begin ... Settings & Tools. Set-up Wizard. Settings & Tools. Phone Info. Software Update. 4. Use the Directional Key to scroll to Set-up Wizard screens. 5. Use the ...
  • User Guide - Page 106

    ... paint your phone. The data saved in your phone might be deleted due to careless use, repair of the phone, or upgrade of the software. Please backup your important phone numbers. (Ringtones, text messages, voice messages, pictures, and .... Do not place items containing magnetic components such as a credit card, phone card, bank book, or subway ticket near your phone. The ...
  • User Guide - Page 117

    10 Driver Safety Tips Your wireless phone gives you the powerful ability to communicate by voice almost anywhere, anytime. An important ...available, use a hands-free device. A number of hands-free wireless phone accessories are readily available today. Whether you choose an installed mounted device for your wireless phone or a speaker phone accessory, take advantage of these devices if available to...
  • User Guide - Page 131

    123 10 Driver Safety Tips 115 A Accessories 122 Acronyms and Abbreviations 127 Add New ... 55 Bluetooth® Menu 74 Brightness 80 Browse & Download 39 Call Waiting 20 Caller ID 21 ... FCC Hearing-Aid Compatibility (HAC) Regulations for Wireless Devices 119 FDA Consumer Update 107 Font Size 82 Font Type 82 G ...21, 94 Dialed 65 Digit Dial Readout 76 Discovery Mode 58 Display Settings 77 Display Themes ...
  • User Guide - Page 132

    ... Making Calls 18 Master Volume 67 Media Center 32 Memory 94 Messaging 40 Messaging Settings 50 Missed 64 Mobile Web 37 Mute Function 20 My Device Info 58 My ... My Shortcuts 83 Set Shortcuts 83 Set-up Wizard 96 Settings & Tools 67 Signal Strength 18 Software Update 95 Sounds Off 20 Sounds Settings 74 Speed Dial 23 Speed Dialing 27 Speed Dials 61 STATEMENT, ...
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