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  • Lenovo B460 Hardware Maintenance Manual V2.0 - Page 2

    ...© Copyright Lenovo 2010. All rights reserved. LENOVO products, data, computer software, and services have been developed exclusively at private expense and are sold...disclosure. LIMITED AND RESTRICTED RIGHTS NOTICE: If products, data, computer software, or services are delivered pursuant a General Services Administration ″GSA″ contract, use, reproduction, ...
  • Lenovo B460 Hardware Maintenance Manual V2.0 - Page 7

    ... a mechanical inspection - Working near power supplies - Removing or installing main units • Before you start to ... current from passing through your body. - When using testers, set the controls correctly and use the approved probe leads ...special safety precautions when you work with very high voltages; instructions for these precautions are in the safety sections of maintenance information. Be...
  • Lenovo B460 Hardware Maintenance Manual V2.0 - Page 9

    ... assist you in identifying potential unsafe conditions. As each machine was designed and built, required safety items were installed to protect users and service personnel from injury. This guide addresses only those items. You should use good judgment to identify potential safety hazards according to the ...
  • Lenovo B460 Hardware Maintenance Manual V2.0 - Page 18

    ...B460 Hardware Maintenance Manual Laser compliance statement Some models of Lenovo IdeaPad computer are equipped from the factory with an optical storage device such as a CD-ROM drive or a DVD-ROM drive. ...radiaciones peligrosas. Opening the CD-ROM drive, the DVD-ROM drive, or any other optical storage device could result in exposure to hazardous laser ...
  • Lenovo B460 Hardware Maintenance Manual V2.0 - Page 20

    .../. Strategy for replacing FRUs Before replacing parts: Make sure that all software fixes, drivers, and BIOS downloads are installed before replacing any FRUs listed in this manual. After a system board is replaced, ensure that the latest BIOS is loaded to the system board before completing the service action. To download software fixes, drivers, and BIOS, follow the steps below: 1. Go to http://...
  • Lenovo B460 Hardware Maintenance Manual V2.0 - Page 23

    ...: • Only certified trained personnel can service the computer. • Before replacing any FRU, read the ... during such write operations as copying, saving, or formatting. Drives in the computer that you are servicing sequence might have been altered. If ... a hardware defect, such as cosmic radiation, electrostatic discharge, or software errors. Consider replacing an FRU only when a ...
  • Lenovo B460 Hardware Maintenance Manual V2.0 - Page 24

    ... 7. Machine type, model number, and serial number 8. Customer's name and address Note for warranty: During the...• Damage caused by the improper insertion of a PC Card or the installation of an incompatible card • Improper disk insertion or use of an optical drive &#... the keyboard • Use of an incorrect AC adapter on laptop products The following symptoms might indicate damage caused ...
  • Lenovo B460 Hardware Maintenance Manual V2.0 - Page 25

    ... computer. 5. Turn off the computer. 6. Disconnect the AC adapter and install the charged battery pack. ... AC adapter for correct continuity and installation. • If the computer does not charge during... Replace the system board. • If the problem continues, go to "Lenovo IdeaPad B460" on page ...battery pack that has less than 50% of the total power remaining when installed in the computer. 21
  • Lenovo B460 Hardware Maintenance Manual V2.0 - Page 26

    IdeaPad B460 Hardware Maintenance Manual Perform operational charging. If the battery status indicator ... still does not light on, replace the system board. Then reinstall the battery pack. If it ... your cursor to the Power Meter icon in the icon tray of the Windows® taskbar and wait for a moment (... not correct, replace the battery pack. If the resistance is correct, replace the system board. 22
  • Lenovo B460 Hardware Maintenance Manual V2.0 - Page 27

    ... contents by using OneKey Recovery Restore of factory default The IdeaPad B460 computers come with pre-installed OneKey Rescue System. In order to save application files and the initial backed up files ... When you replace a hard disk drive in your computer, you are unable to use the pre-installed Lenovo OneKey Recovery and OneKey Rescue. However, you can use the ...
  • Lenovo B460 Hardware Maintenance Manual V2.0 - Page 28

    IdeaPad B460 Hardware Maintenance Manual When you use the recovery discs to boot your computer, ... two passwords may be needed for any Lenovo IdeaPad computer: the power-on password (POP) and the... any of these passwords has been set, a prompt for it appears on the screen whenever the computer is turned ... password is entered. Exception: If only an SVP is installed, the password prompt does not appear ...
  • Lenovo B460 Hardware Maintenance Manual V2.0 - Page 29

    ...), and hibernation. Screen blank mode If the time set on the "Turn off monitor" timer in the operating system expires, ... (Alternatively, if Hibernate when battery becomes low has been selected in the "Power Management Properties" window, the computer goes into hibernation mode.) To ... and resumes the operation: • The time set on the resume timer elapses. Note: The computer does not accept any ...
  • Lenovo B460 Hardware Maintenance Manual V2.0 - Page 32

    ...connector Stereo headphone jack Microphone jack RJ45 x 1 (on planar) HDMI port USB2.0 x 3 (on planar) Express Card slot 4-in-1 media card reader N/A 1/8" Stereo Headphone Output Jack ...stereo speakers Built-in microphone CRT port x 1 (on planar), HDMI port x 1 (on planar) MODEM slot Audio Video Ethernet (on the system board) PCI Express Mini Card slot ExpressCard slot WLAN WWAN Bluetooth wireless ...
  • Lenovo B460 User Guide V1.0 - Page 2

    ... to read Lenovo Safety and General Information Guide first. • Some instructions in this guide may assume that you are using Windows® 7. If you are ... (February 2010) © Copyright Lenovo 2010. LENOVO products, data, computer software, and services have ... AND RESTRICTED RIGHTS NOTICE: If products, data, computer software, or services are delivered pursuant a General Services ...
  • Lenovo B460 User Guide V1.0 - Page 24

    B460 User Guide V1.0_en.book Page 20 Thursday, March 25, ... press F2 when the Lenovo logo appears on the screen while the computer is starting up. Fingerprint reader With the fingerprint reader, in addition to registering fingerprint information and using it as a password for Windows operating system... secure your computer. For more details on fingerprint reader, see the Help file of your software. ...
  • Lenovo B460 User Guide V1.0 - Page 28

    ... wireless device switch from to 2 Press Fn + F5 to make configuration. . Hardware connection Access point * Wi-Fi/WiMAX network * Not supplied Software configuration Consult your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and search Windows Help and Support Center for details on how to configure your computer. 24
  • Lenovo B460 User Guide V1.0 - Page 32

    ... (C drive) for easy restore when required. You can run Lenovo OneKey Recovery under the Windows operating system, and the OneKey Rescue system without starting the ... size of the mirror image file (based on the size of operating system and preinstalled software). Using Lenovo OneKey Recovery (within Windows operating system) In Windows operating system, double click the OneKey Recovery system Icon ...
  • Lenovo B460 User Guide V1.0 - Page 35

    ... 2:06 PM Appendix A. CRU instructions Replacing the hard disk drive You can increase the storage capacity of your computer by replacing the hard disk drive with ... the hard disk drive only if you upgrade it or have it repaired. The connectors and bay of the ... for frequent changes, or drive swapping. • The preinstalled softwares are not included on an optional hard disk drive. ...
  • Lenovo B460 User Guide V1.0 - Page 44

    ...mail or through remote assistance. Your Service Provider may direct you to download and install designated software updates. Some problems can be resolved with ... resolved over the telephone or remotely, through your application of software updates or the installation of a CRU by you, your Service Provider will arrange for service under the type of warranty service ...
  • Lenovo B460 User Guide V1.0 - Page 46

    ...your contact information, including name, phone numbers, address, and e-mail address. Lenovo will use this information to perform ... to, your data; • any software programs, whether provided with the product or installed subsequently; • failure or... support, such as assistance with "how-to" questions and those regarding product set-up and installation. This warranty is voided by removal or ...
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