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  • Y310 User's Guide - Page 2

    ...be sure to read the following: • Safety and Warranty Guide included in the package with this publication. • Wireless related information in "Appendix D, Notices," on ... under these terms, then we provide this Program under the provisions set forth in Commercial Computer Software-Restricted Rights at FAR 52.227-19, when applicable, or under Rights in DataGeneral, FAR 52.227.14 (Alternate ...
  • Y310 User's Guide - Page 3

    ... ...4 Carry Your Computer Properly ...4 Handle Storage Media and Drives Properly ...5 Take Care in Setting Passwords ...5 ......32 Using Passwords ...33 Chapter 4. Solving Computer Problems ...37 Frequently Asked Questions ...38 Troubleshooting ...39 Display...A Startup Problem ...44 Other Problems ...44 Chapter 5. Upgrading and Replacing Devices ...45 Replacing the Battery ...45 Replacing Memory ...46 ...
  • Y310 User's Guide - Page 9

    ... 1. Finding Information This Guide and Other Publications Setup Instructions helps you to unpack your computer and get started...for first-time users, and introduces software preinstalled by Lenovo™. This User Guide provides information about caring for your computer, function and...it has been approved for wireless use. You are requested to install and use your computer in strict accordance with ...
  • Y310 User's Guide - Page 13

    ...or DVD click into the center pivot of an optical drive before closing the tray. • When installing your hard disk, follow the instructions shipped with your hardware, and ... stolen. Registering your computer also enables Lenovo to notify you about possible technical information and upgrades. • Only an authorized Lenovo repair technician should disassemble and repair...
  • Y310 User's Guide - Page 20

    ...the sound. Custom button With the preinstalled software, once you press the button, a dialog window appers to allow you to ...instantly by pressing this custom button. Note: You need to install the driver of EnergyCut to realize this function. See page 29.... see "OneKey Recovery4.65 User Guide". When your computer is running Windows Vista™, and if you have the EnergyCut program installed, you can...
  • Y310 User's Guide - Page 22

    ... allows specific classes of hardware to be used without requiring individual device drivers to be installed. f External headphone jack The headphone jack is used to connect headphones or a speaker. Using this jack will automatically ...an external microphone for video conferencing, voice narrations or simple audio recordings. 14 Lenovo 3000 Y310 User Guide
  • Y310 User's Guide - Page 24

    ... the computer (hot swapping), and allows specific classes of hardware to be used without requiring individual device drivers to be installed. f IEEE 1394 connector The IEEE 1394 connector is used for connecting devices that are ..., such as digital video cameras and external hard disk drives. g PCI Express card slot Use this slot to install a new PCI Express card. 16 Lenovo 3000 Y310 User Guide
  • Y310 User's Guide - Page 35

    ...c Wireless/Bluetooth Indicator Amber: Bluetooth is enabled. Blue: Wireless LAN is enabled and connected. Flashing Blue: Wireless...is enabled and transfering data. Purple: Bluetooth and Wireless LAN are both enabled. Preventing Problems An important part of owning your computer is maintenance... CD-RW/DVD drives are available for most computers and are easily installed. Chapter 3. Getting Started 27
  • Y310 User's Guide - Page 36

    ... to take a system snapshot periodically. Note: Always take a system snapshot before installing new drivers, updating software, or installing new software. Update device drivers and BIOS when needed. Profile your machine at http://www.Lenovo.com... a log book. Entries might include major hardware or software changes, driver updates, minor issues you have experienced and how ...
  • Y310 User's Guide - Page 37

    ... CD. Follow the following steps to install drivers on your computer. (Assuming the CD-ROM is "E:" Disk and current OS is Windows Vista™)...; Most installations require a reboot to update the driver. Sequence of installation 1 Chipset For Integrated Graphics Card For Discrete Graphics Card ... LAN Card Touch Pad Wireless LAN Card Card Reader EnergyCut *2 Camera CIR EQI *2 Bluetooth ...
  • Y310 User's Guide - Page 40

    ... applications, such as EasyCapture, MSN or Yahoo! Messenger, and so on. Note: If you use Windows Vista, you need to install a separate third party dedicated application, because Vista does not include a program for taking ... judgments, or warranties about the function, quality, or performance of locking devices and security features. 32 Lenovo 3000 Y310 User Guide
  • Y310 User's Guide - Page 46

    Lenovo 3000Y310 UG.book Page 38 Friday, September 14, 2007 4:24 PM Solving Computer ... I find the detailed specifications for my computer? See http://www.Lenovo.com/support. I need to upgrade a device or I need to replace one of the following: the hard ... did not come with a recovery disc or Windows disc. For an explanation of the alternative recovery methods offered by Lenovo, see "OneKey Recovery4....
  • Y310 User's Guide - Page 47

    ...8593;. If the screen still remains blank, make sure that: • The battery is installed correctly. • The AC adapter is connected to the computer and the power cord is plugged into a ... screen, but I hear two or more beeps. Make sure that the memory card is installed correctly. If it is, but the screen is still blank, and you hear five beeps, have the computer ...
  • Y310 User's Guide - Page 50

    ...• The display device driver is installed correctly. • The screen resolution and color quality are correctly set. • The ... in the adapter information window. Note: The device driver name depends on the video chip that has been installed on your computer. Click the ... correctly? If they are installed and configured correctly, have the computer serviced. 42 Lenovo 3000 Y310 User Guide
  • Y310 User's Guide - Page 55

    ... Friday, September 14, 2007 4:24 PM Replacing Memory To install an SO-DIMM, do the following: 1. Touch a metal table or a grounded metal object. This ...; then disconnect the ac adapter and all cables from the computer. 3. Close the computer display, and turn the computer ... an angle of about 20 degrees, then press it in firmly a. 1 Chapter 5. Upgrading and Replacing Devices 47
  • Y310 User's Guide - Page 57

    ...pull out the SO-DIMM from the socket, and then install the new SO-DIMM follow the steps above. Attention: If only one SO-DIMM is installed, plug it into the SO-DIMM socket which ...To make sure that the SO-DIMM is installed correctly, do as follows: 1. Turn the computer on. 2. While the initial screen ... Main menu shows the amount of memory you can utilize. Chapter 5. Upgrading and Replacing Devices...
  • Y310 User's Guide - Page 59

    Lenovo 3000Y310 UG.book Page 51 Friday, September 14, 2007 4:24 PM Chapter 6.... Microsoft Service Packs are the latest software source for Windows product updates. They are available by means of a Web download (connection charges may apply) ... and Running technical assistance with installation of, or questions related to, Service Packs for your Lenovo-preinstalled Microsoft Windows product. Getting ...
  • Y310 User's Guide - Page 60

    ... parts • Identification of software problem sources • Configuration of BIOS as part of an installation or upgrade • Changes, modifications, or upgrades to device driversInstallation and maintenance of network operating systems (... a computer problem. Please ensure that you have downloaded the most current drivers and system updates, and recorded information ...
  • Y310 User's Guide - Page 67

    ... Units (CRUs) Customer Replaceable Units (CRUs) are computer parts that can be upgraded or replaced by the customer. There are two ... CRUs: internal and external. External CRUs are easy to install, whereas internal CRUs require some technical skills ... CRUs. Internal CRUs can be removed and installed by customers or by a Lenovo service technician during the warranty period. Your computer contains the ...
  • Y310 User's Guide - Page 81

    ... that data. Handing your computer over to someone else without deleting the loaded software, such as operating systems and application software,.... • Format your hard disk, using the software for initializing it. • Using the preinstalled recovery program, ... is sometimes possible to read the data by use of special software for data recovery. There is a risk that people of bad...
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