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  • Lenovo K4 Series User Guide V1.0 - Page 2

    ..., or data. Note: Pay attention to this important information. © Copyright Lenovo 2012. All rights reserved. LIMITED AND RESTRICTED RIGHTS NOTICE: If data or software is delivered pursuant a General Services Administration "GSA" contract, use, reproduction, or disclosure is subject to restrictions set forth in Contract No. GS-35F-05925. © 2012. Lenovo
  • Lenovo K4 Series User Guide V1.0 - Page 4

    ... Chapter 2 Using the Rescue System...19 2.1 OneKey Recovery...20 2.2 Driver and Application Installation...20 2.3 System Setup...21 2.4 System Backup...22 2.5 System ... 3.1 Troubleshooting Display Problems...24 3.2 Troubleshooting Audio Problems...25 3.3 Troubleshooting Software Problems...25 3.4 Troubleshooting Problems with Optical Drives and Hard Disks......
  • Lenovo K4 Series User Guide V1.0 - Page 5

    3.5 Special considerations for troubleshooting Windows...27 3.6 Performing Daily Maintenance Tasks...28 Chapter 4 Hardware Replacement Guide...29 4.1 Locations...33 4.2 Replacing hardware...37 Appendix...49 Energy Star Statement...50
  • Lenovo K4 Series User Guide V1.0 - Page 11

    ... • If the voltage supply range is 200-240 V AC, set the switch to 230 V. 1.3.2 Basic connector instructions Connector Microphone Description Use this connector to attach a microphone to your computer when you want to record sound or if you use speech-recognition software. Use this connector to attach headphones to your computer when you want to listen to music or other sounds ...
  • Lenovo K4 Series User Guide V1.0 - Page 12

    ... device. Use this connector to attach a device that requires a USB connection. Use this connector to attach the computer to an Ethernet-type local area network. Used to attach a VGA monitor or other devices ... supported on systems with optional TV tuner card. Note: If your computer is equipped with a wireless keyboard or mouse, follow the installation instructions for those devices. User Guide 7
  • Lenovo K4 Series User Guide V1.0 - Page 16

    ... Technology) program, Lenovo's pre-loaded Home PC software. In addition to its own functions, the LVT program will allow you to start other Windows compatible software, specially configured to run on this model of computer. F2 -- Your computer has the Lenovo Rescue System installed. To learn more about this program, repeatedly press and release the F2 key ...
  • Lenovo K4 Series User Guide V1.0 - Page 18

    ... in a loss of data. • After installing the hard disk and connecting all the cables, wait for a moment to make the system distinguish from the hard disk. • Don't install the operating system on the hot-swappable hard disk. • Don't unplug the hard disk while it is operating a software program to avoid collapse of system. • After pulling out the...
  • Lenovo K4 Series User Guide V1.0 - Page 20

    ... under the front panel and indicate the different lighting effects in each mode. • Display the main screen of the software Double click the Power Control Switch icon in the Quick Launch bar. Open the running status for each...Show the percentage of the current CPU clock frequency against the nominal maximal CPU clock frequency. Boot - The status of the computer startup speed. User Guide 15
  • Lenovo K4 Series User Guide V1.0 - Page 24

    ... Using the Rescue System This chapter contains the following topics: OneKey Recovery Driver and Application Installation System Setup System Backup System Recovery Create Recovery Disc Attention: Using ... Recovery, you must format the C: partition in NTFS format and install the operating system on the C: partition. Otherwise, the OneKey Recovery system cannot run...
  • Lenovo K4 Series User Guide V1.0 - Page 25

    ... the operation during the recovery process. 4. After the system is recovered successfully, the software will prompt you to restart the computer. Restart the computer and start the operating system. 2.2 Driver and Application Installation The Driver and Application Installation function in the rescue system provides a way for the...
  • Lenovo K4 Series User Guide V1.0 - Page 26

    .... Click Install to start installing the Lenovo Drivers and Application Installation software. The system.... After starting the procedure, install all the drivers and software manually by following the prompts... not install software which is already installed on the computer. 2. Make sure that the Drivers and... after the software has been installed. 2.3 System Setup System Setup configures the network...
  • Lenovo K4 Series User Guide V1.0 - Page 27

    ... Management Password Management allows you to set and manage the password for Lenovo Rescue System. The default password is ...from this image file. In the Windows system, click Start → All Programs → LenovoLenovo ... to boot your computer and will guide you through the entire restoration process. In the Windows system, click Start → All Programs → LenovoLenovo ...
  • Lenovo K4 Series User Guide V1.0 - Page 29

    ..., see the program's documentation. Note: The procedures in this document were written for the Windows default view, so they may not apply if you set your Lenovo® computer to the Windows Classic view. 3.1 Troubleshooting Display Problems Problem: Blank screen or no image is displayed on the monitor. Troubleshooting and problem ...
  • Lenovo K4 Series User Guide V1.0 - Page 30

    ... controls to eliminate distortion. • Reinstall the audio driver. • Disconnect any headphones... that the headphone cable is securely inserted into the headphone connector. • Adjust the Windows volume... and the sound is not muted. 3.3 Troubleshooting Software Problems Problem: You are unable exit... problem resolution: 1. Open the Task Manager window by pressing Ctrl, Alt and Delete...
  • Lenovo K4 Series User Guide V1.0 - Page 31

    ... 5. Find the applicable program from the Programs and Functions dialog box and then select Uninstall/Modify. 6. Perform the instructions displayed to uninstall the software. 3.4 Troubleshooting Problems with Optical Drives and Hard Disks Problem: The Optical drive is unable to read a CD/DVD. Troubleshooting ...
  • Lenovo K4 Series User Guide V1.0 - Page 32

    ... the system, is less than the nominal capacity. Troubleshooting and problem resolution: For computers equipped with the OneKey Recovery feature, the system recovery feature needs to occupy some hard ... is 1000M, while the actual capacity 1G is 1024M). The capacity of the hard disk shown in Windows can be calculated according to the calculations in the following example: The nominal capacity of the ...
  • Lenovo K4 Series User Guide V1.0 - Page 36

    Additional information resources The most up-to-date information for your computer is available online at: http://consumersupport.lenovo.com. You can find the following information: • Customer replacement unit removal and installation information • Publications • Troubleshooting information • Parts information • Links...
  • Lenovo K4 Series User Guide V1.0 - Page 37

    ... part has been removed from the computer and you are ready to install the new part. When handling parts ...parts and other computer components with care, and handle adapters, memory modules, system boards, ... anti-static packaging and install it directly into the computer without setting the part down. ..., flat surface before installing it. • Do not place parts on the computer cover or other metal...
  • Lenovo K4 Series User Guide V1.0 - Page 54

    ...all documents shipped with your computer before you install and use the product for the first time. Lenovo is not .../or modify the products and software programs described in the manuals included with your computer, and the content of the... into any language without prior written permission of Lenovo. The software interface and function and hardware configuration described in the manuals included with...
  • Lenovo K4 Series User Guide V1.0 - Page 55

    ... Lenovo and the Lenovo logo, IdeaCentre and IdeaCentre logo are trademarks of Lenovo in the United States, other countries, or both. Microsoft, Windows, and Windows Vista are trademarks of .... Names or marks of certain companies mentioned in the manuals included with your computer or this document do not necessarily indicate that related software or hardware is included. The actual configuration of ...
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